Simmer Down // 5SOS

“Why? What’s going on?” I looked over his shoulder and saw a bunch of girls outside the doors, singing something loudly.
“...standing there, in my American Apparel underwear...”
Ciara stood up and wiped her hands nervously on her skirt.
“Oh my god.”
Beck nodded, and grinned. “Don’t get too excited. They’re due to pull up-“ he looked down at his watch, “right about now.”
As if on cue, a familiar black car drew up to the front of the Hilton, and Beck moved back to the door. Ciara brushed her hair out of her face and shot me a quick smile.
“Just act normal,” she whispered. I frowned. What the hell?
Wait on a second. Special guests, Ciara said. Fancy cars on the street. Screaming girls. Of course. I put the pieces together, knowing what was about to happen next but really, really, REALLY not wanting to believe it.
Out of all the places in Sydney with vacancies for a summer job, I choose the one accommodating 5 Seconds of Summer.
'Us.' Ashton walked up to the counter and grinned.


18. Fedorable


hullo faithful readers that are mainly my school/tumblr friends

sorry about the short chapter last time so this one is long because concert time yay 

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‘I feel like this one would go better with your skin tan, but then again, I really like this outfit too. It’ll make your legs look killer.’

Ciara leant down and scooped up the black dress, holding it up in front of me, sizing me up. I patiently waited for her to finish.

‘Which one?’

‘I’m not sure.’ She bit her lip. ‘They both look hot, and either way, Ashton’s going to love you.’

I rolled my eyes, ignoring her last comment.

‘I think I like the crop top and jeans one better.’


Ciara dropped the dress back to the bed, and picked up the crop bodice.

‘You sure?’

I grinned.

‘I just really want to wear the fedora!’

She laughed at me, and tossed over the clothes, shoving me into my bathroom.

‘Hurry up and get changed, so I can do your makeup.’

I shut the door behind me and laid out the outfit Ciara had made up on the edge of the bathtub, sighing. It was already 6:30 pm, and we had to leave in half an hour to get the concert venue. I hadn’t seen any of the boys all day, except for being woken up by their cheering fans early in the morning when they left the hotel. For some reason, the whole concert thing was making me really nervous. The past week and a half had just begun to sink in. I was a hotel worker, not even a professional one, I was just here to make some money over summer. And for some crazy reason, the stars had aligned and fate had decided to throw me into a job with a boy from a world-famous band. I was friends with the band. I talked to them and had their numbers. I called one of them a dickhead and got away with it. Hell, one of them almost kissed me. And now I was about to go V.I.P. to their Sydney show, in front of a crowd of about 3000 girls (and probably a few guys too). What am I doing?

Ciara knocked on the door, bringing me back to my senses.

‘You almost done?’

‘Nope, wait on.’

I pulled off my shirt and pulled on the tight crop top, making a face at myself in the mirror. I hated these types of clothes normally, but Cee had insisted I dress up for the show. I uncomfortably rubbed the bare skin around my bellybutton, before sighing and pulling off my shorts and stepping into the skinny jeans.

Standing back, I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked pretty terrible. My hair was randomly curly from being in a bun all day, and my skin was flushed. The midriff crop showed an uncomfortable amount of flesh and made my boobs look big (which definitely wasn’t the case normally), but I did like the way it made my hips look curvy. That was supposed to be a good thing, apparently. The jeans looked alright, but they made me feel self-conscious. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the door, pulling it open.

‘I don’t like it,’ I declared.

Ciara looked up from her phone, and her jaw dropped.

‘Em... you look amazing.’


She walked over to me, eyes wide, looking me up and down.

‘You look hot as wow, honey! The guys are gonna love it!’

I wrapped my arms around my bare belly and blushed.

‘Are you sure? I don’t really-‘

She put out a hand to stop me.

‘No ifs or buts. You look beautiful. Now come here so I can do your hair and makeup.’

I groaned, and sat down on the edge of my bed.

‘Remind me why this is necessary? I hate makeup.’

She reached for her bag, and pulled out lots of scary looking makeup accessories.

‘Trust me, it’s all relevant. It’s good to get dressed up once in a while, Emma.’

‘Fine. Don’t lay it on though. I’m not a cake.’

She rolled her eyes and started to brush makeup on my cheeks.

‘How are you and Luke going?’

She blushed, but turned my head back so she could apply the cream.

‘Keep still. We’re going good.’

