Beautiful girl,she's more geeky then you might think.Her parents are overprotective.She can't do anything with out their permission.

He's a rebel.A bad kid.He plays by his own rules.She only knows rules.Her parents would never let her hang out with him.
What happens if they fall in love?Will they even?


2. Back to school again

                         Chapter one

      Back to school again...


I  grabbed  my bag and went downstairs.''Sup' sis?"I said,setting my bag down on a chair and sitting next to her.She didn't respond,just looked at me and kept chewing on her bacon.

''Where's Ben?"I asked her,breaking the short silence.

''Who?"She finally asked.

''The guy you slept with the other night.''

''Oh,him.He left this morning.''She said quickly.What was wrong with her?She didn't seem like she wanted to talk to me.

''Girls?!What are you still doing here?"My mother yelled,running down the stairs.''School starts in 20 minutes!Get out!Go to school!And,Emily,you better go today.I better not get another call from your school saying that you weren't there.''Our mom said,shooing us out.

''No promises.''My sister said mockingly.She really hated mom.She thought she was too protective and stupid.We walked out the door and to the bus stop.

Half way there,Emily stopped and sat down.She pulled out a cigar and lit it.''Why are you stopping here?We are going to be late for school.''I said.

''I'm not going.''She said blowing out a perfect ring of smoke in my face.I coughed and hacked.''Get going,your going to be late.''She said,finally looking up to me.

''But Mom said-''

''I don't give a fu** what Mom said.I said,I'm not going so get the h*** out of here.NOW,JULIE!"Hearing the snappy tune in her voice scared me so I rushed ahead.I was tired of taking orders from people,especially my family.My sister was the bossiest of all,just because she was older and 'made smarter choices'.Ugh!

5 minutes later I arrived at school.''Oh there she is,I was wondering where the slut was.''Said Joanne,the most popular girl at school.''I'm the slut?Joanne,you've slept with over 30 guys this month!Probably more,I wouldn't be surprised.''She just gasped at me and sashayed away.She's the school brat.She starts all the rumors and gets all the guys.I rolled my eyes and walked to my class.

''Okay,class.Say hello to our new student,Justin.''Mrs.West said,revealing a boy behind her.He wasn't smiling,he showed no emotion.Whispering was all over the class room.

''OMG,he's so hot!"

''I wonder if he's single?"

''He's totally gonna end up with Joanne.''

''Quiet down now children.Justin,please sit behind...ummm,Juliet.''He looked around the room like he expected someone to be hold up a sign with the name 'JULIET' written on it.I raised my hand.He sat behind me without talking or smiling or showing any polite features at all.''Okay today we are learning about our art projects.''Mrs.West said and turned to the board.Everyone's eyes were glued to Justin except mine.It seemed that me and Justin were the only one's paying any attention.

''Psst!Psssst!"Justin hissed tapping me on the back.''What's your name?"He asked me.I shock went all down my body.''Shush!I'm trying to learn!"I said,trying hard to ignore him.

''Just tell me,is that so hard?''He said sassily.

''My name is Juliet!"I whispered louder than I wanted to.

''Excuse me,Miss.Fern,is there something you would like to share with the class?"

I shook my head.She resumed the lesson after everyone laughed at me.Justin tapped my back again.''Sorry.''He whispered.

This guy was trouble,he got me in trouble and distracted me from my shutting everyone out.Also,not to mention,I  have no idea where we are in the lesson!

''Okay class,I will assign partners to work on the finshing part of the project.''More whispering was heard.

''I hope I get Justin!"

''No he's mine!"


I rolled my eyes at the foolish girls.

The teacher continued.

''okay so,

Brin and Eric

Marcy and Jace

Fin and Jake 

Justin and Juliet


I turned around to see what Justin thought.He just smirked at me and winked.He better not try anything!



I'll update sometime this week,i'm not sure when.Hope you like it..Also sorry for the crappy cover but I just thought the picture was cute.Now here's the picture of how Joanne looks:


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