Beautiful girl,she's more geeky then you might think.Her parents are overprotective.She can't do anything with out their permission.

He's a rebel.A bad kid.He plays by his own rules.She only knows rules.Her parents would never let her hang out with him.
What happens if they fall in love?Will they even?


15. Sorryyyyy

Sorry I haven't updated , my computer broke. I'm writing this from the internet on my phone which my mom doesn't want me to use because she didn't pay for the internet! But yeah so I might get a laptop but I'm not sure and even if I do it will be sometime in March! I know, bummer right?! Anyways I'm glad you like this story! Keep the likes coming I'll try to secretly update again soon! Also the chapter I just posted I had already written like months ago! And sorry there was no Authors note after it that was because I couldn't scroll down on the web on my iPhone so I couldn't write more but yeah, tell me what you think!

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