In between - A forgotten life

This is a fan-fiction about Being Human US. Some of the characters are made up and some are from the real series. In my version the plot is set in 2014, after the tv-series, but the original characters from the series are like they were in season one/two. Sally is still a ghost, Josh hasn't married Nora etc. This plot's main character is made up by me.
Alise is a ghost that lingers in the life between death and the afterlife. She doesn't remember anything from her life and doesn't know how to move on. One day she meets the vampire Aidan and his roommates Josh, a werewolf, and Sally, also a ghost. They try to help her to find out about her life and help her move on. Follow Alise's story and see how it turns out.
This is my first fan-fiction ever and I hope you guys enjoy it and it would be great if you could comment what you think about so I know if I should continue ;)


2. A life long forgotten


I walked down the corridor of the Suffolk County Hospital in Boston. This was my second visit to this hospital. I've only kept myself to the hospital that I died in, the Kindred Hospital, before. But lately I've been searching for ghosts that still linger in the life between like me but I haven't found any in the Kindred Hospital. The first time I was here at this hospital I found nothing, but I should give it another chance before I decide this hospital is not worth my time.

I walked through the wall and into a room full of nurses and a doctor. There was a lot of noise and a constant beep that wouldn't stop. Someone was dying. I walked closer to the bed were the dying patient laid, a man in blue scrubs was doing CPR on him and everyone else were moving fast with syringes and bags of transparent liquid. I stood behind the doctor and watched him move his hands fast over the man in the bed, trying to save his life. I wonder if someone did this to me, trying feverishly save my life when I was dying. 
"Excuse me, ma'am you're not allowed in here." Someone said behind me, I guessed a relative to the man in the bed had forced her way into the room just to see him one last time. 
"Ma'am, if you do not remove yourself from this room immediately I will have to call for the security!" I felt for the woman who had come to see her relative for the last time and now was yelled at to go out of the room. But I didn't turn around to see her, I needed to see when the mans soul left his body so I could talk to him, if it did. A nurse caught my attention; she looked right through me and looked confused. 
"Who are you talking to, Aidan?" She said to someone behind me. Now I felt curious, who was this Aidan person? I turned around with a curious smile on my face but it dropped immediately. The man was looking at me. I looked around to see if the woman I thought he had talked to was here, she wasn't. Now I felt weird, had this Aidan guy been talking to me? How could that be? Humans can't see ghost and he can't be a ghost 'cause the other nurse talked to him. What was going on?
"Oh.." He said and his eyes narrowed "No one, I was talking to no one. "
"Wait, what! You can see me?!" I exclaimed.
"Such a weirdo", I heard the female nurse behind me say with a low voice. Then she added with a higher voice: "Why are you just standing there, there's a man dying here!"
I saw his eyes flicker to the dying man on the bed fast but then it was back starring into mine.
"Uhm", he said, " I don't have time.. I have to.. take care of something else.. " He looked significatively at me and then slowly started to walk backwards towards the door. When he saw that I followed him he turned around and walked fast through the corridor, he stopped when he'd enter an empty room. Then he turned around.
" You can see me! " I shouted, a part of me felt exceedingly happy whilst another part of me felt scared. If he could see me, he couldn't be normal.
"Yes." He said simply. 
"But how? You're not a ghost, you're not like me! You're just human." 
"I'm not a ghost ", he started smiling a little, "but I'm not a human either."
Now I felt lost, if he was neither a ghost nor a human, what could he possibly be? Before I could ask, he continued.
"How much do you know about the supernatural world?"
"What do you mean? Are there more things than ghosts existing?" I asked amazed.
"Yes. There's a lot of things here in this world, not just ghosts." 
Now I felt dizzy and if I'd still been a human, I would probably have passed out.
"What are you?" 
"I should start with my name", he began, watching me carefully with narrowed eyes, " my name is Aidan Waite. I am not a ghost and I am not a human, what I am is called a vampire."
I heard myself laughing nervously, what in the world was he talking about? Maybe he was testing me just to see how dumb I actually was.
"There are not such things as vampires. You almost had me fooled there." I said, still laughing my weird, nervous laugh. He did not look amused though.
"I am a vampire. I didn't fool you. If you don't believe me, watch me." I stopped laughing and watched him as he took two deep breaths and closed his eyes. His jaw clenched and he clenched his hands too. Then he opened his eyes again. I gasped for breath as I saw them, his eyes had been brown before but now they were all black. Even the whites of the eyes were black. Now I started to believe him.

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