Stuck in between two best friends

Allyson Mayer is a 17 year old girl. Her life wasn't that perfect, but she thinks that it will get better if she moves back with her mom. but what actually happens is that when she joins school she'll be in between 2 guys and they will try to have her heart. Dylan skies is a 18 year old, normal guy which isn't that normal. he has a secret. he shifts into a wolf. And he's the alpha of the moonlight pack. And is the best friend of Damon woods. Damon woods is a 18 year old, almost normal. he also has a secret he's a vampire/werewolf hybrid. and he is the beta of the moonlight pack since he was accepted in the pack. And he's the best friend of Dylan skies. So many things will happen secrets will be told, and so much more. So if you want to know what happens between those three read on...


13. 11





Ally's POV

"Who is your mate Allyson?" my mom asked.

"Yes who is he?" my grandma asked next.


"Come on, who is he?" They both whined like young teenagers wanting to know who their bestfriend's crush is.

"'s........Dylan...."I trailed off.

"Oh my god, do you hear that? my daughter finally knows who her mate is!" mom gushed to my grandma.

"Well I don't know how I'll tell that to Damon, well he seemed pretty attached to me, you know..." I said.

"He is going to find his mate, and I have a feeling that she is a vampire so she could live with him forever." mom said.

"I just feel so bad you know, 'cause I get to find my mate and he doesn't, that just doesn't seem fair to me."

"It's going to be alright sweetie, and If he wants I could make a a tracking spell so he track down his mate and be with her." my grandma said.

"Okay fine. Hey mom, when is the other meeting?" I asked.

"After dinner time honey." mom answered.

"Okay, mom do you know where Dylan lives, I need to tell him." I said.

"I can drive you there since I am going there anyway." grandma answered.

"Okay let me go change since I am wearing sweats right now." I said excusing myself to go change.

I ran upstairs and decided to wear some dark, almost black skinny jeans, light blue tank top, and a black cardigan. I decided to wear some black flats to complete my outfit.

I went back downstairs and kissed my mom on her cheek and left with grandma.

"Are you nervous?" she asked after a moment of silence.

" A little." I answered truthfully.

"Don't be, it won't help if you stay nervous." she said.

"But I'm still nervous about Damon, what if he saw me with Dylan and got extremely jealous and start a fight with Dylan. I don't want that to happen grandma."

"Well I know for some reason that he is not in the house right now."

"What makes you think that grandma?" I ask.

"Well....he found his actual mate yesterday..."she trailed of.

"How? did you help him yesterday?"

"Well, yeah, you could say that, but he did most of it himself. I just helped a little bit." she said and the rest of the ride was quite and silent.

A couple of minutes later, we reached a really big mansion. I wonder how many people live here. watching me, my grandma said, "Most of their pack lives here, which are only the unmated ones, but some mates werewolves live here too."

I just nodded and got out of the car, quite eager to meat Dylan again. Grandma and I went inside the house and I was surprised by the amount of people sitting in the living room talking.

We stood there for a few minutes when someone acknowledged us. "Sorry for letting you wait there, the alpha will soon come down." a brunette who seemed to be two years younger than me said. "By the way I am Kirsten, the alpha's sister."

"Hi Kirsten, I am Julia and this is my granddaughter Allyson." grandma said. "and we are witches."


Dylan's POV...

I was doing some pack business and all that when Kirsten called me in the mind link.

'Dylan, two witches are here, and they want to see you.'

'Okay, I am coming soon.'

I walked out of my office and was hit by my mate's scent. I guess my mate is here.

I walked to the living room and saw her and the old witch standing there with Kirsten waiting for me.

"So what are you doing here Julia?" I asked.

"Well I am here for the meeting later, and my granddaughter Allyson, is here to talk to you." she answered.

"Okay then." I said to Julia and gestured for Allyson to follow me. I went back to the office waiting for her to follow.

"So what did you want to talk about?" I asked.

"Us," she answered shyly , "I mean, you are my mate and all that."


This is the second chapter I post today woohoo!!

Okay anyway hope you liked it.


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