Beautiful girl,she's more geeky then you might think.Her parents are overprotective.She can't do anything with out their permission.

He's a rebel.A bad kid.He plays by his own rules.She only knows rules.Her parents would never let her hang out with him.
What happens if they fall in love?Will they even?


4. Disturbed forever *Sexual kinda*

                           Chapter 3

                           Disturbed forever


''I win again!"I chanted,throwing the basketball down and dancing.''I let you win.''Ryan protested.''Right..''I said.''Best two out of four?"I asked,ready to beat his but again.

''Nah.I gotta get home.''He said,walking towards the end of my driveway.''Bye.''

I picked the ball back up and practiced my shots.Swish!I watched the ball go through the hoop,yet again.Just as I was about to shoot again,two girls,around my age,walked past my house.They were sexy as f***!I dropped the ball and walked up to them.''Sup'?"I asked them,working my magic.One of them was blushing and the other one didn't pay me any attention.She looked familiar.She was texting on her phone,not bothering to even look up once.''Nothing.What's up with you?"The blushing one asked.''Nothing much.Just checking you out.''I heard a snicker come out of texter's mouth.When she finally looked up I realized who she was.Juliet.''Juliet?"I asked,even though I was sure it was her.''Justin?"She asked.I nodded.''So this is Justin.''The other girl said.''I am.And you are?"

''I'm Emily.Her older,hotter,sister.''I chuckled.''That you are..''I agreed.She leaned in and so did I but,before we could kiss Juliet said,''Well I'm going to get going.You guys should go..get a room.''She said disgusted,before she turned on her heels and left.I watched her as she walked away,as I had done before.Her sister and I made out before she took me to her house.Juliet sat on the couch,her beautiful light blonde hair stuck to her hair.She was playing Mortal Combat,my favorite game,and she was totally winning.''When I said,'get a room',I didn't mean here.''She said,pausing her game and glaring at us.''Well I'm sorry but I live here too.''Her sister protested,sounding too much like Ryan.''Whatever.I don't care.''Juliet spat through gritted teeth.Sexy.Emily pulled me up stairs to her room where she kissed me again.This time,though,she shoved her tongue down my throat.After a short amount of time she unbuckled my pants and hers too.She was way rushing things but I let her continue.

          We never broke the kiss.I started to kiss on her neck.Just as I was pushing myself in,the door opened.Juliet stood at the door,her mouth open.''I wa-was just coming up to see what all the noise was but,nevermind..''She trailed off and just stood there,watching as I got dressed.It was like she was paralized.She never budged,didn't even close her mouth.''Juliet I can explai-''Emily started but Juliet never let her finish.''No-Just shut the f*** up,Emily!Why do you have to be such a wh***?!Joanne is less of one then you are!''She shouted to Emily,pointing,she turned to me.''And you!I can't believe you would do this!We barely know you!Just get out of here!"She screamed,storming off.I just stood there.After a few moments,Emily spoke up.''It's okay,I just need to go talk to her and-''

''Forget it.''I said angrily,although I was partly to blame.I walked out.I can't believe I did this.I really wanted to get to know Juliet,but now,I can't.



Don't worry,they'll make up soon.Your probably wondering why Juliet's so mad.Here's why.

1)A creep she barely knew had ''it'' with her sister.

2)She thought of Justin as a creep and now it was confirmed.

3)Her sister had only met him about 30 minutes ago and they were already serious.

4)It was super gross finding them both naked.

And last but not least,

5)He was a bad boy she had promised to stay away from.

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