Stuck in between two best friends

Allyson Mayer is a 17 year old girl. Her life wasn't that perfect, but she thinks that it will get better if she moves back with her mom. but what actually happens is that when she joins school she'll be in between 2 guys and they will try to have her heart. Dylan skies is a 18 year old, normal guy which isn't that normal. he has a secret. he shifts into a wolf. And he's the alpha of the moonlight pack. And is the best friend of Damon woods. Damon woods is a 18 year old, almost normal. he also has a secret he's a vampire/werewolf hybrid. and he is the beta of the moonlight pack since he was accepted in the pack. And he's the best friend of Dylan skies. So many things will happen secrets will be told, and so much more. So if you want to know what happens between those three read on...


11. 9


Chapter 9

Dylan's pov.

I can't believe that they were so close. It annoyed my wolf a lot that they were. I even saw when they almost kissed, but thank god the first bell rang.

After I saw her get away from him, I was calming down my wolf. Then I went to my locker and grabbed my books, then I walked to my class. All of a sudden SPARKS flew when someone crashed into me because they were running and didn't watch where they were going.

Looking down I saw Allyson, so I gave her my hand so I could help her up. "You okay" I asked making sure she is okay. She accepted my hand and I felt SPARKS fly everywhere. 'mate, she is our soul mate' my wolf said yipping around while he was purring loudly.

I held her up and we were so close to each other, I could feel her breath on my chest, since she was much shorter than I thought she would be.We stayed like that for some minutes until she snapped out of it and pulled away. The moment she did I felt my heart breaking in my chest. And I assure you, it hurt A LOT.

"Oh, um... I'm going to be late for class if I don't go now." she said shyly looking everywhere but me. I just nodded and saw her scurrying of to class.


*later that day*

Allyson's pov.

I still can't believe that I really have two soul mates, and I met both of them today. Ugh, what did I do to deserve this, my life will turn out so dramatic.

What amazed me today is that: I met both of my soul mates, mine and my sisters. That one of them is a vampire/werewolf hybrid, and the other is a werewolf, an alpha. See how my life turned out so complicated.

I was thinking so hard I didn't notice my mother standing by the door of my room.

my mother cleared her throat and said, "Allyson, get ready soon there is a council meeting today."

"What is a council meeting mom?" I asked.

"Well it's just all the supernatural creatures in this town all meet together in one place, and they all discuss what happened and they solve some problems," she said. I just nodded trying to understand.

"But mom, where are we going to meet today? I mean at the council meeting."

"Well, we always meet somewhere in the forest, near a clearing." she said. " Don't forget to discuss about your soulmate problem, because only your grandmother knows who really is your soulmate."

"You mean grandma will be there?"

"Of course she will, she is in the council you know."

"Well, I didn't know that," I murmured.

"Well, anyway, I need to go get ready now," she said walking out the door.

I walked to my walk in closet and chose to wear a black v neck shirt, dark skinny jeans, a purple hoodie jacket, and my pair of purple converse.

I put some mascara, light lipgloss and went downstairs and waited for my mom to finish.











~at the clearing~

Allyson's pov.

The first thing I saw was a lot of people, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. I saw some familiar faces of people that go to my school. I just wonder how many people exactly are super natural in this town, I mean the town is small, but sure has so many supernaturals in it.

My mom dragged me over some group of people who are all standing, they were all gathered around something, well someone.

A loud voice boomed and it quieted down everyone, I then saw the people in front of me sit down on the forest floor, so I sat.

The moment I sat down I saw my grandma, Dylan, Damon and many other people standing. I wondered why Dylan and Damon were standing, and the moment I was going to question my mom, I got my question answered.

"As some of you know, I am the king of all alphas,Max. I am here today to meet the new werewolves in town, but first I would like to introduce to you the alpha and beta in this town. This is Alpha Dylan and his Beta Damon," he said pointing at each of them in turn.

I just watched the meeting and it went out well until my grandma called me over. She said that she wants to tell me something.

I walked over to her and she engulfed me in a hug so tight I couldn't breath for a few seconds. She pulled out of the hug and waited for me to catch my breath.

After I caught my breath she greeted me and asked, "how are you doing my lovely granddaughter, I have a lot to tell you right now."

"Really, like what?" I asked.

"About you and then your father."

"Can you tell me about my father first grams?"

"Of course, well come on let's og sit there and I will explain everything to you." she said leading me to two chairs next to each other.


Sorry I couldn't update faster, I just have soooo many. Tests and quizzes at the moment, so....yeah.


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