The Perfect Summer

Emma, an 18-year-old girl from Brighton, had planned the perfect summer with her best friend. Going on tour and traveling around the world, with British boy band, One Direction. But was it going to that perfect?


13. 13. Beach-hair

Chapter 13:

We were at the airport, trying to get to the limo, that should take us to the hotel. There were fans and paparazzi's everywhere. It was pretty stressing being flashed by cameras, and screamed into the face like that. When we got out, and into the limo we drove off. When I looked out the window, I could see palm trees and the beach. It looked gorgeous.

We arrived at the hotel, and I was a big, white building, and when I say big, I really mean BIG. There was balconies and it looked amazing. This is were we are going to spent the next, and last, week together before Cara and I was going home to prepare for uni. If I even got in.

I had always been a straight A student, but I was very nervous anyway.

"Well, I'm going to the beach. Care to join?" I asked everyone, when we had all left our bags at the rooms.

"We have an interview in a three hours, but can all go for an hour or so" Louis answered. Everyone nodded, and we changed and went down there.

The sand was hot, and the sun too. I put my towel on the sand lied down I could feel the sun on my skin, and couldn't wait to get a little tan. I love summer, it's like everything gets a tan better; hair gets lighter, drinks colder, music louder, nights longer and sun warmer.

We chilled at the beach for at least an hour, playing in the water and eating a picnic basket Cara brought. So fun.

We were all sitting in the sand, when Liam asked:

"Actually the interviewer asked if we could bring you guys to, so if you wanna come, you can". Cara and I looked at each other, and nodded at Liam.

"Yeah, that'd be cool" I said. Our first interview.

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