Simmer Down // 5SOS

“Why? What’s going on?” I looked over his shoulder and saw a bunch of girls outside the doors, singing something loudly.
“...standing there, in my American Apparel underwear...”
Ciara stood up and wiped her hands nervously on her skirt.
“Oh my god.”
Beck nodded, and grinned. “Don’t get too excited. They’re due to pull up-“ he looked down at his watch, “right about now.”
As if on cue, a familiar black car drew up to the front of the Hilton, and Beck moved back to the door. Ciara brushed her hair out of her face and shot me a quick smile.
“Just act normal,” she whispered. I frowned. What the hell?
Wait on a second. Special guests, Ciara said. Fancy cars on the street. Screaming girls. Of course. I put the pieces together, knowing what was about to happen next but really, really, REALLY not wanting to believe it.
Out of all the places in Sydney with vacancies for a summer job, I choose the one accommodating 5 Seconds of Summer.
'Us.' Ashton walked up to the counter and grinned.


16. A real LIVE 5SOS concert??

i put the semen in amusement

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‘Ew, why do you smell like chlorine?’

‘Long story.’

Ciara rolled her eyes and turned back to the computer.

‘I got time.’

After the long day yesterday with Ashton, I was feeling almost grateful to be back to work at the reception desk. Nothing to worry about except bookings and phone calls. Or, that’s what I thought anyway. Olivia had stalked past the desk 3 times already in the last half an hour, and I had a strong feeling she was just trying to catch me out doing something I wasn’t supposed to do. Suddenly, loud music started to play out of the computer Ciara was on, and I snapped my head over.

‘What the   are you doing? We’re going to get in trouble, someone will hear you!’

She shut off the volume and gave me a look.

‘Are you okay? PMS? Or something else up your ass this morning? Because I’m kind of getting sick of it.’

I swallowed.


She coolly turned back to the computer and continued to work.

‘It’s fine. But I wish,’ Ciara turned to look me in the eye, ‘you would tell me what’s going on. You’re so edgy.’

I sighed.

‘You know Olivia? The manager lady?’

Ciara made a face.

‘Yeah, I know her. Did she give you warnings too?’

Well, this is new.

‘Yeah,’ I nodded, looking confused. Ciara pushed her hair back.

‘I thought she was walking past her all morning because of me, not you,’ she chuckled nervously, ‘but then again, maybe we’re both in trouble. I can’t believe she’s been checking up on us.’

I sighed.

‘Have you told Luke? I told Calum last night.’

‘Luke doesn’t have to know. He worries about too much anyway. Oh, shit ! I died, ugh.’

I was looking down at the files in my hand when I realised her last few words didn’t really match up. When I looked back at her computer screen, purple and black filled it. Hungry 5SOS. Of course - that explained the music before.

‘Who ate you?’

She blushed.


‘Why am I not surprised?’

She stuck her finger up at me, before starting the game again. My phone buzzed impatiently on the tabletop and I took the chance to grab it and escape into the back room, where neither Ciara or Olivia’s eyes could follow me. Finally.


calum is bae: where r u

emma <3: um the reception desk, where else would i be

calum is bae: huh good girl

emma <3: stfu

emma <3: stop texting me im gonna get into  

calum is bae: i can fix that

emma <3: what do u mean

emma <3: calum

emma <3: calum what do you Mean

emma <3: CALUM


I groaned in frustration and shoved my phone back into my pocket. Fine. Don’t reply, I don’t give a  shit anyway.

‘You done in there?’

Ciara walked in through the door and shut it behind herself, looking thoroughly pissed off. I nodded.

‘Sorry, yeah, I’m done. What’s bitten you?’

She wrinkled her nose in distaste.

‘Olivia. She almost caught me on Hungry 5SOS. Almost. But I had to shut down the window really quick, and I lost my top score.’

She knocked her head on the doorframe.

‘Damn. I was so close!’

‘Yeah, well, while you were busy avoiding Olivia and pacman 5SOS, Calum was pissing me off.’

I stopped laughing and tapped the pocket my phone was sitting in. Ciara raised an eyebrow.

‘What’d he say then?’

‘He wanted to know where I was. I told him to fuck off, and then he was like, I can fix that, and then left, so I don’t know what he’s going to do but-‘

Knock, knock!

‘Who’s that?’ I whispered.

Ciara looked at me with wide eyes.

‘I don’t know! Guests aren’t allowed behind the desk! They have to ring the bell!’

I smacked my forehead.

‘Well, if you’re in here, and I’m in here, who’s out there?’

‘Ms. Davies and Ms. Howie! Come out of there this instant!’

Ohhhhhhhhh  , I’m so getting fired.

Ciara sheepishly leant forward and pulled open the door.

‘Uh, hi Olivia,’ she mumbled.

Olivia’s dark eyebrows furrowed in distaste.

‘I don’t even want an explanation as to what you two were doing in here. I’ve had a request,’ she continued, waving her hand impatiently at our apologies, ‘from a guest, who wants you two to go and help them with some technical difficulties upstairs.’

She rolled her eyes.

‘Lord knows why they chose you two, seeing as you’re both about as reliable as... well, anyway. Room 5505.’

Ciara and I looked at eachother. We both recognised that room number, and all of a sudden, an afternoon of fixing ‘technical difficulties’ wasn’t looking all too bad.

‘Um, do we take our things, or are we coming back down?’

Olivia scowled.

‘Take your things! You’ll be up there all afternoon.’

I tried to hide my smile as I scooped up my bag and followed Ciara out the door, past Olivia, who was watching us carefully. As we both practically ran to get into the lift and away from her, she dashed after us.

