Hey guys.....I finally decided to do a movella of imagines of all the boys. All you have to do is comment your name, how old you would like to be in the story, what kind of story you would like and some things about yourself (i.e Hair colour, eye colour, favourite animal ect) I would rather not do dirty imagines but if you really want one, I will do one for you.


4. Harry and Lizzy

Harry's POV


We rushed into my apartment hand in hand. We had just finished our dinner date and were eager to get home. Immediately Lizzy unbuttoned her top and pulled down her jeans. I pulled my top over my head kicked my shoes off. Within 30 seconds we were both standing in our underwear. I run over to her and scooped her up. Our lips clashed together as I walked her to my bedroom. Our lips never broke. I fumbled for the door handle as I rested her on my leg. I slammed the door open and threw Lizzy onto my bed. She smiled at me and grabbed my hand. I jumped onto the bed with her and we continued to make out. I made circles with my hand over her back as her hand travelled down to my boxers. She yanked them down and started playing with my dick. It grew hard very quickly and soon after she kissed down my torso until she reached the tip. She licked around it, which made me moan. "Ohhh Lizzy" I thrusted myself into her mouth which made her gag. She started sucking harder and harder but before I could come, she stopped. "Lizzy" I said angrily. She giggled and slid her bra and underwear off. I picked her up by the waist and placed her on top of me. She bent over and kissed me. Her long hair swished against my bare chest and gave me shivers. I rolled her over so I was on top. I could feel a smile form as our kiss never broke. I lifted my weight up and slowly entered her. Lizzy broke our kiss to moan in pleasure. 


Lizzy's POV


When Harry entered me I had to moan. He was so big, I could barely handle his size. Before I could adjust, Harry started pumping into me extremely fast. "Harry" I moaned. I was in utter pleasure. "Lizzy" Harry moaned back. The room was filled with moans for the next 5 minutes. I felt an amazing feeling come over my body. Harry kept thrusting as I was seconds away from coming. "Harry I'm about to come" I almost screamed. I bucked my hips forward once more and an explosion happened inside me. "Ahhhh Harry!!" I arched my back and held on to the pleasure. Harry kept thrusting twice more until he came. He held him self. He tightened and after the pleasure was gone, relaxed and fell down next to me on the bed. He rolled over and kissed me. "I love you Lizzy" I smiled. "I love you too Harry" After that we cuddled and fell asleep side by side. 



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