The Perfect Summer

Emma, an 18-year-old girl from Brighton, had planned the perfect summer with her best friend. Going on tour and traveling around the world, with British boy band, One Direction. But was it going to that perfect?


9. 9. Little Black Dress

Chapter 9:

Waking up next to Harry, always felt great. But today, it felt different. The words that were spoken last night, flew around in my head. I truly love New York City.

Cara and I had planned to go shopping today, as we are in New York. How couldn't we?

I laid on my bed, looking out the window.

"Good morning love", I heard from behind me, and Harry turned me around so I was facing him.

"Hey", I said. Still having a morning voice, like him.

"What are we going to do today?", he asked.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I am going shopping with Cara today". He gave me the puppy face, and I laughed.

"That's okay, but I want to take you out for dinner then".

"That's a deal". I said, smiling.

We both went downstairs after a shower, and ate breakfast at the hotel, with the others. Cara and Niall were holding hands. They looked so adorable together.

Cara had always been good with the guys. She's very charming and beautiful. But it looked very different with Niall. She were always smiling, and looking at him when he was talking, with stars in her eyes. I wasn't like her. I had never actually had a boyfriend, but being with Harry was so easy. I didn't care about his old relationships or ex-girlfriends. The only thing that mattered was that I loved Harry and he loved me. Nothing could spoil this.

Cara and I went shopping, and at 2 pm we stumbled into a cafe with what looked like thousand bags in our hands. Harry had given me his credit card, and told me to "go nuts". I really did. We sat down at a table at the window.

"So, how's it going with you and Harry? And where were you last night?", Cara asked me, with a suspicious look on her face. I took a sip on my coffee.

"Well, Harry had made me a candlelight dinner in the park".

"Oh, that sounds amazing!".

"Yeah, it really was. There were strawberries, champagne, and chocolate. And at the end of the night, he told me that he loved me." I had a big smile on my face, and would happily retell it all.

"You're so lucky! What did you answer?".

"I said I loved him too, of course! And I do. I can't believe that he's my boyfriend".

"Me neither. He's just perfect for you, Emma", Cara said, "I don't really know if Niall likes me that way", she then said, looked down at her mug.

"You really can't see it?", I asked with a surprised face. Just how he looked at her, is enough to see how much he liked her, "maybe he's nervous if you like him as much as he likes you. You should tell him. He would love it".

"Yeah, I guess so. I really do like him."

We drank our coffee, and walked out on the street again. I turned to Cara.

"How about a movie?".

"Sounds great!", she answered, and we walked towards the movie theater.

When we got home, we threw our tired body's on me and Harry's bed. We started sorting out what we had got, and showed it to each other doing a little fashion show. It was so fun. I had gotten a lot of things, but this was my favorite: a black dress with a low cut on the back, some black skinny jeans, and some in blue, a navy sweater, and a nice black bra, with matching undies.

I was wearing the underwear, pretending to go on a catwalk, with Cara as a paparazzi, when someone walked in the room. It was Harry. I squeaked, and was pretty shocked, when I put on my bathrobe.

"Oh, hello. I can see you used my money well, then", Harry said with a cheeky smile, "but we actually have to get ready now, we have dinner reservations. You can go like that if you want to". I laughed, and kissed Cara on the cheek as she walked out.

"I'm going to take a shower now", I said.

"Can I come?", he asked. I was a bit nervous about my body, when with Harry. He looked so perfect.

"I don't know", I said. He did the puppy face the second time today, and I said: "okay, then. But you have to behave nice".

When we walked out, we both dried our body's. Nothing happened in there, as he is good at taking a hint...

I put on some makeup. And changed from bathrobe, to the black dress I got earlier, with some black pumps. I did a site braid.

"You look gorgeous", Harry said, and I blushed. He was wearing a black blazer, with a white t-shirt.

"You look very handsome too", I said, looking up and down at him. I grabbed my purse, and we went down the street.

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