Beautiful girl,she's more geeky then you might think.Her parents are overprotective.She can't do anything with out their permission.

He's a rebel.A bad kid.He plays by his own rules.She only knows rules.Her parents would never let her hang out with him.
What happens if they fall in love?Will they even?


13. Just a nerd part 2


                        Chapter  9 

                                     Just a nerd part 2


lay on my bed,curled up in a ball.''Honey!,''My mom yelled from her place in my doorway.I didn't reply.She groaned."Get out of bed,right this minute!"

''No.''I said slowy,feeling the sudden dryness of my throat.

''GET UP NOW!"She yelled,becoming frustrated.

''Just because you tell me to do something,doesn't mean I have to do it.If you tell me to jump off a cliff,do I have too?"I questioned.

''Don't sass me Juliet!I've had enough of your games!They end now!"She paused and held her hands over her mouth,she does that whenever she is sad or upset,it's really annoying.''I'm sorry Juli.Iv'e just been having a hard time understanding why you have been acting up.You hate school now,you ditch all the time,and you drink.Why?"

Yep.I drank a couple of times.The worst time was when I came home with a bottle of Champane.I wobbled around and spilled it all over.

''Because..I can.''She began to cry in her hand.DON'T BE GUILTY,DON'T BE GUILTY!If she wants to cry she can..

''I'm sorry mom.I'm sorry for disappointing you.I'm sorry for being a failure.''I said expressionlessly,staring blankly at the wall.She slapped her wet hand on her pant leg.

''You're going to school tomorrow.''She announced before slamming my door.I got up and stared out my window.Two birds danced together outside as the wind threw them about.My phone shook violently on the dresser.


''Hey Jules.Do you want to come over?''

''Might as well.Bye.''I hung up and ran downstairs.

''Where are you going?"I heard Emily ask from the livingroom.

''Out.I'm studying with Brenda today.''I quickly shut the door before she could ask another question.



Today has been the worst day of my life!My ex-girlfriend,Selena,has been calling me non stop.On one of her calls she threatened to turn me into the police if I didn't go back out with her.I told her I was way past done with her and that it was going to take a lot more than a threat to get me ever want to date her again.Which is why I invited Juliet over,to take my mind off of my terrible life.

''Dude,you are so boring now!Get the h*** up!"Chaz yelled at me,his eyes glued to the TV.

''Nah.I'm good.''My head hung off the side my couch.

''Oh,nice abbs.''I heard from above me.My head flew up.Juliet stood there smiling.I jumped up and hugged her.

''Thank goodness you're here,Chaz was boring me to death!"She laughed as I kissed her everywhere.

''Hello,Chaz.''She said,walking over to him.''What are you playing?"

''Grand Theft Auto 5.Something you wouldn't know about.''He replied playfully.

''Whatever Chaz.I bet I'm better at playing that you are.''

''Wanna bet on it?"

''Yep.I bet you thirty bucks.''

I laughed at them.Why are they so obsessed with video games?Juliet took his controller.I sat her on my lap and kissed her neck.

20 minutes later.

She had totally won,Chaz died after 2 minutes.

''Pay up.''She said,holding out her hand to accept his money.''Want to make a bet,Justin?"

''Ohh,this I want to see!"Chaz said excitedly,halfway falling out of his chair.

''Okay.Sure.How about a burping contest?''I asked.I always win burping contests so there is no way I could lose.


''I'll go get the sodas.''Chaz ran to the kitchen leaving me and Juliet alone.

''Do you really think you have a chance at beating me?"I asked her,smiling.

''Yes I do.''She said confidently,wrapping her arms around my neck.I kissed her slowly.

''Are you guys ready?''Chaz asked,walking into the room.I nodded.


Justin went first.To be honest,I'm pretty sure I could win.I used to have burp contests with my sister.

He burped pretty loudly,but it was nothing.''Top that,cuteness.''He said bowing.I did.

''Ha,she got you Justin!"Chaz exclaimed.He handed me my money.

''Well this was fun.But I have to get home.''I said,kissing Justin goodbye.

''NOOO.Stay here.''He begged.I nodded.

''Dude,do you want to stay to?"He asked Chaz,while putting his arm around my waist and turning to face him.

''Sure.Can I invite Sarah?"Who is Sarah?

''Yeah,sure.''Justin turned back to me.

''Chaz,who's Sarah?"I asked him.

''Sarah is my girlfriend,but she's really annoying.''Chaz explained.

''Yeah.He's too scared to break up with her,she's really emotional.''Justin said.I nodded and walked upstairs to Justin's room.



Sorry for the delay,I had to catch up on some homework.But,here it is.The next chapter should be out soon,THE SLEEPOVER!DUN DUN DUNNN!



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