"What would you do to save your love?" She asked them looking each of them in the eyes.

Five men came to the world to save it. They have beaten millions of criminals they think it's the easiest job. On there next mission they must save Diana. A girl who does not know it yet but she will be the ne to save the world from utter destruction.


2. 2.

Diana POV:

I pulled up to the house or should I say mansion it really big. I yawned and looked at my watch it was now 9:47 pm. I got my bags and walked to the door and rung the doorbell.

"Name please" I heard through I speak by the door bell. "Um Diana" I answered "Oh Miss Diana sorry" said the voice buzz then the door opened. I walked into the house and immediately saw my Uncle. I ran quickly to him I was so happy to see him.

He saw me and opened his arms wide for a hug. I of course hugged him. "Diana I missed you sweetie" He said, pulling away from the hug. "And May I say you have gotten more beautiful then I have remembered" I blushed at his comment.

"Yeah whatever, anyway why did I have to meet you here" I asked him. "Well I want you to meet your new protectors" He said almost like a question. "Uncle Si c'mon I am 19 years old I think I can handle everything" I said getting sassy

"That's the point you care some much of everything else but your self" he sighed "Diana I want you to be safe I promised my sister that I would protect you, I don't want you to die" he said with tears brimming his eyes

I hugged him tight "Im sorry I give the protector a chance. He pulled away from the hug "Um well there's something else it's five of them." he said "It's okay five woman wit-" He cut me off "Well sweetie they are men" he said.

"What are you serious I know who you choose UNCLE SIMON THEY CANT PROTECT ME THEY CANT EVEN PROTECT THEMSELVES" I yelled

"Well guess this was bad timing" I heard a voice say I turned around to see those idiots.


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