I look up at the stars as one million thoughts buzz in my mind why did they send us here,where are we,what is going to happen to us,will we ever see the ones we love again all I remember was his harsh voice run through my mind like a bullet "your never going back"


1. Where are we

The faded stars light up the fogged night sky as I stare at them as that harsh deep voice repeated over and over again "there's no going back now" what does that mean I let out a large sigh and look around me they all looked about my age and just as lost as I was. I decided to go and talk to one of them coz you know you haven't got anything better to do when you've just been taken from everyone you know and told you can never go back I decided to talk to the two tall girls chatting away about some random shit as I approached the chatting died down until the one with blue eyes and blonde waves Spock up "hi I'm darla Briggs who are you" she said offering her hand I shook I while saying"Sahara Williams nice to meet you" "you to I'm skyler" the other one said she had curly brown hair dimples and green eyes they were both very pretty while I have long messy sand coloured hair dimples and violet eyes that I get from my slutty mother. "So where are you from" skyler asked me "ummm I'm from New York" skyler a face turned sad "that's where we are from" "oh I'm sorry" just then a man with dark brown hair and empty grey eyes started talking and his deep harsh voice made me flinch "hello and welcome to a little place we call the future everyone here is under my control and if anyone objects to that then something very bad will happen"the ends of his mouth curved into a smile witch made me fell sick in the pit of my stomach "so what's going to happen is your here to become the protectors of the weak for when the bad things come around well I wouldn't want to spoil it for you" he smirked he then looked at me "you come up here" he said to me "you will be partnered up with Dylan over here" he said pointing to a muscular boy with dark blue eyes I've gotta say he was hot he came up to me and whispered in my ear hello princess 

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