Simmer Down // 5SOS

“Why? What’s going on?” I looked over his shoulder and saw a bunch of girls outside the doors, singing something loudly.
“...standing there, in my American Apparel underwear...”
Ciara stood up and wiped her hands nervously on her skirt.
“Oh my god.”
Beck nodded, and grinned. “Don’t get too excited. They’re due to pull up-“ he looked down at his watch, “right about now.”
As if on cue, a familiar black car drew up to the front of the Hilton, and Beck moved back to the door. Ciara brushed her hair out of her face and shot me a quick smile.
“Just act normal,” she whispered. I frowned. What the hell?
Wait on a second. Special guests, Ciara said. Fancy cars on the street. Screaming girls. Of course. I put the pieces together, knowing what was about to happen next but really, really, REALLY not wanting to believe it.
Out of all the places in Sydney with vacancies for a summer job, I choose the one accommodating 5 Seconds of Summer.
'Us.' Ashton walked up to the counter and grinned.


28. Texting and Twister

'Here - wear this one!'

Calum pulled yet another flannel free from Luke's wardrobe and draped it over Michael's shoulder before stepping back to me so we could survey him.

After Michael had finished yelling at Ashton, we'd gone into their flat and Luke had luckily saved Ashton from any further arguments by making him help make dinner. Calum had recruited me to style Michael up for meeting with Lynn.  Michael has showered after his incident, and his hair was still a little bit wet, the tips of his shaggy mop dripping droplets of water down the front of his white undershirt. Unsurprisingly, I wasn't able to persuade him to switch his skinny jeans for something a little more classy, but Calum leant him his shiny black boots which made him look casual, but fancy.

He bit his lip as he stared back into our faces nervously and I giggled, glancing at Calum.

'You look snazzy,' Calum wiggled his eyebrows and shifted on one foot so he was leaning against my shoulder. 'What do you think, Em?'

'I like it, I really do. Aww, Michael, Lynn's going to love you!'

I leant over and squeezed his cheeks and he rolled his eyes, pushing me away but I knew he was smiling.

'So am I all done then?' He checked his phone and smacked his head. 'Shit! I have 20 minutes to get to the park! I'm meeting Lynn there, and then I'm going to take her out for dinner and... fuck. I really gotta go.'

'Do you want me to call our driver?'

'Thanks Cal, I gotta grab some things from the kitchen and then I'm out of here.'

Calum nodded and then threw Michael's coat at him, also chucking over a small aerosol can.

'Mate, can't have you smelling like shit on your first date.'

Michael shot him a grin and stuck his tongue out at us on his way out the door.

'Thanks for your help, I'll see you guys later.'


Calum sighed and placed an arm around my shoulder.

'Little Mikey's growing up so fast,' he chuckled, 'and I just can't keep track.'

I squeezed his arm as a door opened at the front of the room.

'Oh, and I put one of my condom packets in your wallet just in case you need it!'

Luke's deep voice echoed off the walls, mixed with Ashton's hysterical laughter, and I felt Calum giggle beside me.

'Thanks for that, Luke! Seeing as you have no use for them, someone else might as well!'

Michael called back just as Calum and I looked at eachother and burst out laughing.

'O-okay,' he choked, 'he may-y not have class... but he s-sure is sassy as fuck!'

The front door slammed.



5.57 pm

ciara: RMMA



7.28 pm


8.01 pm

emma: hahahahaha stop!!

ciara: ENMA


emma: calm down cee hahaha

ciara: emma!! tell me! you cant just leave the building with ashton and go out for like 3 hours and then not tell me what happened

ciara: are you even back yet??? i havent seen you come in

emma: yes we got back an hour ago

emma: we went up the fire escape

ciara: ;))))))))

emma: no.

ciara: what else did u do then

emma: but before that we went to hyde park and just chilled out for a bit

ciara: did he tell you anything important

emma: he mentioned his ex gf

ciara: omg really?

emma: it was awkwardddd....

emma: but then he

ciara: what?? what happened??

emma: he almost kissed me or something :(

ciara: LEGIT

emma: uhh ahahaha yeah maybe ://

emma: he leant in super close

emma: like our foreheads were touching


emma: omg ur so funny !!!1!!1

ciara: no but really hahaha thats reeally good

ciara: who pulled away first

emma: ashton :( but...

