Beautiful girl,she's more geeky then you might think.Her parents are overprotective.She can't do anything with out their permission.

He's a rebel.A bad kid.He plays by his own rules.She only knows rules.Her parents would never let her hang out with him.
What happens if they fall in love?Will they even?


1. Intro

Ok people,so this is my new Movella.Here are the pictures of the characters.We will start with Juliet.

She's a geek.May not look like it,but do you really have to look like it to be it?

Next is Justin.I'll introduce the rest of the charactars later.Here he is.

He's your typical bad boy,not for long though.Okay,I think you've learned enough.Your just going to have to get used to waiting because he's not easy to figure it out.Neither is she,looks like your just going to have to read on,won't you?(Eeeep!I love being mysterious!)

Next,Emily.This is Juliet's sister.She is a party animal.Gets with every guy.Nothing like her sister thats for sure!

But,they both love eachother and get along.Sort of...

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