‘Have the fans caught on yet?’

She sighed, and moved on to my eyes, uncapping the mascara.

‘Not yet. We’re not technically girlfriend and boyfriend yet, anyway. He hasn’t asked me, we just go on dates and kiss.’

I shut my eyes so she could do my eyelashes.

‘Well, he should hurry up and ask you. How’re you going to tell the fans?’

‘You can open your eyes now, I’m done. And I’m not sure. We’ll get to it when it comes to that I guess, but we had a little talk the other night, and we’re not going to hide it. Tonight we’ll spend time together like normal, and if they see us, they can make what they want of it. We just won’t deny the rumours.’

I stuck her a thumbs up, showing her I agreed with the way they were going to deal with it. I liked their plan, because it meant the fans wouldn’t be kept in the dark, and they could accept the truth at their own pace.

‘Tell me something cute about you two.’

‘He texts me every night and always asks me to send him a snapchat before he goes to bed, just so I can “be the last thing he sees” before he shuts his eyes.’

I grinned, mentally storing this piece of information away for later so I could stir up Luke about it. Though I wasn’t going to deny, it was extremely adorable.

‘You don’t send nudes do you? I hope your boobs aren’t the last thing he sees at night.’

I was rewarded with a sharp poke on the cheek with the end of the eyeliner brush she had started using.

‘Very funny. We’re not wowle-fracking, Em.’

‘Not yet.’

She poked me again.

‘How’s Ashton?’

‘He is great.’

‘How are you two coming along?’

I swatted her hand away as she came dangerously close to poking me in the eye.

‘We’re not coming along, we’re doing fine as friends, okay?’

She smirked.

‘So why was he telling everyone you had a really nice date the other day? Date?

That asshole.

‘I specifically told him not to call it that!’

Ciara grinned, and brushed a bit of smudged lipstick from my cheek.

‘Well, wait until he sees you tonight. Then we’ll see what he says, and if he can keep his hands off you. Even just as friends.’

I rolled my eyes.

‘I don’t even look-‘

She turned me around so I could see myself in the mirror, and my jaw dropped, mid-sentence.

‘...good,’ I finished breathlessly.

I looked so different. I wasn’t Emma any more. I was like a whole freakin’ different person. My face looked clean and almost natural. The dark smudges under my eyes were messily cool and my lips were a dark red that matched my skin. I hated to admit it, but I actually looked nice... and I liked it.

‘Like it?’

I moved my mouth wordlessly, nodding.

Ciara laughed.

‘And I haven’t even done your hair yet.’


‘Got your passes?’

The gruff security guard standing out the front of Enmore Theatre looked at us suspiciously as we walked up to the entrance. My fedora wobbled in the warm night breeze, and I silently thanked Ciara for letting me wear boots instead of heels. Ciara pulled out two cards from her wallet.

‘Here’s our tickets, is that what you mean?’

The man crossed his arms and didn’t even bother glancing at them.

‘See all those girls out there, lining the streets?’

We both nodded nervously, and he grunted.

‘Yeah, well they’ve all got exactly the same tickets as you. The main entrance for people watching the concert is around that way.’

He glared at us, and I blushed. I didn’t feel comfortable in this situation - the guy obviously thought we were just 2 other regular 5SOS fans, trying to sneak in to meet their idols before the show. I tugged on Cee’s sleeve.

‘Maybe we should just go in the normal way,’ I whispered to her in an undertone.

She shook me off.

‘Don’t be stupid, if this freakin’ asshole doesn’t get that we’re here for a reason, I’m going to complain to Luke.’

Ciara shoved the tickets further forward towards him.

‘No, look! We’re V.I.P! We were personally invited by 5 Seconds of Summer!’

He laughed at us, and rolled his eyes.

‘That’s good, tell me another one. I suppose you’re Luke’s girlfriend too then?’

‘Excuse me mate, these two are with me.’

A blonde boy with a high styled quiff and bright blue eyes stepped out from behind the guard and laced his hand into Ciara’s. I grinned.

‘Hi Lukey,’ Ciara simpered, looking directly at the man before kissing Luke quickly on the lips. ‘Thanks for coming to get us, we got a little sidetracked.’

‘No problem, babe. Come on, we’re all waiting for you two. Thanks mate,’ he nodded his head at the security guard, oblivious to the dickhead he was.

He winked at me, and pulled us past the man, who gave us a dirty look.

