Simmer Down // 5SOS

“Why? What’s going on?” I looked over his shoulder and saw a bunch of girls outside the doors, singing something loudly.
“...standing there, in my American Apparel underwear...”
Ciara stood up and wiped her hands nervously on her skirt.
“Oh my god.”
Beck nodded, and grinned. “Don’t get too excited. They’re due to pull up-“ he looked down at his watch, “right about now.”
As if on cue, a familiar black car drew up to the front of the Hilton, and Beck moved back to the door. Ciara brushed her hair out of her face and shot me a quick smile.
“Just act normal,” she whispered. I frowned. What the hell?
Wait on a second. Special guests, Ciara said. Fancy cars on the street. Screaming girls. Of course. I put the pieces together, knowing what was about to happen next but really, really, REALLY not wanting to believe it.
Out of all the places in Sydney with vacancies for a summer job, I choose the one accommodating 5 Seconds of Summer.
'Us.' Ashton walked up to the counter and grinned.


1. Not A Good Start

“Can’t do, Miss. Sorry, but this bus doesn’t head past that area.”

I sighed in frustration and clicked my tongue.

“Is there another bus that will?”

He nodded. “What time?”

“20 past 8.”

No way! That was too late - I had until a quarter to 8 to travel to the other side of Sydney and get to the Hilton Hotel in time for checking in. For my first day on the job, it definitely wasn’t off to a good start.

I turned away from the bus without thanking the driver and hobbled off down the busy street. There were early-morning commuters and business people everywhere and I weaved in and out of the crowd, jostling from side to side. My stupid high heels weren’t making anything better. The hotel uniform strictly forbade anything comfortable or sensible - the tight skirt I was wearing was cutting off all circulation to my lower legs.

I gave up on the busy sidewalk and pushed to the edge, hailing a taxi. It pulled up and I threw myself onto the backseat, trying not to give the driver any time to look at what I was wearing.

“464 Dearner Street, please. As fast as you can.”


“Excuse me Ma’am?”

The taxi driver tentatively leant over his seat and spoke, his voice sympathetic.

“I’m afraid there’s going to be a lot of traffic. I’m not sure how long we’ll be stuck here, but--”

“It’s okay, I’ll just walk. Thanks, here, keep the change.” Ignoring his surprised expression, I pressed a $20 note into his palm and gathered my things.

For the past 20 minutes, the taxi had been moving down the same street at a snail’s pace, and I was well-aware of the time now. What the heck, I was going to be late anyway.

Leaving the stunned taxi driver, I jumped out and dashed off the road... crashing straight into a mob of girls. And I really thought the morning could get no worse.

I tried to right myself and had to ungracefully grab a pole to steady my wobbling heels. Unfortunately the skirt wasn’t really helping me balance, and I knocked one of the girls sideways.

“Oh my gosh - are you okay? Sorry.”

She looked at me in distaste, before brushing off her jacket and flicking her blonde hair back over her shoulder.

“Jesus. Watch where you’re going.” She smelt of perfume and was chewing constantly on a piece of gum. “You almost made me rip my coat.”

Blondie blew a large pink bubble and popped it in my face. Then she looked at what I was wearing and choked.

“Woah - who dressed you? Oi Chlo, come look at this chick!”

The rest of her mates came walking back to gawk at me and I began to feel like I was on display at some boring history museum or something.

“Oooh, look who’s here to ruin my chances!” The one called Chloe leered at me and her friends laughed.

My voice came back then, thank god.

“What are you talking about? These are my work clothes.”

I shook my head, attempting to wave back my hair, but then I remembered it was up in a tight bun. So my head just kind of shook - really intimidating.

“Work clothes, huh? Nice try. As if you don’t know what we’re talking about anyway. Who doesn’t know?” Blondie, of course, had to add her part.

“Anyway,” she consolidated, patting Chloe on her shoulder, “there’s no way he’d notice her over you.”

“What are you on about? I honestly have no idea!”

Were they just messing with me?

Chloe craned her neck and looked at me searchingly. “You don’t know?”


She leant back and began to laugh.“She doesn’t know! She actually doesn’t know.” She crowed to the group and they all began to shriek with laughter.

“5 Seconds of Summer are in town!” A girl with fiery red curls sung the sentence in a sing-song voice and gave me a pat on the back.

“I feel sorry for you. You really had no idea.”

They broke out in giggles again and I gave up. I huffed loudly and rolled my eyes, turning around on my heels and flouncing off with all the attitude I could muster. Behind me I heard them laugh again.

“We’re all going to be famous!” Blondie crowed, and then they all clattered off towards the Quay.

So that’s what all the fuss was about. That famous boy-band were back here in Sydney. Well, I’m sorry, but I for one didn’t give two hoots. It was all 5 Seconds of Summer’s fault that my own summer job was off to a bad start. They’d held up traffic, rerouted buses and infatuated girls who wasted my time. Honestly, one teenage band in Sydney and suddenly everything goes out of wack. What was the world coming to?

