Awkward Fanfic Moments

So this is my book of fanfic moments that make me wanna pull my own eyes out ok?!


5. five

~all that Starbucks shit~

"I popped into Starbucks."

Ok shut up. Please now. Zip your face. Thank you. Enough with the fucking Starbucks PLEASE! The next line always seems to read:

"I bumped into a -insert description of preferred member-."

SHUT YOUR TRAP! Seriously, I've never known one person to bump into so many famous people in one day ok?!

"Oh sorry love" the boy said.

Why is everyone goddamn love?! HES NOT YOUR FUCKING NAN!

"Oh my god sorry... Here..." *hands over a whole fucking truckload of napkins*


"*name of band member*"

"Oh my god I didn't notice!"

LEAVE NOW! Please escort yourself to the nearest bin or better still a hospital because you need to get your eyes and life checked up lady.

(This next bit is a general quote!)

"Mee snd ma frends wnt int0 Stsbuks snd bort a cofeee eech. Ma bf7l iz Chalie Fromm Doncaster. Her bfl iz a lad cald Lewis Tomlinsan!"

Note: do not leave your dog on the laptop, these are your results.

Its always Starbucks this Starbucks that star fucking bucks! It's always:

'Niall can we pop to Starbucks?'

'Liam I'm going to Starbucks need anything?!'

Then there's me: 'LOUIS IM GOING TO COSTA COFFEE YOU COMING OR WHAT?' Yeah you heard me right Costa. Coffee. I know I'm such a rebel (you have no idea how many people said I was a bitch for mentioning Costa!)

'I ordered my cream coffee latte and waited. They gave it to me. I drank it. My phone beeped. I picked it up. "Hello?" I said.'

We don't need to know ever detail of your obviously eventful life thank you.

Starbucks is the most expensive coffee shop ever, that's the reason why these fanfic bitches are poor and don't have a sofa because they 'pop into' Starbucks every fucking hour for a top up. I only use Starbucks cos it's got free wifi, I never bye anything more than £2!

Valid point made by @Aleksandra, you can make coffee at home. The only thing that special is that it's got your name written on the cup so you don't forget it.



What's up in your lives cos I've got a mega head ache at the moment!

Tell me what you thought of this chapter!

Update soon!




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