Stuck in between two best friends

Allyson Mayer is a 17 year old girl. Her life wasn't that perfect, but she thinks that it will get better if she moves back with her mom. but what actually happens is that when she joins school she'll be in between 2 guys and they will try to have her heart. Dylan skies is a 18 year old, normal guy which isn't that normal. he has a secret. he shifts into a wolf. And he's the alpha of the moonlight pack. And is the best friend of Damon woods. Damon woods is a 18 year old, almost normal. he also has a secret he's a vampire/werewolf hybrid. and he is the beta of the moonlight pack since he was accepted in the pack. And he's the best friend of Dylan skies. So many things will happen secrets will be told, and so much more. So if you want to know what happens between those three read on...


16. characters


Allyson, Damon, Sophia Damon's sis, Dylan, Kirsten Dylan's sis

Delilah Damon's vampire mate

Mother : Sarah, father: James , Lilly: father's fiancé

Friends (vampires):

Lexi, Tyler , Jacob , Christi, Lilly , Kyle

julia: grandma

max: the king of all alphas


This list is just what I used when I was writing the story so I wouldn't forget, I just thought why not put it in the book...


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