Simmer Down // 5SOS

“Why? What’s going on?” I looked over his shoulder and saw a bunch of girls outside the doors, singing something loudly.
“...standing there, in my American Apparel underwear...”
Ciara stood up and wiped her hands nervously on her skirt.
“Oh my god.”
Beck nodded, and grinned. “Don’t get too excited. They’re due to pull up-“ he looked down at his watch, “right about now.”
As if on cue, a familiar black car drew up to the front of the Hilton, and Beck moved back to the door. Ciara brushed her hair out of her face and shot me a quick smile.
“Just act normal,” she whispered. I frowned. What the hell?
Wait on a second. Special guests, Ciara said. Fancy cars on the street. Screaming girls. Of course. I put the pieces together, knowing what was about to happen next but really, really, REALLY not wanting to believe it.
Out of all the places in Sydney with vacancies for a summer job, I choose the one accommodating 5 Seconds of Summer.
'Us.' Ashton walked up to the counter and grinned.


25. Is Your Name Really Ernma?

‘But I don’t want Twitter!’

Calum rolled his eyes and face-palmed.

‘Well, too bad. That’s not the point - it’s non-negotiable, and you’re going to get it.’

Michael stared expectantly at me and held out a hand. I reluctantly pulled my phone out of my pocket, unlocked it and dropped it onto his palm. He leant back so I couldn’t see the screen.

‘I don’t need Twitter to meet fans you know. There’s enough of them hanging around outside, I could just go out there and um, say hi one day or something.’

Calum peered out the window at the mass of girls huddled downstairs and furrowed his eyebrows.

‘Hmm. Yeah, okay, you can do that.’ I looked up. ’But you can get Twitter too.’ Sigh.

I groaned and leant over, tugging the curtain shut. Calum poked my side gently.

‘Why are you so reluctant? Come on, it’s just an app. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that much harder to have another social media account.’

I blushed, and awkwardly looked away, but Calum picked up on it.

‘Emma. Don’t you have Facebook?’

I shook my head, and Michael looked up, a bit surprised.

‘What about Instagram?’

‘No.’ I bit my lip.

‘Snapchat. Come on, you gotta have Snapchat,’ Calum said, unbelievingly (a/n ahhh yes calum of course you would want to know if she had snapchat heUHEU).

I sighed.


‘You’re joking!’ Michael rubbed a hand through his hair, eyes wide. ‘Well, er, what about Tumblr? Vine? Or, I know, Kik!’

I shook my head, deciding not to tell him I didn’t even know what half of those were. Suddenly I brightened up.

‘Ooh! I do have Pinterest!’

Calum shared a look of disgust with Michael, whose mouth was hanging open.

‘Doesn’t count, you noob.’ He giggled. ‘Why don’t you have this stuff? It’s like, 2014. What else would you use your phone for?’

I rolled my eyes, snatching it back from Michael.

‘Um, I don’t know - maybe as a phone??? And I’ve just never had a reason to get this stuff,’ I frowned, ‘and no one’s ever asked me to keep in contact with them through anything.’

Calum and Michael stopped and looked a bit guilty, but my phone buzzed and I looked down. Twitter has been installed on your phone, I read and sighed.

‘Guess it doesn’t matter now anyway.’

‘Shove love,’ Calum ducked over to squish in next to me and Michael sandwiched me from the other side so they could both see what was going on the screen. Michael leant forward and tapped open the app.

‘Click on ‘Register today’.’

I batted away his pointing finger - ‘I know, I know,’ - but paused. Hey, hold on.

‘How am I connected to the internet? I don’t use data on my phone or anything...’

Michael made an uneasy face and had the tact to look a little embarrassed at least.

‘I may have connected you to Ashton’s hotspot? Haha...’

I rolled my eyes. Fantastic - not only was he angry at me already, but I was apparently sucking up his money now by using his internet. Quickly checking the wifi page, I saw that my phone was tethered to Ashton’s Bananas. Sighing, I reopened Twitter.

‘It’s like I just can’t get away from him,’ I muttered.

‘Get away from who?’

All three of us jumped, wheeling around to see Luke standing in the doorway smirking slightly.

