Adopted By Zerrie

Samantha has been living a though live for many years. Soon,her entire life will change when Zerrie adopts her. Will she adapt to the new surroundings? She will go through many ups and downs too. Read more to find out.
This is my own story please do not copy my ideas,thanks:)


2. Chapter 2


It has been 3 months since I got into this hell hole. Don't get me wrong,I have been treated way better than what I had been when I was with my father;if I should even call him that. The girls living here are just too selfish,rude and arrogant. They think they own this place but really they don't. Daily, couples,people,families would come and adopt a child. The thing is that,it would never be me. I am hoping if get adopted one day by a nice family but at the same time,I'm really scared.

I constantly get bullied,teased,made fun because of my height. Yeah I'm really short for my age,deal with it. I really miss my mother,she's the only one who encourages me,and the only one who loves me dearly. Although she's not here with me right now,I know that she's looking over me from above. The only thing I have that reminds me of her is a bracelet which she have be for my birthday before she passed on.

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