Hey guys.....I finally decided to do a movella of imagines of all the boys. All you have to do is comment your name, how old you would like to be in the story, what kind of story you would like and some things about yourself (i.e Hair colour, eye colour, favourite animal ect) I would rather not do dirty imagines but if you really want one, I will do one for you.


3. Niall and Samantha

Liam's POV


All you could hear from upstairs was the bed banging against the wall and single moans escaping down the stairs.


Niall's POV


The boys, El, Perrie and Samantha were all over mine. We were all sat around a table playing truth or dare. "Harry, I dare you to call Debbie up and ask her out" El said with a cocky look on her face. Harry accepted this challenge and reached for his phone. "Hey. Ahhh listen, Debbie, would you wanna go out tomorrow night?" We all waited impatiently for an answer. I stole a quick glance over towards Samantha. I was surprised to see, she was already looking at me. We both turned our heads away quickly and I could feel my face turn a bright red colour. "Great! Pick you up at 7" he hung up and we all started cheering "way to go hazza" I said shaking off the redness. 


Next it was Harry's turn. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes. "Niall, I dare you to go into your room for seven minutes in heaven with....." He looked around and stopped at Samantha! "Samantha" of course he knew I liked her!  I looked at her and she raised her head slowly. Her blue eyes were so beautiful I almost fainted just looking at them. I stood up and took her hand. Everyone looked at me in amazement, probably because they thought I would never do it. We walked up the stairs and I opened my door for her. She went in and sat on the edge of the bed. I shut the door and looked at her. I wasn't planning on doing anything, we had only met a week ago! She was so perfect. Her hair fell in perfect effortless waves around her perfectly shaped face. She was so beautiful. We made eye contact and stared at each other for what seemed like ages. I then went and sat down next to her. "Soooo" she said. I looked at her and we giggled a little bit. You could feel the sexual chemistry build up as we continued to stare at each other. After a few seconds our lips smashed together in perfect harmony. 


We moved further up the bed until our heads reached the head board. She begun to undress me. First the top and then the pants. I then did the same to her until we were both stripped down to nothing but our underwear. I laid on top of her and carefully slid my hand behind her back. I un clipped her bra and slid off her knickers. I stared at her for a while until she got impatient and yanked down my boxers "ohhh bit eager are we" I said jokingly. She moaned and kissed up my neck until she reached my mouth. We kissed passionately for a few moments, while a I grew hard. 


Samantha's POV


I could feel him growing hard. So hard, it began to push into my stomach. I let a small moan escape from my lips as he kissed down my neck and chose a spot to suck on. "Ahh Niall!!" I moaned in pleasure. He some how grew harder as I moaned. "Please I need you now" he stopped sucking and entered me slowly. I was a virgin so it did hurt a bit. I clenched my fists in pain as he began to thrust. "Tell me if you hurt, I'll stop" I moaned, indicating him that I was fine and for him to keep going. After a few thrusts the pain turned into pleasure and they sent tinkling feelings around my entire body. Niall began to get faster and faster until there was so much movement, the bed started banging against the wall. "Samantha!" Niall yelled in pleasure. I grabbed the silk sheets, trying to keep in the moans. After a few minutes I felt this strange sensation taking over my body. "Omg Niall I'm about to come" just as I finished saying that an explosion of pleasure erupted every where in my stomach. I had to hold my breathe it was so good. I relaxed back into the bed as Niall thrusted four more times. "Ohhh my samantha...." His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he came everywhere inside of me. He collapsed by my side. We both laid there puffing for a minute or so. Then he wrapped his arm around me and we feel fast asleep not even caring about our friends downstairs.

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