‘What took you guys so long? There’s a concert to be played!’


‘You look great.’

We had finally slowed down, and were walking up a long hall towards a green painted door. Luke gave Ciara a small smile and pulled her closer to him, appreciatively tugging on her skirt and flicking at a piece of her perfectly curled hair. She giggled and kissed his cheek.

‘So do you, Lukey. You’re looking so punk-rock tonight.’

I coughed, hiding a smile behind my hand at their cute flirting, and they both turned to me, Luke widening his eyes.

‘Em - wow! You look hot.’

He looked me up and down, nodding, before freezing and turning his head away awkwardly.

‘Ashton’s gonna love you,’ he mumbled, and Ciara laughed while I blushed.

‘She does look great though, doesn’t she? I can’t wait for the others to see her!’

Luke touched her nose lightly as we came to the door, and began to push it open.

‘Well, come on then, they’re all in here... guys? The girls are here!’

The door swung open to reveal Michael, Calum and Ashton sitting in a circle on the floor, looking up at us grinning.

‘Ciara! Emma!’

Michael leapt us and wrapped us into a hug, and I giggled - he smelt like boy. Looking over his leather-clad shoulder, I winked at Calum, who was smiling at me.

‘Sorry we were late, the security guard wouldn’t let us through,’ Ciara apologised, and flopped down next to Luke on a couch, throwing her legs over his knees. She looked at me expectantly.

‘Ashton, Emma’s eyes are up here, man,’ Calum chuckled, and I glanced over to Ashton. My heart sped up a little.

He was looking at me with a different light in his eyes, mouth slightly dropped. He bit his lip, and blinked a few times before standing up and slowly making his way over to me.

‘Ems... you look... you look beautiful. It’s so good to see you again,’ he sighed into my ear, pulling me into his body. I gently wrapped my arms around his back and relaxed, relishing his warmth and the feel of his uneven breath on my neck. He was wearing a white singlet tonight, peppered with holes, and I could feel his chest on my midriff. The fact his huge biceps were uncovered and wrapped around my own back didn’t help, and I shivered. Ashton stepped back.

‘Thankyou,’ I blushed, and he gave me a smile.

‘You look so good. I love your boo- your fedora, yeah - I love your fedora,’ he smoothed over his words, rubbing a hand through his hair awkwardly, and I grinned.

‘Want to wear it? I’ll swap you for your bandana.’

He smiled back, and tugged the red fabric out of his curls.

‘It’s a deal.’

‘My hat might not fit on your big head,’ I teased, tossing it over, and he scowled at me, pushing it on. It suited him well.

‘Calum, come tie this bandana for me?’

He came and stood behind me, taking it from my hands and gently weaving it under my hair and into the perfect knot.

‘So, we’re on stage in about 5 minutes. We want you two pretty girls to come out with us into the wings, so you can see the show. Does that sound good?’

I nodded my head eagerly, and the others got up and started moving around, collecting their things. I pulled Calum aside.

‘I’m so nervous, Calum.’

His brown eyes peered down at me, concerned.

‘What’s wrong, Emma? Why?’

I shrugged.

‘How did we end up here? Like, talking? Why am I here tonight?’

Calum sighed, and took my hands in his.

‘You’re here because we-‘ he motioned to Luke and Ciara, who were laughing at something, and Ashton and Michael, who were piggybacking across the room, singing, ‘love you. And we want you here with us tonight, for our first Australian show on this tour.’

He squeezed my hand.

‘If anything, I’m the nervous one. We’ve never had girls at our show before, and the fans are going to go nuts about it.’

Calum chuckled, and I relaxed a bit, smiling up at him as he continued.

‘If I’m being honest, you’re also here tonight because you’re somebody’s, and I quote, “good luck charm”...’

He nodded his head towards Ashton with a grin on his face, and I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t stop the blush from spreading across my cheeks.

‘I’m actually really unlucky! I mean,’ I looked sideways at Calum, grinning, ‘I’m stuck here with you, aren’t I?’

‘Ói! Come here, you!’

I squealed and dashed away from him, hiding behind Ashton and Michael, who laughed and protected me from the oncoming Calum.

‘Over our dead bodies!’

Michael stuck his tongue out at Calum just as a loud buzzer rang out, and a man came walking into the room.

‘2 minutes! You guys need to go into the wings now, grab your instruments.’

Michael looked at me happily.

‘No time for fighting now - it’s show time!’

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