In the middle of no-where

Megan ran away from home. From the bullies. From her mum. And most importantly from her abusive step-father. Whilst she was running, she banged into someone. The love of her life.....


3. Flirting

Megan's P.O.V

There was not much to unpack

since I onl had a rucksack with some food,makeup,

some clothes and my bag with my phone,

wallet and a pen & notebook.

I decided to go and explore.

I might also find a job!


Niall's P.O.V

We have just finished planning out 

the songs for tommorows concert.

I was talking to Louis whilst walking so I banged into someone.

She was beautiful. Twinkling ocean blue eyes. Bright smile.

Dazzling teeth. 


I just had to ask her to come to our concert!


Megan's P.O.V

"sorry" he said.

I smiled and said that it was okay.

"I'm Niall from One Direction" he said

"I'm Megan Jones" 

Wow! he is hot!!!

"So are you coming to our concert?"

"um, no sorry. I cant afford it and the tickets are 

all sold out..." I said cassually

"oh, ok... Wait! Here's a V.I.P ticket! You have got to come.

Here's my number." he said suddenly.

I blushed as we flirted together for a while.

I must admit... I like him...

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