I tried not to worry about work as I hurried towards the Hilton. I promised myself it’d be alright - after all, isn’t the first day always a mess for everyone? I was just contemplating this when a long black limousine pulled up right next to me and a man in a dark suit got out. He looked around suspiciously, stopping to look me up and down once or twice. Then he leant down and spoke to someone through the back window.

“All clear boys. Only one girl - nothing you can’t handle.”

The next moment, the door opened and 4 boys, heartthrob of girls all over the country and probably the world, stepped out and were standing in front of me. 5 Seconds of Summer.


"Oh my god--"

"Shhhh!" The one standing closest to me leant forward and grabbed my arm, his curly hair swinging across his forehead. "If you don't say a word to anyone, I'll give you an autograph." He pressed a long finger to his lips and grinned, small dimples forming on his cheeks, flashing me the perfect smile. Ugh.

"I don't want an autograph." I flushed and pulled out of his grasp, stepping away. Trying to sound important, I decided to ignore the other 3 boys, who had begun to laugh quietly.

The curly-headed one raised one eyebrow at me, and his grin widened. 

"Fine - you can have a photo then. Just wait one second."

He tugged at the edges of his hair, and adjusted himself a bit, making sure his t-shirt was straight, before looking at me again.

"Well? Where's the camera?"

"I don't want a photo either." I growled.

His wide brown eyes looked at me in surprise, then his smile switched back on, bigger than ever.

"Well then, what does a pretty young girl like you want from a guy like me?"

"Nothing at all." He frowned, and looked to his friends. The blonde one with a quiff thingy shrugged, and the boy began to talk again.

"Have we met?"


"Are you sure?"

I nodded, not smiling.

"Because I feel like I've done something to annoy you - you don't like me, huh?"

I laughed loudly. "No, not in particular."

"Hmmm." His gaze was thoughtful. "Well, there's always a first for everything I suppose." 

The dark-haired boy behind him began to giggle, and I shot him a glare. He saw me, and sucked in his cheeks.

"Ashton, come on, let's go."

"Wait on."

His eyes carefully roamed over my face. "I never expected this kind of behaviour from a beautiful girl like you though."

Was he for real? 

"Does that really work on other girls?"

"All the time." He didn't sound boastful, just thoughtful.

"Ashton, let's move. Come on, we have to go now." The third boy, with bright blue hair, stepped forward and took his arm.

The blonde boy looked up the street and bit his lip.

"Shit. We gotta go." He looked at Ashton.

"Yeah okay, just gimme a sec."

The other three boys seemed to waver a bit, but then dashed up the steps into the hall.

Ashton gave me another long searching look, and then shook his head. 

"Well, nice to meet you, Miss --" He peered down at the shiny gold name tag on my shirt

“Miss Emma? Miss Emma Davies.” He held out his arm. I bit my lip and paused, before placing my hand in his. Then without any warning, he pulled me into a hug, a quick one, but a hug nonetheless. His arms wrapped around me, fully enveloping me with his body. When I pulled out, he gave me a look that I couldn’t quite interpret, eyes twinkling.

“I hope we meet again. It’s not often I meet someone who can’t resist me.” Then with a cheeky grin, he let go and jumped up the steps 2 at a time, disappearing inside the building next to me.

Before I could even register what had happened in the last 30 seconds, a crowd of girls materialised next to me, screaming.

“Where’d they go?!”

“Their car’s here!”

“I can’t see them!”

“We missed them!”

“I can’t believe it!”

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOD!”

Amidst the audience, I spotted Blondie and Chloe making their way towards me. Brace yourself.

“God - what are you doing here?”

I smiled at them both sweetly. “I just met the full 5 Seconds of Summer band.”

“As if - you’re a fib.” Blondie scoffed.

“Not kidding. Cross my heart.”

Chloe looked at me, then back at the black car parked near us. Girls were taking selfies all around it.

“She’s telling the truth.” Shit, this Barbie is psychic.

Blondie’s jaw dropped. “Really??”

She dropped her voice, and leant closer, disbelief across her face. “You met them?”

I smiled again, trying to be as infuriating as possible.

“ Sure did. But seriously, they’re not worth all the fuss. Especially the curly-haired one - Ashton, or whatever. A bit too conceited for me. And he looks way better in all the magazines.” I shouted the last part.


A couple of girls glared at me, but I didn’t care. I hoped Ashton was listening.


Hey there everyone :) Thanks so much for reading this, it's my first fan-fiction ever, and I have b-i-g plans! Next update will be in a week or so, it's holidays so I got a lot of time. ALSO, follow me on twitterrrr @emmairwinn and please share this story around, I'm new, so feedback is much appreciated x

love from emma



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