emma: cee it was the nicest feeling ive had in such a long time

emma: i wanted to kiss him :/

emma: hes so gorgeous

ciara: wewwww girl slow down

ciara: i say you should just go for it

ciara: of course it felt great, you like the boy for gods sake, emma next time just grab him and kiss him!!

emma: no!! im so bad at this, oh god :(

emma: ciara can i say something

emma: thats really stupid and that makes me sound like a hypocrite?

ciara: yes?

emma: i think he does like me actually

ciara added lucas, michael and puppy dawg to the conversation


emma: ciara!!

lucas: hey baes

lucas: wait what

ciara: emma believes ashton likes her


lucas: took her long enough

emma: you guyssssssssss

lucas: what made you finally figure it out

ciara: ashton invaded her personal space bubble :)

emma: ha ha ha

emma: what actually happened was that i took him to the park and then we sat on a cute bench and we talked for ages and then he leant in and put his forehead on mine and was holding my cheek and omg it was the best holy shitee

lucas: weeeeell someones whipped

ciara: ^^

emma: :(( i think he likes me back but i dont know

lucas: ........

ciara: luke should we just tell her

lucas: yeah probably

ciara: no wait

ciara: wheres calum and michael

emma: michaels on his date, he probably wont get these until later

lucas: mmm he’s probably veeery busy ;)

ciara: luke, really?

lucas: soz babe x ok ill get calum now, hold on

8.34 pm

lucas: im back

lucas: i told calum to get his phone


puppy dawg: get it?? cos im calum HOOD hahahahhaha

emma: calum stop

ciara: u lame af

puppy dawg: aww :’( give me a minute i gotta reread your convo from the start

8.35 pm

puppy dawg: YASSSS EMMA

puppy dawg: following the game plan i see

emma: no!! im trying to just be myself and see where that gets me

ciara: it works fine for ashton tbh

ciara: guys can we tell her

ciara: im not waiting around for michael to get here, soz

lucas: yeah okay lets do it

emma: clue me in

puppy dawg: haha we keep so many secrets from you

emma: yeah ive noticed >:(

lucas: calum stop stirring her up

ciara: well remember that other night when you got pissed at ashton and then you stormed out back to your room

emma: yeah

puppy dawg: ashton dragged us all into his room when you were gone

lucas: and then told us not to tell you ever, unless he gave us permission

lucas: that he liked you

ciara: i distinctively remember him using the exact phrase “she is the best thing in my life right now”

puppy dawg: do you even understand how much he likes you

lucas: its insane

ciara: emma??

ciara: where did she go

emma: im here...

emma: you sure of all this??

emma: i don’t want to be wrong

puppy dawg: sure as sure. 100%

lucas: emma, he really likes you.

lucas: after mira and everything, ashton went into this weird ass mode where he didn’t really look at girls longer than a glance, like he just talked to fans and hugged them and stuff but he never looked for anything more because we all think he really was in love with her. also everyone just throws themselves at him. but you were the first to treat him like a normal person, and he liked that so much that hes been pretty much crushing on you since then

emma: he never stopped??

puppy dawg: never

ciara: ems you need to do something about this

lucas: cee’s right, youre gonna have to show him you care

puppy dawg: ashton told us that he’s tried so hard but he thinks that its never going to work. hes giving up emma, and you need to stop him

emma: aw you guys

emma: im so scared

emma: but so happy

emma: i don’t know what to do!!

lucas: go for it

ciara: just hint that you like him

puppy dawg: youre doing fine okay, just let him know you care

lucas: guYS SHIT

puppy dawg: we gotta go!!! ashton just walked in

lucas: he wants to know what we’re doing...

ciara: well we’ll come up and hang with you guys in 10?

puppy dawg: yeah, sure, see you soon then

emma: thanks guys x see you soon



‘We’re playing Twister!’

Ciara and I walked into the boys’ living room and started to laugh at the knot of limbs hovered over the classic game mat. Calum grinned cheekily at me from under Luke’s legs and Ashton tried to wave at me, but wobbled dangerously over to Calum’s head. Ciara poked Luke with her toe as we skirted by to sit on the lounge.

‘Who’s winning then?’

‘Huh, not me,’ Luke pouted and pointed to the spinner. ‘Em, can you flick that for me?’