‘Ashton knows you’re on his wifi,’ he said, walking up behind the couch so he could see over our shoulders, ‘and he doesn’t even care. Oh and he’s still in his room, like he should be.’ He patted my shoulder, as if I had been visually stressing over it. ‘Ooooh, you convinced her to get Twitter!’

I gave a deep sigh.

‘Please tell me he didn’t read my phone name?’

Luke chuckled cheerfully.

‘Yup, of course he did. Actually, he commented on how cute it was.’

‘What is it?’

‘E-e-ema 4 Eva,’ Luke giggled, and I facepalmed as Michael grinned.

I groaned, about to tell him to go push one of Ashton’s drumsticks up his butt when Calum tapped me on the shoulder.

‘Ahem, can we talk about your twelvie phone name later? Because we were doing this before...’ he pointed down at my phone, where the Twitter setup was asking me what I wanted my username to be, ‘and if you don’t choose a username, we can choose one for you.’

‘Yeah,’ Luke smirked, ‘how about @Eeema4eva?’ Luke smirked down at me, and I stuck up my rude finger.

‘No, I’ll choose one.’

(a/n shameless self promotion go follow my instagram @eeema4eva, i legit made it when i was 12 so no h8 ok, im technically insta famous)

With Michael guiding me through the steps slowly, 10 minutes later I had myself a new Twitter account - @Ernma5SOS - and 4 new mutual followers, @Luke5SOS, @Calum5SOS, @Michael5SOS and @5SOS, the band account. Just as I was exiting the setup, Calum stopped me.

‘Wait - you need a profile picture!’

Calum tugged my phone out of my hands and opened the camera.

‘Aw, no Calum...’

‘Say “chicken grease peace nipples”!’

He snapped a quick selfie and passed the phone back to me for inspection. I was sitting in the middle, one hand trying to cover my face, but you could still me. Calum had his tongue out in front of me, Michael was sticking his rude finger up at the camera and Luke was above me, cross-eyed. I giggled and set it as my new picture.

‘There. Satisfied?’

Calum nodded, but Luke swiped the phone away again.

‘Hold on - I want a copy of this photo - you gotta tweet it to us all.’ He clicked on a button and a little box opened up. ‘Tap here to add that picture-‘ I followed his instructions, ‘and type to write your tweet. Only 50 words. Oh, and you can tag us here like this-‘

I waved him off and jumped up, pushing over to sit on the other couch so they couldn’t see what I was writing. Composing my first ever tweet, I tapped on the tweet button and looked up at the guys evilly, who were all watching me, curious.

‘I sent it.’

All three pulled their phones out, opening up their Twitters. When Calum burst out laughing, I knew he had seen it. He looked up at me, a wide grin spreading across his face.

‘Really Emma? Really? Oh my god, you’re so lame.’

I smiled sweetly back at him as he shook his head, still laughing.

‘”Hanging out with my 3 main assholes - they smell bad...” - well, gee, thanks Emma!’

Michael made a funny face at me and I patted his knee gently.

‘It’s my pleasure.’

Luke giggled.

‘We’re not your main assholes.’

I frowned at him.

‘Well who is then?’


He giggled again as I frowned deeper. True. Luke started to tap away on his phone, and then stopped, looking back at me, satisfied.

‘Check your notifications.’

I raised an eyebrow and reached down to pick my phone up when I felt it vibrate. Then it vibrated again. And again. And again.

Hastily, I pulled up the Twitter app and scrolled to refresh my notifications.

@Luke5SOS retweeted your picture: @Ernma5SOS: “Hanging out with my 3 main assholes - they smell bad...” HAHA everyone follow emma because she’s an asshole too ♥

I poked my tongue out at Luke, who just grinned even bigger.

‘Thank me later.’

Turning back to my phone and moving on to the next one, I felt my eyes open wide. I’d just gained 800 followers in the last 2 minutes. And my phone wouldn’t stop buzzing as more notifications popped through.

