Kane Amory VS The World

Kane Amory wakes up in a room unsure of of what he is doing there . Then He finds Out . He has a long road ahead of him if he wants to survive.
Short Story made for a competition :)
My first story hope you enjoy :)


3. Immunity

“What can I do?” I call out. “I am only 15, I can’t even drive yet”

“You are immune…. you are immune to the disease. We don’t know why but if we can find out then we may be able to use you to develop a cure. You could help save thousands of lives. All you have to do is take part in some trials where we can measure your brain activity. That is all we know, the mutation links to the brain and how it works.” The man finished finally.

I am immune. I had always known that. My mum had caught the disease when I was 11, I stayed with her until she had tried to kill me. Then I had to leave before she succeeded. I had been told when I was younger that it only took 15 minutes for the disease to start to over take your body once you had been in contact with somebody who had it. It was then I had realised that I hadn’t gone crazy; I hadn’t caught it. I had guessed I was immune then.  But how did they know? I decided to risk it and ask them.

“How did you find out I was immune”

The voice paused and then decided to tell him “We knew your mother was dead but we couldn’t find your body-as you should have been dead to- so we traced you to find out why you weren't dead and then brought you in to study you. We found out that you had the disease but it wasn’t affecting you at all. Now that is the last answer you are going to get. Sleep. Your trials are going to start tonight and we will need to see your brain waves clearly”

“NO .I am not participating in these trials and I am not going to sleep. LET ME GO” I yell furiously.The anger which had been previously masked by curiosity now flowed out of him uncontrollably.

Then a thick grey gas started to pour in through the walls. It had a beautiful smell to it like lavender and other garden herbs. I just wanted to sleep. The floor around him was no longer cold and hard, it was soft and warm. Then I was consumed by sleep. 

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