Stuck in between two best friends

Allyson Mayer is a 17 year old girl. Her life wasn't that perfect, but she thinks that it will get better if she moves back with her mom. but what actually happens is that when she joins school she'll be in between 2 guys and they will try to have her heart. Dylan skies is a 18 year old, normal guy which isn't that normal. he has a secret. he shifts into a wolf. And he's the alpha of the moonlight pack. And is the best friend of Damon woods. Damon woods is a 18 year old, almost normal. he also has a secret he's a vampire/werewolf hybrid. and he is the beta of the moonlight pack since he was accepted in the pack. And he's the best friend of Dylan skies. So many things will happen secrets will be told, and so much more. So if you want to know what happens between those three read on...


8. 6


Suddenly I feel powerful, I feel stronger, I feel the power in me gets stronger by the second.

"Now you are an official witch Allyson." my mother told me smiling widely at me.


Chapter 6

Allyson's pov.

After that me and my mother practiced some spells. I've got this nagging feeling that my mother forgot to tell me something. After practicing a bit more, I remembered something.

"Hey, why did you get a divorce with dad? what happened?" I asked.

She took a deep breath and sighed,"honey I decided to get a divorce to save your father's life.Some witches wanted him dead when they knew about me and him being together. we were together because we've been trying to escape them by moving the moment they knew where we were, but I got tired of running away so I decided to break it off with your father." she explained.

I just nodded and asked "But mom dad is human right? But why did they want him dead if he is human, he won't do anything wrong? Am I right?"

"Honey, I wish it was as easy as that, it's just that the supernatural council doesn't allow us supernaturals to be with humans, it is either that we be with someone from your same specie, or from any other specie." she explained to me.

"Mom, I have a last question." I told her, and she just nodded. "How could I know who is human and who isn't, and what specie they are?" I asked.

"Well you could either touch them and directly you'd know which specie they are, but if you couldn't touch them you could easily get into their mind. I'll teach you how to do that." she told me. "It's easy, you just need to think of the person you want to know about, and keep asking yourself what they are, and then you'll know.Its much easier."

"So can I try it now?" I asked looking at her my eyes telling her that I want to try it on her.

"Okay, try the touch one first." she told me while I held her hand. 'witch' my inner voice whispered.

"Wow that actually works even I already knew what you are." I told her amazed by what I could do."Can I try the other one now?" I asked, she just nodded her head up and down in approval.

I just closed my eyes and imagined my mother and kept asking my self what she is. 'witch' my inner voice said again.

"It would take more time to get used to the idea." I told my mom. "Can I try it on other people tomorrow just to know if there are any supernatural creatures in my school other than me?" I asked.

"Of course, but you would be amazed by just how many supernatural creatures are in your school, 'cause there's a lot." she said.

"Well now I guess I'll have to go unpack the things I couldn't unpack yesterday. Wait, can I use magic to do that? 'Cause I have a lot of homework today to finish." I told her.

"Just don't use a lot of magic, it would tier you out." she said looking at me worryingly.

"Okay," I replied before I went to my room to unpack.


Sorry extremely short chapter, it is short because I wrote it on my phone and I don't have enough charge in it so yeah...

Anyway Dylan's pov will appear later on the next chapter.


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