In between - A forgotten life

This is a fan-fiction about Being Human US. Some of the characters are made up and some are from the real series. In my version the plot is set in 2014, after the tv-series, but the original characters from the series are like they were in season one/two. Sally is still a ghost, Josh hasn't married Nora etc. This plot's main character is made up by me.
Alise is a ghost that lingers in the life between death and the afterlife. She doesn't remember anything from her life and doesn't know how to move on. One day she meets the vampire Aidan and his roommates Josh, a werewolf, and Sally, also a ghost. They try to help her to find out about her life and help her move on. Follow Alise's story and see how it turns out.
This is my first fan-fiction ever and I hope you guys enjoy it and it would be great if you could comment what you think about so I know if I should continue ;)


3. Meeting with the werewolf


I sat on a bench in the locker-room of the hospital, Aidan was leaning against a locker in front of me. I had told him about me and my story and he had told me about him and his friends. He had been turned a vampire 1779, when he was 26 and now he was forever that age. He also lived in a house with a female ghost of whom had been killed by her fiancé four years ago, a year after me, and a guy who's a werewolf and apparently also works in the hospital. Aidan wanted me to come with him to meet the other ghost and I had not ever felt this excited before, of what I could remember of-course. Now we only had to wait for the werewolf-guy to come down to the locker-room. 
"He has the car-keys", Aidan explained to me, "and I think he wants to meet you before you enter our house.." 
I didn't question it, if a ghost was going to come over to my house I would also want to meet it first. 
The door opened and two nurses were entering. One was a man with brown eyes and light brown hair and the other was a girl with blonde, long hair. I stood up and watched the guy curiously, this had to be the werewolf guy. The guy looked at Aidan first and then at me, stretched his hand out as to shake hands with me but Aidan stopped him with a low awkward fist-bump. 
"Hi, Josh. Doesn't it feel a little bit dead in here?" He said, looking straight at the werewolf guy who apparently was named Josh. "Like there's a ghost watching us?"
He starred at Aidan for a second and then I could see that he understood. He looked at me again and I couldn't really read his expression. 
"Yeah, we should definitely go..." He said slowly and then he turned around and walked to one of the lockers, opened it and took out his things and threw in his scrubs. Then he turned to the female nurse who was standing by another locker.
"Bye, Nora. See you tomorrow!" He said, and both him and Aidan started walking rather fast towards the door. I saw Nora smile politely at the guy and then turned away. I hurried after the others.

"So she's a ghost, just like Sally?" Josh asked and glanced at me. We were sitting in their car, I were in the passenger seat, Aidan in the back and Josh behind the steering-wheel. 
"Yeah, and she can't remember what killed her." 
"Well, I know I was shot in the head." I threw in. Josh starred at me. "But that's only because I heard people at the hospital say it, and also I saw my body.. It didn't look very nice."
"Woah", he said and looked back at Aidan, "you think Sally won't mind us bringing home another ghost?"
"No, she would be excited to be able to help someone out. Especially now when she's quite bored all the time."
Josh glanced at me again, then sighed and turned around to start the car.

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