Kane Amory VS The World

Kane Amory wakes up in a room unsure of of what he is doing there . Then He finds Out . He has a long road ahead of him if he wants to survive.
Short Story made for a competition :)
My first story hope you enjoy :)


4. Alone

I woke with a start.  Had it all been a dream? No it hadn’t, I realised sadly. I am surrounded by beautiful and dark greenery. The sky had stars glistening gently and the moon was out looking powerful and strong. Everything is calm and there is lovely warmth to the air. I take the chance –probably my last for a while- to catch my breath and slow my breathing. It seems even more frightening that such a beautiful place could be the grounds for my death.

Then, right before my eyes, everything changed.

The star strewn sky became pitch black and dead- the stars; the moon and all light had now vanished leaving me wondering if they had ever been there at all. The calm whisper in the trees had gone. The warmth in the air had suddenly turned into a piercing cold. I feel trapped by the total impenetrable darkness. It was just me. Alone.

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