"What would you do to save your love?" She asked them looking each of them in the eyes.

Five men came to the world to save it. They have beaten millions of criminals they think it's the easiest job. On there next mission they must save Diana. A girl who does not know it yet but she will be the ne to save the world from utter destruction.


1. 1.


Niall POV:

"That was so fun!" I screamed running from the now burning building. "It was. BUT CAN YOU PLEASE TELL US WHEN YOU SET A BULDING ON FIRE" Liam screamed  'Well Mr.Party-Pooper'. "Sorry" I said lowly looking at the boys I looked at the burns and put my hand on each of there burns and they slowly healed.


"Come on we have to go back to headquarters" Zayn said. "They need us" then we flew off.

I wonder what they want we never been the headquarters in 14 months.


Diana POV:

"Uncle Si it's me Diana. They were here I can feel it. They no were I am I can't stay here anymore" I said into the phone. "Come to my house then we will discus where your new safe house will be ok sweetie don't cry everything will be ok" He said calmly. "Ok Bye Uncle Si love you." I  said calming down "Bye darling" I hung up.


I can't stand this anymore. Going from house to house countless foster homes. I  just want a break from all this running. Oh well I need to  get ready to go.

-skipping the shower and her packing cause nothing fun happens(Her out Fit below)- 

 I grabbed my phone and car keys and ran out the house. Uncle Simon here I come.




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