The Perfect Summer

Emma, an 18-year-old girl from Brighton, had planned the perfect summer with her best friend. Going on tour and traveling around the world, with British boy band, One Direction. But was it going to that perfect?


10. 10. Black Haired Girl

Chapter 10:

I walked down the street, Harry holding my hand. It was 7 o'clock at night, and I was starving.

"It's here", Harry said, pulling me closer, and leading me towards a big front door. It was a very nice restaurant. We sat down at a table in the corner. There was a candle and a single rose in a vase on the table. Very romantic.

When we had ordered, someone interrupted our conversation.

"Harry, I'm sorry to interrupt. Could I maybe get a picture?" A sweet girl asked. She was about 10 years old. Harry looked at me, I smiled and not.

"Yeah, of course, love", Harry answered the girl, and they took the picture.

"Thanks again. Have a good night!". The girl went away and Harry and got to talk. The dinner arrived, and we ate. People went in and out, and I didn't notice the tall girl with black hair arriving. And once again we got interrupted.

"Harry? Harry Styles?". The black haired girl looked at us, tapping Harry on the shoulder.

"Sara? Hey, so good to see you!" They hugged, and I stood up to shake her hand, but she didn't take it. She just looked from me to Harry.

"So, who's your friend here?", she asked looking at me in a weird way, I did not like.

"That's my girlfriend, Emma. She's with me and the lads on tour".

"Oh, yeah, you're like a celebrity now. So weird". Harry and Sara laughed, and I just looked confused at Harry.

"Ehm, this is my old friend from before X-Factor, Sara". Harry said as an answer to my confused face.

"Nice to meet you", I said, trying to look nice, but I really had a weird feeling about this and her. She didn't answer.

"Well, I hope to see you soon, Harry!", she said, smiling (ugh). Then she walked away.

Harry turned to me.

"What was her problem?", I asked, "have you two been dating or something?".

"Yeah, but only for a few moths", Harry said, "we ended up being good friends anyway, but lost contact".

"So, why'd you break up?", I asked, trying not to sound too curios, but I really was.

"Ehm, no reason really. Just grew apart", he answered, but I knew he was lying. He looked around in the room, trying not make eye contact with me. I wasn't really in the mood for desert, so we skipped it and went home.

When we got back to the hotel, Harry asked what was on my mind, I had been really quiet since the meeting with Sara. I told him nothing was wrong. As we entered the room, Harry grabbed me by the wrist.

"What's wrong Emma?", he asked, again, "is it because of Sara? I'm over-".

"I know you are, but are you sure she's over you too?".

"I don't care. I care about you. I don't only care about you, I love you. You are the only girl in my life, and I really think it'll stay like that for a long time." He finally breathed, and I looked him in the eye.

"You too Harry".

It was now 10 pm, and Harry and I went to sleep. It was easy falling a sleep when he was holding me like that. It made feel safe.

The next morning I woke up before Harry. He looked so adorable when he was sleeping. I heard a "bip", and sat up. It was Harry's phone. I picked it up, and saw that he had gotten a message from "Sara". It said:

Hey, wanna meet today? Don't bring Emma. See ya <3

I put down the phone, and got up, taking a shower. When Harry woke up, I asked if he was doing anything today, just to check if he had plans with Sara. He didn't.

After breakfast, Cara, I, and the boys went to the pool. I was wearing strapless bikini top with a flower pattern, and matching bottoms. Harry looked very good in his shorts. We all had fun all day.

Zayn, Liam and I were having many water-fights. They're so funny. They grabbed me at the waist, lifted me up, and threw me into the water again. Harry and Louis were mostly talking and Niall and Cara were in the corner or the jacuzzi, kissing. We had the whole pool for ourselves. The other guests were too bothered by us, to be there.

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