Hey guys.....I finally decided to do a movella of imagines of all the boys. All you have to do is comment your name, how old you would like to be in the story, what kind of story you would like and some things about yourself (i.e Hair colour, eye colour, favourite animal ect) I would rather not do dirty imagines but if you really want one, I will do one for you.


2. Liam and Jesse

It was a cold winter morning. The snow feel softly on the sidewalk.I was on my way to Jesse's house to pick her up. We had been dating for 6 years now and I was on my way to ask her to marry me. I decided not to go to some fancy restaurant were we would be exposed to other people eavesdropping. I wanted it to be special and somewhere that meant something to us. So on the 7th of december 2013, I was taking Jesse, in freezing snow, to the bridge where we had first met in 2007. 


When Jesse answered the door, I was taken away from her beauty. She always did this to me, even when she was dressed in sweats with no make-up and her hair un-washed and messy. I loved the way she was always effortlessly beautiful. "Hey Gorgeous" I said flashing her a smile. "Well hello there handsome" She giggled and held my hand as she jumped down the stairs. We intertwined fingers and continued down the street to the park. Every couple of minutes I would look over to Jesse to find her trying to catch snowflakes with her tongue or looking at me. She was so cute. 


When we reached the bridge, I took her over the edge to look at the frozen lake. There was no one out, so it was like we were in our own little world. We stood there silently for a few minutes until I felt as though it was the right time. "Jesse?" I turned to look at her. She faced me and smiled. "Your so amazing," she blushed and I continued "I couldn't think of anything or anyone more perfect than you.....thats why I want to spend the rest of my life with you" I got down on one knee and Jesse gasped in shock. "The past six years have been the best adventure of my life. If you say yes, I can't wait to start the rest of my life with, have children with you, grow old with you. Jesse you are the breathe to my life, Will you marry me?" 


It kinda took a moment for Jesse to realise that this was actually happening. She kept looking around. "Is this seriously happening? Oh my god" I laughed and held her hands tightly. "Of course Jesse" I held out the ring to her, which I must say myself was amazing. "Yes of course I will Liam.....A thousand times yes" I put the ring on her finger and she jumped up and put her legs around my waist. "I love you Liam Payne" she said after finishing our passionate kiss "I love you too Jesse Wright" After our engagement we walked home slowly in the snow.

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