Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


1. Intro


               There was a small café on the corner of the street. She had worked there for exactly one year three months and five days. Her everyday life was pretty normal; most days she woke up at seven am fed her cat, ate breakfast and headed to work. And although she met new people every day, she was still alone. When she left work at four o'clock she walk home alone to an empty flat and a cat. To any passerby she was just a normal girl with a slightly boring life, but to him, she was the perfect victim.


            He peered into the little café across from him, his menacing eyes watching her work behind the counter with interest. Her long brown hair, secured with a hair tie , barely scraped past her shoulder blades, little wisps of hair falling into her flushed face carelessly. He allowed his gaze to wander down her body as she bustled around the little café, sending customers small smiles here and there, taking and serving orders with ease as if she were flying through the motions without a second thought.


-Tessa x

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