In between - A forgotten life

This is a fan-fiction about Being Human US. Some of the characters are made up and some are from the real series. In my version the plot is set in 2014, after the tv-series, but the original characters from the series are like they were in season one/two. Sally is still a ghost, Josh hasn't married Nora etc. This plot's main character is made up by me.
Alise is a ghost that lingers in the life between death and the afterlife. She doesn't remember anything from her life and doesn't know how to move on. One day she meets the vampire Aidan and his roommates Josh, a werewolf, and Sally, also a ghost. They try to help her to find out about her life and help her move on. Follow Alise's story and see how it turns out.
This is my first fan-fiction ever and I hope you guys enjoy it and it would be great if you could comment what you think about so I know if I should continue ;)


1. Prologue

Everyday for the last five years I've tried to remember what happened to me, but I can't. I am a ghost and I can't remember anything from my life before this, nothing at all. I didn't know my name at first either, but right after my death I followed the nurses down to the morgue and I saw my name. My name was, or still is, Alise Catherine Winston and I was born on the 9th of April 1993 and I died on the 4th of September 2009. I was 16 years young when I died and this year I would have become 21. I have also found out that I was killed by a gunshot, to the head. But the reason to why I know that is that I've heard people talking about it and also, I saw my body before they took it away. It did not look good.

I've heard people speculating about my death, why I died and so on, but no one really knows. Most of the people I've heard talking about it has thought it was a suicide. That I was so depressed that I shot myself, in the head. Recently, I've started to think that way to. Maybe I had been severely depressed and maybe it's better for me now not knowing what made me feel that way. But, there's something that keeps me here, that keeps me from moving on, and if I don't find what it is I will be stuck here in the life in between maybe forever. I've seen a lot of people dying and moving on to the afterlife, getting the peace they deserve. But maybe I just don't deserve peace.

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