The Farmer's Daughter


2. My New Friends (I think)

            I met the other seven a few days later. There are four girls and four boys. There's Alicia, a cute girl with curly blonde hair and freckles, her cousin Elizabeth, a stroppy child with dark hair and skin, and Georgiana, a spoilt brat who demands everyone to bow down to her. She treats us like rats in a sewer pipe. Joseph and Nathaniel are your regular boys- obsessed with guns, cars, that kind of thing- and both have sleek black hair swept to one side. Thomas is a mad boy with even crazier hair, and David is real cute. He has a fuzz ball of brown hair and pale skin. His eyes are ginger-brown and his smile is like sunshine, revealing cloud-white teeth. He's not at all like his sister. He does not shout at others but listens quietly. He does not want to be noticed but would rather hide in the shadows. He's the perfect heir to the throne in every way. 
             After the "meet and greet" Captain Edwards sent us marching towards the nearest army base- N47. This was to be our home for the next 18 months during our intensive training course. It's a bit daunting to be honest. If you look at the current army, they are able to physically endure nearly anything. Missing a leg? Just run it off. Have to swim 16 miles under a layer of ice without breathing? It's probably possible.  I mean, how are you going to turn a scrawny twelve year old farmer's daughter like me into a soldier? I can tell you what crops to plant in your fields, but I certainly can't tell you 36 different ways to kill your enemy. In a life of death situation, I would run and try and dodge arrows flying towards me. 
          After three hours of gruelling fitness tests, I flopped onto the floor in my room, grateful for the precious minutes of rest. But it was not to last, for soon a rapturous knock sounded upon my door before in burst Captain Edwards.  He greeted me in the new army fashion- a salute and three stamps with the left foot upon the ground. He stayed for around five minutes and briefed me on tomorrow's activities. 
'There has been an attack by bandits on the eastern flank of the citadel. Tomorrow we will send you, cadets, to watch how we deal with such disturbances. You will not be required to fight, but ready your sword for if they fall into your path, you will be forced to fight. I trust, for your sake, that you can amply wield a sword'. He left and soon after I drifted into a pitch black sleep, devoid of dreams and as barren as a desert.


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