I picked it up and turned the wheel.

‘Uhhh, arm on... green!’

All of us turned our attention to Luke, who carefully lifted up his remaining arm and twisted it slightly so he could fit it under Calum’s right leg. Just before he reached the green circle, his hand accidentally jutted upwards and knocked Calum off balance. Calum wobbled, trying to find his balance, but ended up slamming a hand down on Ashton’s chest, pushing him flat on his back. Ciara and I burst out laughing.

‘Owww,’ Ashton moaned, and pulled out his feet from under his thighs. ‘Luke, you little shit! I was so close to winning that round!’

‘Yeah, well, if Calum grew some more leg hair, maybe there would’ve been some friction that could’ve stopped me falling in the first place!’

‘Oi! Don’t bring my body hair into this!’

I rolled my eyes. Idiots.

‘You guys are terrible at this!’

Ciara stood up and pushed Luke off the mat, tugging me with her.

‘Let the experts show you how to do it.’

‘Oh yeah?’

Luke wrapped an arm around her waist and tried to kiss her, but she turned her cheek and smirked at him, holding up a hand.

‘Watch and learn. Just watch and learn.’


‘What the fuck?? There’s only one green circle left and it’s like, all the way over the other side of Luke!’

‘Yeah, well,’ Ciara giggled, ‘you’re going to have to get there somehow, Calum.’

I snorted at the scowl on his face, and tried to wipe a drop of sweat from my forehead. 15 minutes into the next round of Twister and we were already pretty much a punk-rock pretzel made of extremely inflexible humans. Ciara was in the easiest position, comfortably resting on her legs and elbows. Calum and Luke were close to eachother, and Ashton and I were on the other side of the mat. Calum sighed, and reached out as far as he could, twisting his body over and ducking his head under Luke’s broad chest.

‘Move your ass, you fat shit,’ he groaned, and Luke scoffed and dipped his back a bit lower.

‘Don’t be rude, or I’ll sit on you.’

I rolled my eyes and nudged Cee with my toe, trying to stay balanced.

‘Calum’s done, can you go for me? I can’t reach the spinner.’

She nodded and flicked the Twister hand with her finger.

‘It’, leg.’

Damn. My leg was in a good position and I didn’t want to move.

'Of course you'd spin that one for me,' I sighed and looked around for the closest blue circle, wavering on one shaking arm. 'Someone find me a spot!'

'Here,' Calum tapped a circle directly under Ashton with his foot, and I sighed, shooting Ciara a glare. She smirked back at me.

'Luke, lean forward a bit,' I muttered and stretched my leg out as far as I could go, my toes scraping along the cool mat. I finally touched the blue circle, adjusting my balance.

'Phew, done.'

'Nice. Who's turn next?'

Ashton stuck his neck out.


He moved a little and I dropped my weight back, eyes widening. His hip was centimetres away from my face and I was dangerously close to collapsing underneath him. Luke peered at me from behind Calum's arms and grinned.

'Uh, red circle, arm.'

I rotated my head and immediately located the only red spot left - right next to my other arm.


Ashton bit his lip. Most of his weight was balanced on his right side and I watched him work out where the next spot was, silently watching his face. He saw the red circle, then cast his surprised eyes up to my face. I smiled at him, daring him to do it, and he slowly grinned back.

'Mm, I like this position actually,' he chuckled, and pulled his arm over my body, stretching it across my chest. Now I was underneath him, and he had an arm on either side of my body, his legs bent with me in between. I peered up into his face, inches away from my own, and smiled.

'Hi there,' I laughed, and he grinned wider, dimples popping up like magic.

'Hey,' he whispered back.

Calum let out a low wolf whistle, distracting us.

'Getting up close and personal, are we?'

Luke raised an eyebrow and Ashton sighed, his breath hot on my neck. I shivered.

'Ciara, just twist the wheel already.'

She shrugged lightly, winking at me.

'I thought you would want to stay there for as long as possible, but alright. Calum's turn.'

Sneaky shits.



11:58 am


michael: in case anyone was wondering

michael: my date was great and lynn looked beautiful

michael: we might’ve kissed

michael: is anyone awake

michael: ok. goodnight you guys <3



i have mixed emotions about this chapter :/ but that’s okay, i hope you liked it!!


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