‘Don’t let me hear any complaints from the guests about you!’

The lift door shut in her face.


‘Did it work then?’

Calum opened the door eagerly and ushered us inside.

‘Yeah, hi Calum, how are you?’

He noticed the heavy sarcasm in my voice and laughed.

‘Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Hello, Emma and Ciara. Yes, I am good. How are you?’

Ciara rolled her eyes.

‘You two are like annoying toddlers, I swear to God. Where’s Luke?’

She brushed past him, dumping her bag on the floor. Calum made a sour face.

‘That’s the thanks I get?’

I laughed.

‘What did you say to Olivia on the phone?’

Calum led me into the living room, where Michael, Luke and now Ciara were sitting on the lounge. I noted Ashton’s absence quietly to myself.

‘I told her we were having problems with the sound system in the hall, and that you two had helped up set it up the other day, so you would know how to fix it. She fell for it straight away, like literally, she was just all over the phone, asking if we needed anything else, or if there was anything else she could do for us.’

‘Yeah, okay Calum, we get it - you saved the day. Em! Come sit with me!’

Michael stuck his tongue out at Calum and pushed over to make room for me on the lounge and I gratefully threw myself down next to him.

‘Hi Luke!’

‘Hi,’ he grinned back, before turning back to Ciara, and re-entwining their hands together. I looked at Calum, who winked and pretended to vomit.


Michael poked me in the side and I let out a giggle.


He shared a look with the other two guys, and Ciara raised an eyebrow at me.

‘You’re not really going to make us fix your sound system are you?’

Luke chuckled.

‘No babe, we were wondering if you wanted to come to our concert tomorrow night.’

Her jaw dropped.

‘As in... your concert? Like, 5 Seconds of Summer, live in concert?

‘Yeah, that kind of ‘our’ concert,’ Michael rolled his eyes, smiling, ‘because there are so many other concerts we have.’

‘Oh, you know what I mean - but...’ she held a hand up to her mouth, ‘you want us to go for free? Like, V.I.P. backstage and that?’

Calum nodded, and glanced at me. I shot him a smile.

‘What Ciara means is, yes, we’d love to come, thanks for invit-‘


Ciara jumped up and threw her arm around my leg, dragging me sideways until I was standing up. She leant over and dropped a hasty kiss on Luke’s lips before pulling me out the hall.

‘Thanks for inviting us! We’ll come up later! We have to go now!’

I shot the boys a helpless look and they just laughed at me, waving their hands.

‘Girls,’ Calum grumbled, ‘I will never understand them.’

That was the last thing I heard before Ciara slammed the door shut.


‘So you got your pretty little outfits all sorted out then for tomorrow?’

‘Ha-ha,’ I shot back at Calum, my words heavy with sarcasm. ‘Actually, I’m just letting Ciara choose something for me - I don’t give a   about fashion.’

He slung an arm around my shoulder and flicked my hair into my eyes, earning himself a poke in the ribs from me.

‘So - getting to go backstage at a 5 Seconds of Summer concert? I’m feeling pretty privileged.’

‘You should be.’

He winked, and ruffled up his hair, styling it sideways so I laughed.

‘Before today, that privilege had been given to only 4 females in the history of the world, apart from those on our crew.’

I furrowed my eyebrows and Calum squeezed my hand.

‘Our Mums.’


‘Are there lots of screaming girls?’

‘You betcha.’

‘Lots of crazy dancing?’

‘Hell yeah.’

‘And lots of swearing into the microphone?’

Calum laughed.

‘Is that even a question?’

I smiled and snuggled closer into him.

‘I can’t wait. I love concerts.’

‘I know you do.’

He tapped my nose.

‘I invited Mali to come, but she can’t, not tomorrow. She asked about you, you know. Ashton was talking to her today-‘

I cut him off.

‘Where was Ashton anyway? I haven’t seen him since yesterday...’

My mind drifted dangerously close to the memories I had of our encounter in the pool, and I sucked in a breath quietly.

‘He’s just out meeting up with some old school friends today.’

I looked up at Calum.

‘In Sydney? In the city?’

‘Yeah, in Sydney.’

He looked back at me, amused, but I didn’t return his grin. So Ashton did know his way around the place.

‘Is he back yet?’

Calum sighed.

‘He’ll be home soon. Do you want to go back upstairs? Are you cold?’

I blushed as he took off his flannel ((a/n life goals wear a 5sos flannel hoLY shit )) and wrapped it around my shoulders.

‘Thanks Calum.’

‘No problem.’

We walked into the foyer in silence. Calum smelt really good, and I enjoyed just being next to him, being in his company. I was contemplating telling him this when Olivia backed out the elevator, pulling a cart along behind her. Before I could think, Calum pushed me sideways behind a pot plant and ran over to her.

What the fuck are you doing?

I slid down the wall silently, crouching behind the pot. Peeking over the edge, I saw Calum take the cart from Olivia and start talking to her, pushing it away from where I was... and away from the staircase. Aha.

‘Yes, both girls did the job very well, thankyou. Your staff are very considerate and responsible, especially those two.’

Calum shot me a look over his shoulder and I made a grateful face at him before creeping out from behind the plant. Olivia was too busy with Calum to notice, and I gave a sigh of relief. Ducking around the desk and darting up the stairs, I grinned. As I made my way back to the hotel room, I could feel my heart beating fast. I imagined Calum having to engage in conversation with Olivia while she sucked up to him, and giggled to myself.

He was such a life-saver. But then, even being a life-saver came with costs.


i am actually such a shit  writer, why do u read this story



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