@awksclifford: Are you the Emma that Ashton talked about at the Sydney concert?? oh mY GOD NO WAY :O

@utterlyhood: are you the emma that ashton mentioned or are you a girl named erna who likes 5sos. i’m confused hahahahaha

@lilsvevo: Hi Emma, you’re so pretty and I love everything about you :) It would make my day if you followed me back! Thankyou! #FollowMeEmma

@rabsxoxo: @Ashton5SOS is this your new girlfriend??? #hmmm

@electricmichael: @Ashton5SOS okay i ship you and @Ernma5SOS so hard wow like rlly #AshtonAndEmmaPleaseGetMarried

@irvvindimples: wtf you’re actually really pretty #AshtonAndEmmaPleaseGetMarried

I followed back a few people (including @lilsvevo) and giggled at some of the twitter posts. My notifications told me that my picture post already had 500 retweets and 100 favourites. People were commenting on it, and a lot were saying ‘#ashtonandemmaplsgetmarried’. I smiled slightly. Michael was write - fans sledging me was not anything I should’ve been worried about. I turned to Luke.

‘What’s the deal with all the hashtags?’

He came over to sit next to me and laughed, directing me to a different tab on the app.

‘Hashtags are kind of like... hmm, I guess they sort the tweets. Like, sometimes, when our band account does a follow spree - that’s when we go and follow random fans because we feel like it - people make tweets using the hashtag #5sosfollowparty and then we look it up, and follow people who use the tag.’

I nodded and then pointed down at the blue hashtags on my screen. One said #HeforShe and another said #VoteOneDirectionMTV

‘And what do these mean?’

He chuckled again, scrolling down for me.

‘These are the trending tags from around the world. Whatever tags are being used the most, or are heaps popular at this time come up here. Oh, look-‘ Luke laughed out loud and nudged Michael with his foot. ‘Guys, look at the worldwide trending tags!’

‘What is it?’ I poked his arm, sick of being left out of the loop. Calum had just started laughing from across the room, showing Michael something on his phone. Soon Michael was joining in, and they both winked at me. ‘Luke, show me!’

He giggled.

‘Here - look here.’

I focused on the screen and saw the bright blue letters - #AshtonAndEmmaPleaseGetMarried. I squealed.

‘What? Is it trending? Oh my god, noooo...’

 ‘Normally, tags only trend when there’s at least 1000 tweets per minute using the same tag,’ Luke smiled at me, and I groaned.

‘What if Ashton sees?’

‘He already has,’ Calum flashed his phone at me from across the room, ‘he’s direct-messaged me, asking me why you haven’t followed him yet. He followed you already apparently. And he wanted to know what you thought about the trending tag.’

I huffed.

‘Maybe I’m just too popular to follow someone like Ashton.’ I checked my profile. ‘I already have 3000 followers, so.’

Calum shot me a look and I rolled my eyes.


I quickly found Ashton’s profile and and tapped the follow button, watching it light up blue.

‘And what do you say about the hashtag?’ Calum prompted.

Hmm. Let’s keep it neutral here.

‘Tell him I have no comment.’

‘Tell him yourself - he says he’s going to direct-message you now.’

A moment later, a little blue bubble popped up on the screen and I clicked on it, letting it redirect me to my DM page.


@Ashton5SOS: so you got twitter

@Ernma5SOS: i didn’t want it, your annoying persistent cant-take-a-hint bandmates made me get it

@Ashton5SOS: of course they did

@Ashton5SOS: did you see the hashtag?

@Ernma5SOS: yup

@Ashton5SOS: thoughts??

@Ernma5SOS: idc. your fans are funny and a little strange but whatever

@Ashton5SOS: oh. okay :/

@Ashton5SOS: emma?

@Ashton5SOS: can we please make out


@Ernma5SOS: -_-

@Ashton5SOS: i’m sorry for, you know, kinda kissing you last night, i really am, it wont happen again

@Ashton5SOS: my room is getting really boring and im sick of sitting in here doing nothing and being stubborn. i wanna come out and talk to you

@Ashton5SOS: emma??

@Ernma5SOS: yes

@Ashton5SOS: yes?

@Ernma5SOS: yes we can make up. im sorry ashton :(

@Ashton5SOS: don’t be. its not your fault. once again i screwed up. let me make it up to you

@Ernma5SOS: what haha

@Ashton5SOS: ive had almost 2 hours in here thinking about how to fix things up

@Ashton5SOS: im coming out now :) i want to talk to you face to face okay x

@Ernma5SOS: ok



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