A Very Potter Christmas

A christmas with the Potters (My interpration; characters and story). Next Generation.


2. Chapter 2

The peace was disrupted, however, by a faint knocking at the window. It took a few moments for Vicky to realise what the source of the noice was. Tracing it to a Snowy Owl which was hovering by the window, Vicky quickly  opened the window and allowed the creature to fly on to the quilted duvet underneath the sill. Carefully, Vicky untied the tightly bound scroll and acompaning package before placing the owl in her cage. Millie immediatly put her head under her wing and promptly fell asleep. Vicky untied the red bow which encased the parchment and unrolled the letter, turning on the lamp by her bed:

Dear Miss Potter,

Please find an aid to your mission attached.

Merry Christmas.


Vicky stared at the anonymous not in green writing for a while before she took the brown package in her hands and cautiously prised it open. In the middle of the wrappings, a small, folded piece of parchment sat. She unfolded the fragile paper with care and curiosity but was unable to make anything of it for several moments. After the initial shock and confusion had worn off, Vicky could see that the map in her lap showed Hogwarts castle and Hogsmeade village. Just as she got to this conclusion, a movement in the cornor of the room caught her eye and Vicky was forced to hastily hide the cryptic letter and map under her pillow.

"What's going on?" Lily mumbled.

"Nothing, Lily. Just go back to sleep." Lily looked as if she was going to say something else but resigned to turning on to her side and resuming her latest dream. Vicky exhaled slowly and took out the strange gift once more. It was a normal map, nothing special or mysterious about it, apart from a strange note written in the same green pen in the top left hand corner:

Find the right passage and follow until the end.

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