Beautiful girl,she's more geeky then you might think.Her parents are overprotective.She can't do anything with out their permission.

He's a rebel.A bad kid.He plays by his own rules.She only knows rules.Her parents would never let her hang out with him.
What happens if they fall in love?Will they even?


8. Fustrated

                                     Chapter 7


''Your still in love with her,right?"I guessed,getting mad at the thought of someone loving my sister.How could someone love her?I know that's a harsh thought but I'm really tired of her.Not for the Justin thing but for forcing me to try and forgive her.

''Yea,always have.''I stared at him.Was he serious right now?I know for a fact she didn't love him and he was just wasting his time.

''That's nice.''I looked at the ground.I wish someone loved me,I thought.I walked up the driveway and to my window.''Where are you going?"He called.

''To my room.Just go to the front door and ring the bell.I'll answer and let you in so that you can talk to Emily.''He nodded and walked to the door.I went through my window and waited for him to ring the doorbell from the top of the stairs.I walked to the door as soon as I heard the signal.

''What are you doing,get back upstairs.''My annoying dad said,looking up from his newspaper.

''Don't tell me what to do.''I spat.

''I'm your dad,you'll listen to me!"

''I know who you are!And i'm not listening to any bull that comes out of your mouth!"I yelled,ripping open the door and leading Ben to Emily's room.My dad stared at me from the rim of his coffee cup.I glared at him and continued walking upstairs.After Ben went in her room I called Justin.

''Hey,can I come over?"

''I thought you were grounded.''He said,confused.I could imagine him raising his brow.

''I am but,I hate this place.I need to go somewhere.''

''OH,good girls being bad again,me likey.''

I rolled my eyes.

''Just pick me up,will you?"

''Fine,give me ten minutes.''

''Thanks baby!"I made a kissy sound into the phone and hung up.I'm glad i'm dating a criminal,who knows,mabye I'll do something illegal one day.

Justin pulled up his car in the grass under my window.Don't ask me,I don't even know how he did it.There is a fence around the grass,but whatever.I climbed out of the window and got in.He looked good.He had on black sunglasses,even though it was early after noon.He had on a white muscle shirt with a blue sleeve-less vest on over it.He also had on some low crotch black leather pants.

(Picture of his outfit.)

He smiled started the car.

''So,have you talked to Emily yet?"He asked,his attention on the road.

''Yea.Well more like yelled than talked.''He laughed as we turned a corner.We almost flew off the road.I'm starting to question his driving skills...

''Uh,Justin.Isn't your house back there?"

''Yep.But the club is this way.''I stared at him.We are going to a club?!

''Oh and I hope you don't mind that Ryan and Chaz are coming.You can invite your friends,if you want.''I nodded and pulled out my phone.

''Hey Chelsea.Do you want to come to the club tonight?"Chelsea is my best friend from school.She's nothing like me,she's popular,and a total girly girl.But she's not a slut like my sister.

''Sure.Can I take my boyfriend?"


Her boyfriend,Todd,is the sweetest thing.I love him like a brother,he's always there for me.

''Ok i'll be there in ten minutes.''She said and hung up.Justin smiled at me.

''What?"I asked.By now,I was blushing profusely.''Your so cute when your excited.''I hid my face in my jacket,making him laugh.We pulled up to the club.There was a couple making out in the front.It was kind of gross to be honest.Justin stuck out his tongue.It was so cute!When we walked closer,I realized that it was Chelsea and Todd.

''Hi!"She cheered and hugged me.She grabbed my arm and pulled me inside.There were people everywhere,making out,grinding,and dancing.I grabbed Justin and pulled him to a booth.

We had a great night,Ryan and Chaz were late though.

''Sorry man,''Chaz said as they entered,''We got stuck in a pot hole on our way here.''

''It's okay,bro.''Justin said,giving them each a bro handshake.(Sorry but don't know what it's called,also i'm really sick and can't think straight.)

They both sat down and Chaz talked about how terrible a driver Ryan is.

''He swerved off the road like a crazy person.''Chaz explained,''He nearly killed a hiker.''

After,he dropped me off at home.

''Bye.''I kissed him goodnight and started to get out of his car.

''I'll see you at school?"He asked. 

''If i'm not dead,then yeah.''I joked,kissing him again and walked to my window.We waved before I started to climb up.

I stopped halfway,noticing my sister in my room.

''I know you're there,Juliet.''She said,staring down at a picture of me and Justin on my dresser.I sighed and climbed through the window.

''What are you doing here?"I asked her,setting down my stuff on my bed.

''I was wondering where you were.''

''Where I was is non of your concern.''I said,annoyed at how nosey she is.

''I saw you get out of Justin's car.''She said,showing no emotion,totally scaring me.


My door flew open.''What is going on in here?!"My dad shouted from the doorway.

''Nothing..''My sister said sadly,pushing past my dad.He watched her leave before turning back to me and sighing frustratedly.

''Just get out.I'm not in the mood.''I said and jumped back on my bed,staring at the ceiling.He slapped his hands on his theighs and walked out.

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