Road Trip

Just a short piece of writing that I felt like doing. It probably won't be continued.


1. Road Trip

It was like a faded picture had come to life before me.  It was supposed to be nothing more than a road trip to her parent’s old house for the weekend, a six hour drive into the remote countryside in which she grew up in before they died. It was meant to be mellow, an upsetting experience for her, but we still found ourselves singing along to the music playing and laughing at the jokes she found when scrolling through the internet on her phone. Her feet, complete with painted toenails, were resting on the dashboard of my car as her hair flew backwards with the wind bursting through the window. Despite the warmth of the air she sipped at black coffee from a white travel mug, the bitter scent drifting across to me as I drove along the motorway, which was all but empty. Music flowed through the speakers fluidly, the sound of an obscure band that she had heard of through an old friend. It always went that way. People left, but the imprint they made on your life never faded.


The sky above us was a perfect turquoise with a pink hue along the horizon as a result of the setting sun. It was picture perfect, and I knew in that moment that I would never forget how she looked out of the window in a daze, watching the countryside rush past lazily. The way she sipped at her coffee, which must have gotten cold almost an hour before. Every so often I stole a glance at her, wishing I could immortalise her because I knew that someday something will make it disappear. We couldn’t always drive away from our problems.


I ran my hand through my hair and slowed down slightly, pulling out my phone as quietly as I could before snapping a picture of her. She heard the shutter and turned quickly, smiling, before she leant over and kissed me on the cheek. I could feel myself starting to blush, my cheeks getting warmer in the place her lips had been only seconds before.


‘Am I really that beautiful?’ her voice was clear to me despite the wind rushing past.


‘Really. This moment is perfect, Vic. I don’t want anything to ruin it,’ I grinned to myself, watching the road. ‘Do you want to stop for a while? I need to stretch my legs.’


I pulled up in the next layby and got out, stretching and breathing in the warm evening air. We were atop of a hill and could see for miles in each direction. I leant against the bonnet of my car and watched her sit on the tarmac and close her eyes. Victoria smiled into the sky, her eyes shut gently as she relished in the fading warmth of the setting sun. Her tanned legs stretched from her thigh to her toes when she lay back on the floor, indicating with a grin for her to sit beside me. The floor was warm beneath me, and I sat right beside her, wanting to be so much closer than I was. Out of nowhere her hand came up and touched me on the thigh before lacing her fingers with mine. I felt a smile play on my lips for a moment. Perfect.


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