Beautiful girl,she's more geeky then you might think.Her parents are overprotective.She can't do anything with out their permission.

He's a rebel.A bad kid.He plays by his own rules.She only knows rules.Her parents would never let her hang out with him.
What happens if they fall in love?Will they even?


6. Never say Never

                                    Chapter 5

                           Never say Never


I tried ignore Emily for the rest of the night.Talking to her would make me feel too guilty.All day she was trying to apologize.Even though I felt guilty doesn't mean I not still mad and horrified.Because trust me,I still am.Emily kept saying,

''Sissy,please forgive me!I'm sorry I had it with Justin,he wasn't even that good!,''Yeah right,like i'd believe that.,''Please.''I walked away without saying a word.

Now I'm just sitting on my bed,trying to forget about everything.Which is not working too well.I can't get him out of my head.He's just too gorgeous.His luscious lips,perfectly styled hair,dazzling smile,beautiful white teeth,there's just too much to list.No wonder my sister wanted him.And my sisters so pretty no wonder he wanted her.Then there's me,ugly,nerdy,imperfect in every way.I couldn't stand a chance against Emily.I turned on my phone,someone had texted me six times in the last three minutes.

1st text:

From unknown:

Juliet?This is Justin.I know you don't wanna talk to me but i need to talk to you.Your sister gave me your number before i left the other day.

2nd text:

When you hit me,I realized how much I hurt you and I apologize.You've been messing with my head lately and it hurts me so much to know you won't talk to me!Please reply.

3rd text:

Hey,I miss you.Won't you talk to me?Pleaseeee!

4th text:

I'm just going to leave you alone.

5th text:

Help!I'm dieing of boredom!

6th text:


I decided to text him back,because honestly,it was getting really boring to lay in my room all day.I saved Justin in my contacts then I texted him.

(Ju for Justin Juli for Juliet)


Sorry iv'e ignored you.Im just scar-ed(Scar) for life.


Understandable.I'm just glad we are finally talking again.


Why?You miss me?


Something like that..




Lol,no.I'm not a creep,I'm a stalker.

I started laughing.


Look out your window.. ;)

I slowly moved my head to face the window.He was standing there smiling.He was right.He is a stalker.

''Justin!What the h*** are you doing here?!"I whisper-yelled,opening my window.

''You wouldn't talk to me,I figured this was the only way,''He started looking nervous.''Plus,I kinnda stole a car..''He said,holding out the kinda.I just stared at him for a long while.Then he interrupted my stare.''Um,I'm looking for a place to stay tonight.''I groaned and let him in.''Thanks.''I looked back out the window.''Where's the car?"I asked him when I didn't see it.''I parked it at my place.''I nodded and hopped back on my bed,my shirt partly coming up.Justin stared at my stomach and licked his lips.''You can stay tonight,but you have to leave tomorrow before my mom finds you.''He nodded and pushed himself into the couch next to my bed.

      He started to fall asleep.''Justin you can't sleep there!'' I said loudly.''Then  where?"I patted next to me.He raised a brow.''With you?"I nodded and smiled.''Well okay.I hope you don't mind that I sleep in my underwear.''He smiled and pulled back my covers.I felt his warm body right next to mine, his arm went around my waist.I went stiff.''I don't bite,''He whispered in my ear,''Unless you like that.''He said sexily.Something is wrong with this boy,he's always sexual.I turned around to face him.''Justin..''

''Yes?''He stared in my eyes.''Do you love my sister?"I asked.

''No.''I nodded unsurely.He kissed the tip of my nose.''I don't love anyone but myself.''He chuckled.''But I like you..''I smiled and kissed his lips softly and slowly.It got heated quickly,but I don't mind.He kissed me back,our lips moving in sync.He licked the bottom of my lip,begging me to let him in.I quickly opened my mouth and his tongue fell in.Our tongues wrestled.

     We pulled away,gasping for air.He smiled at me and kissed my nose.Why did I make out with him?!!He was good though..As I turned over,I smiled at the thought of me making out with a hot criminal,I was done being that goody girl.But that will always be apart of me.


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