The Perfect Summer

Emma, an 18-year-old girl from Brighton, had planned the perfect summer with her best friend. Going on tour and traveling around the world, with British boy band, One Direction. But was it going to that perfect?


6. 6. Jacuzzi kisses

Chapter 6:

Waking up, next to Harry was great. I went to the bathroom, just to clean up. He was a bit messy, I thought to myself, but it was in a cute kind of way. I fixed my hair and makeup, and went to sit on the bed, trying to find my phone.

Harry heard me searching for my phone, and woke up.

"Hey", he said with a raspy morning voice. His hair all messy. Cute.

"Good morning", I smiled at him, "have you seen my phone? I don't know what time it is."

"Yeah". He reach out from under one of the pillows, and pulled out my phone. "Here you go".

We were about to leave for breakfast, and I was going for the door, when he grabbed my hand.

"Wait a sec", he said, and kissed me, just like he did last night. I was all giggling.

"You're so cute", he said, as I blushed. We went into the elevator, and he was still holding my hand.

"I had fun last night", I said.

"Me too", Harry said, and kissed my forehead, "wanna go to the pool later? It's our last day at the hotel".

"Yeah, sounds great". I smiled at him. Couldn't help, but.

After breakfast I went to my room, to take a shower and change, before going to the pool. When I was done showering I grabbed a towel, and wore it around my body.

I got ready. Didn't do anything to my hair today, it was going to get wet again in a bit, so I just did a messy bun. For my bathing suit I wore a nice bikini with a flower print. I pulled on an oversize t-shirt.

I met Harry in the hallway, and we went to the pool together.

We got in the water, and swam around. There was only the to of us. Splashing water at each other, and laughing was great. We had fun.

20 min. later we got to the jacuzzi to sit in the hot water.

"Sit here", he said, clapping his thighs. I sat down and he had his right arm around my waist. The other one on my thigh. He kissed me, and it was just perfect being there alone. His hand on my thigh turned to my chin and hair.

Suddenly we heard a splash. Louis and Zayn were in the water, and I was so surprised, I hopped a bit.

"Hey, you two", Liam said, walking into the pool area.

"Where's Cara and Niall?", I asked.

"In Niall's room. Wonder what they're doing...", Louis replied.

We had fun at the pool, and Cara and Niall later joined us. We all spend the whole day down there. At 2 pm, we were all wrinkled from being in the water for a long time.

Harry asked me to come to his room, at 10, and I got a bit nervous. For the rest of the afternoon, I just laid on my bed and red a book. At 6:30, we all went for dinner.

At dinner, Harry kept touching my thigh, and pulling me closer to him. It was nice, when he touched me. I liked how it made me feel. Blushing.

When I was close to him, I suddenly was more self conscious and nervous. Like I was trying do my really best, to impress him.

After dinner I went to my room to change. I put on some cute underwear, cause, you know, and a black jumpsuit with thin straps.

I knocked on Harry's door, and he opened it. He was looking so nice.

We watched The Notebook on his bed, eating popcorn. When it was over, he kissed me. Gentle at first, then passionate and intense. And I ended up spending the night (if you know what I mean...).

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