Adopted By Zerrie

Samantha has been living a though live for many years. Soon,her entire life will change when Zerrie adopts her. Will she adapt to the new surroundings? She will go through many ups and downs too. Read more to find out.
This is my own story please do not copy my ideas,thanks:)


4. Chapter 3


Zayn and I were talking about our tour and stuff. Just than,an idea popped in my mind and I thought about it for a long time. I did not really listen to what Zayn was saying and I sorta zoned out.

"Babe? Helloooo?" Zayn called out

"Oh em yeah sorry!"I said as I blushed.

I decided to just tell him what I was thinking.

"CANWEADOPTACHILD?" I blurted out.

"Woah what?"Zayn tried to catch my sentence.

"Emmm…Can we adopt a child? I mean both our tours coming to an end so I thought why not?" I asked him.

"Yeah sure babe! That will be certainly cool!"Zayn answered.

Yay!! I can't wait!! The girls and I would surely be so happy to have some company!

I can't believe Zayn said yes!!

We immediately went to an orphanage called 'Light Up'.

I talked to the owner of the orphanage,Miss Susan.

We were looking for a kid aged from nine to fifteen.

She than called down some girls and they started screaming after seeing who we are.

We obviously did not need to introduce ourselves since they knew who we were!

It was overwhelming,to be honest!

I went and talked to some of the girls and noticed that this girl was sitting down hiding in a small corner

I decided to go up to her and ask her what's wrong.

"Hey love,I'm Perrie!" I introduced even though I beloved she know my name.

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