Beautiful girl,she's more geeky then you might think.Her parents are overprotective.She can't do anything with out their permission.

He's a rebel.A bad kid.He plays by his own rules.She only knows rules.Her parents would never let her hang out with him.
What happens if they fall in love?Will they even?


16. The sleepover pt.2

Chapter 15


The sleepover pt.2




"Are they going to be at that all night?" I ask Justin cutely, referring to the throaty moans echoing out of the guest room upstairs.


"Probably." He sighs, his face shriveled up in disgust. We sit on the couch, my face snuggled under his neck and my body cuddled underneath his arm. I sigh too as I play with his fingers. "I'm sorry Juli."




"For inviting magic mike upstairs," He laughs which makes me smile."They really are annoying." His words are confirmed as we hear Sarah squeal. Disgusting. We sit in an awkward silence before Justin turns on a stereo with a remote. It starts playing a slow, romantic song that makes my tummy do flip flops. He also gets up and lowers the lights to a dim setting before sitting back down with me. He stares me in the eye, the small lights illuminating from the stereo make his eyes seem even more dreamy.


"You're so beautiful." He whispers, his breath hitting my lips, making them quiver. He leans in, lips slightly parted, and kisses me passionately. I place one of my hands on his cheek. With my free hand, I stroke his chest a little, making a few grabby hands. Although we can still hear the sounds and banging from upstairs, it feels like we are the only two in the world. Suddenly, my phone bings in my pocket and I quickly silence it and then place my hand back on his chest.


"Who was that?" He asks in between kisses.


"No one." I lie, focusing on getting his lips back in mine. He just shrugs it off and continues making out. Now my phone vibrates in my pocket, indicating a call. I try to ignore it but Justin pulls back. He grabs my phone, looking at the caller ID.

"Your mom? Why don't you answer it?"

"Because she's all in my sh*t. I can't do anything anymore."

He kisses me again.

"Probably because you've changed. I kinda liked it when you were all innocent."

I get up and put my hands on my hips. "I am too innocent!"

He rolls his eyes, pulls a cover over himself, and rolls over so that his muscular backs facing me.

"Justin!" I shake him. He doesn't budge. "Justin! Don't ignore me!"

He groans, grabbing me and throwing me under the blanket with him. I squeal.


Short, I know. You may have also noticed that my grammar got better, that's because I started this chapter like a year ago and just got around to finishing it. Hope you like it. Some romance in there too.

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