Multi-fandom story *Dedicated to Morgy*

Two girls find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery, helped by two mysterious men they must travel to avenge the girls death.

Happy 15th Birthday Morgy!

I hope you love this!


2. TO YOU!

We travelled for about a day together, the Doctor was very friendly, but Sherlock was often lost in his own world, and when he did talk he seemed to go on an entirely different tangent.

I’ve personally come to think he’s reasonably insane.

According to the Doctor we were now only a few minutes away from Dauntless head quarters and we stopped to change into black clothes.

I slipped into a tight fitting black shirt and shrugged a jacket on over it, rolling up the sleeves to my elbows before pulling my hair into a pony tail and masking my features to look braved and determined.

We had a cover story should anyone happen to stop us – we were on our way to the centre of Chicago to relieve the Guards there. If I thought too long on the subject I realized that Rose and Dauntless went too well together, after all, being Ares daughter meant she was made for battle and being brave went with that.

I smiled as Sherlock slipped on a black singlet and black jeans along with a black studded jacket which had the sleeves cut off.

“Alright, remember, don’t stop unless you have to” The Doctor commented, handing Rose and I identical daggers which where sheathed inside the pocket of my pants.

I took my position at the front of the group, as the spirit wielder my main job was the mask our identities and make us seem to fit in more. We hurried along the inside of the cavern avoiding people as much as possible. I tried not to stare, but two people – obviously a couple caught my attention as they sat at the bottom of the waterfall kissing. I passed a young girl and was immediately intrigued by the tattoo on her arm; the parabatai rune was etched on her skin.

I smiled to myself but then focused my attention on the sidewalk as it narrowed before leading to a set of stairs which were our escape. I climbed the stairs easily, making sure we were at the right place; I opened the latch and gasped in surprise as winter seemed to envelop me, and a lamp-post stood meters away and the sound of the pan-flute filled the air. I had heard a story about this place long ago; Narnia. I closed it quickly, scrambling backwards until reaching the floor as I tried to warm my body.

“Sorry, wrong door” I smiled sheepishly and lead the ground to the next door, which was thankfully the correct one.

We walked for another hour, passing an old abandoned show ground before coming to rest in the garden of the President’s house. Beautiful white roses surrounded the area as well as empty paint cans with white dots all over them. Servants rushed by and we looked at one another questioningly before approaching one of the younger servants.

“Miss, what’s going on here?” I asked quietly.

“We have the paint the roses” She whispered back, indicating the roses behind her which were half red and half white. 

We nodded in comprehension and started to move away.

“That was weird” I heard Rose mutter and I smiled in agreement.



I changed into the crisp clean black skirt and mirrored it with a white long sleeve shirt, the Doctor had apparently come prepared for all instances and had the sizes we needed on him. I laughed when I saw Rose dressed up – not to say she didn’t look good, because she did, but the look was so far from her normal that it brought me to laughter.

I laugh when I’m nervous, and I was a bundle of nerves.

We had barely entered the house when servants come rushing past us in frenzy far too focused on their task to really notice us. I crept towards the large lounge room where the holographic TV blared with the sounds of a Disney movie.

I plastered a smile on my face and walked into the room to see President Snow sitting on the couch with his granddaughter sitting on the floor in front of him eyes wide as she watched the latest Disney movie; Frozen.

“Will there be anything else Sir?” I asked chirpily and Snow’s gaze fell sharply on me.

“Yes, a drink, red wine please” He commented in a gruff voice.

I bowed my head and made my way back to the kitchen where Rose waited.

“Wine; red. And add something extra” I whispered the last part to her and saw only the brief nod to confirm she heard me.

I watched her as she moved around the kitchen with a hurried pace pouring dashes of ingredients I had never heard of into a wine glass before filling the rest with wine.

I stared at her questioningly as I surveyed the glass. “It will kill quietly and quickly. He’ll be dead before the night is over.” She said in a quiet voice, I nodded slowly.  “When this is all over, I want to go to Chicago” Rose said and I turned to her and she shrugged. “It’d be fun, right Morgan.”

Her smile was mischievous, and I’m sure she was recalling the numerous stares and catcalls we received in Dauntless.  I nodded to her and went back into the lounge room and served the President his wine, waiting until he had his first sip to slip away back into the kitchen grabbing Rose and escaping out the back door to Sherlock and the Doctor.


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