Multi-fandom story *Dedicated to Morgy*

Two girls find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery, helped by two mysterious men they must travel to avenge the girls death.

Happy 15th Birthday Morgy!

I hope you love this!



I woke up screaming, slowly chasing the nightmare from my mind as my best friend Rosemarie Hathaway crept into my room groggily.

 "Morgan?" She mumbled reaching for my hand, our bond let her feel my fear even though it was only in my mind.

"What happened?" I asked sitting up rubbing my forehead. "You don't remember?" She asked inspecting me closely and I shook my head. "Come on, we'll go see Dr. Sweets and I'll explain" She said this and terror filled me,

"No, please!" I begged but she shook her head looking at me like I was crazy. She pulled on our joint hands and I fell out of the bed as memories started to fill me.

 It had started over a month ago after we escaped our school Hogwarts after being sorted into different houses; I was a Hufflepuff and she had been a Gryffindor. We didn't even last the night. It had taken us three days to get through the Capitol of Panem to District 2 and we had been able to manage here fairly well until today.

"Rose look, I don't need to go, I remember. I swear" I held my hands up in a placating gesture. As we walked through the centre of town I stalled as a sense of death filled me.

 I turned around in a circle before seeing one of the girls that was close to our age fall down and I saw the breath leave her and I knew she was dead long before her head hit the pavement. Rose grabbed my arm as she felt spirits influence rise to the surface; she pulled me away before I could act to bring the girl back to life. As we stepped away the figure of a men stepped out of the shadows, curly black hair framed a cute face with dashing blue eyes, and a dark trench coat hid most of his body and as we rounded the carnet a figure of a woman with knowing eyes joined him.

"Damn them" Rose muttered as she pulled me into one of the shops waiting patiently as the man and woman walked around the corner and into the store with us.

"Miss Morgan" An English voice sounded and Rose automatically reacted pulling me behind her. I touched her arm shaking my head sending her my calmness.

I stepped around her beaming with a spirit induced smile. "How may I help you sir?" I asked and saw him pause assessing me steadily.

 "Indeed. You are bonded with your friend there, spirit is your element, you just escaped from Hogwarts" He leaned forward slightly, as if proud of himself.

"What my companion Mr Holmes is saying is that you where just witness to a murder and we need your help." A female voiced filled the shop and I felt more than saw Rose tense as a young woman walked towards us thrusting her hand out for me to shake. "Dr Temperance Brennan" she introduced herself.

I nodded in understanding, nervousness filled me as we followed the two back outside towards the body still lying on the pavement I faced away from the body leaning into Rose who supported my weight easily, comforting me with somewhat awkward pats on the back which made me smile.

As the curious couple approached the body a strange whirling noise sounded and we immediately flinched as an old English police box appeared before us and a very odd looking man stepped out peering at both the couple before us and Rose and me.

“Oh dear” He muttered as he took in the mutilated body on the ground. “This was not meant to happen…..Poor Ginny” He knelt beside the body before the man introduced to us as Mr Holmes sprung into action pushing him away from the scene.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The box man asked as Holmes pushed him against the wall.

“You were about to screw up Bone’s crime scene.” Mr Holmes stated and Rose subtly edged herself in front of me, so her body would protect mine.

“Who are you?” Rose asked and everyone seemed to turn towards her, the box man straightened himself, brushing invisible dust off of his clothes.

“Dear Rose, I’m the Doctor!” He beamed proudly, and we stared at him without comprehension. “Oh, don’t worry about it, I’m here to help” He stared and huffed.

After a few seconds of silence the group in front of us broke into a heady discussion involving the death of the girl Ginny.

“It’s obvious!” Holmes exclaimed and the talk quieted down instantly as he surveyed the body.  “It was President Cornelius Snow” He said with a grand flourish and I snorted.

“Oh yeah, real helpful” Rose remarked. “Cause we can totally pin murder on the most powerful man in the country.” Her sarcasm was mounting and I touched her arm filling the bond with patience.

“Actually….” The Doctor smiled at the two of us. “I think we can, if you two ladies would help?”

I saw Rose flinch and study the man before us before nodding slowly. “We are the daughters of Athena,” she nodded to me and I blushed – the mention of my Godly mother was not something I was comfortable with. “And Ares” She motioned to herself and smiled as the faces of those around us faltered slightly.

“I did not foresee this” The Doctor muttered and even Mr Holmes seemed surprised.    

“How did I miss that?” He asked himself and seemed to glower at us as if it were our fault.

A strange sound erupted over the group and the woman; whose nickname was Bones blushed briefly before answering her phone talking in hushed tones before turning to face us once again.

“I have to go, Booth needs me” She said with an eye roll before walking towards the centre of town.

I glanced towards Rose as she shifted closer to wall, imposing a normal Guardian stance as she watched over the Doctor, Mr Holmes – whose first name was Sherlock and I as we made the plan to kill the President.

“That will never work” Sherlock exclaimed as we looked towards our latest plan; which composed of Rose and I infiltrating the President’s house as servants before killing him.

“No, no, no.” The Doctor pointed towards a specific part of the plan altering it with his pencil slightly. “There, that will work”

We peered at the instructions and smiled at each other. Our plan was set.  I looked towards Rose as she too glanced at the plan appreciatively.

“There’s only one problem” She stated and we stared at her. “How are we going to get through here?” She pointed towards the map that accompanied the mission, examining the city which had been turned into five different factions over the years.

Sherlock and the Doctor peered at it silently and I had an idea, I beamed up at my best friend pointing to a specific faction named Dauntless.

“It’s simple, we go through this faction, and then we’ll end up basically right outside the Presidents house!” I exclaimed and watched in satisfaction as they slowly came to agree upon my plan.

“That’s actually perfect” Sherlock mumbled seeming to regret the words once they left his mouth.

The plan composed of four steps;

We had to move through modern day Chicago – and the faction named Dauntless to arrive at the President’s house We had to disguise ourselves as servants We had to mix and form some poison We had to kill the President.



No problem. 

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