"What would you do to save your love?" She asked them looking each of them in the eyes.

Five men came to the world to save it. They have beaten millions of criminals they think it's the easiest job. On there next mission they must save Diana. A girl who does not know it yet but she will be the ne to save the world from utter destruction.


3. 3.


Diana POV

I groaned when I saw them I cant stand them. "Yes it is a bad time now go back to where you came from" I said. Liam huffed "C'mon Di why can-" I cut him off "Only my friends call Me Di". "Ok Diana can we get along just for the time being please" He asked as the rest nodded. I turned to my Uncle "Fine I will try but if they get on my nerves im throwing them off my roof".

Uncle Si laughed "Your feisty just like your mother" I rolled my eyes. "Well you five come with me, my daughter have some stuff to give you guys to help handle this job" He said looking at the boys. "Yes Sir" they said and walked over to us.

"Well see ya" I was about to run off but someone grabbed me and their me over their shoulder. "Um excuse me Mr. lat me go before you bubble butt gets burnt" Who ever it was dropped me. WTF I just looked at all of them confused and walked of to where my friends were staying at Oh did I mention my Uncle runs the world superhuman training camp aka 'The Safe House'.

I got the dorms everything was quiet and peaceful. I got to Roxy and Barylee was staying as soon as opened the door music started blaring out. I rolled my eyes and walked in and over to my left I saw Barylee dancing on her table. Over to my right I saw Roxy making out with some dude. I laughed at those too of course they were going to have a party here. I couldn't stay there any more Roxy and Barylee parties are to crazy for me.

I left and went to Arya and Tris room. I opened the door and it was perfect All you heard as complete silence. "Arya are you here?" "Yes Diana I am hold on a minute I'm in the shower" I heard the shower go on so I walked into the kitchen to find Tris eating a bowl of ice-cream "Hey Diana" She said looking up "Hey Tris" I got me a bowl of ice-cream then sat on the couch and watched TV, Tris soon joined me followed by Arya, then at 1am Barlyee and Roxy came into the room and we all snuggled up on the couch. At 2 am we all were sleeping.

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