Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


10. 9

Chapter 9


“Um, how do you know Harry?” I asked the officer.


            “He’s a good friend down here at the station,”


            I let out a sigh of relief, knowing that it couldn’t possibly be him; he’s friends with the police after all. I just nodded and walked out to the car with Kate.


            “Well I guess that completely rules out Harry, I’m pretty sure officers would be able to spot a psychopathic killer,” I said to Kate.


            “Well, I don’t know, maybe he’s just using that as a way to sneak around this all,”


            I just looked at her and we both started laughing. There’s no way Harry would ever do anything like this. It was four in the morning by the time we got back. I was completely tired and didn’t even make it to the guest bedroom. I just kind of lie on the flood and fell asleep.




            I was woken up by Kate getting ready. I yawned and walked into the bathroom. I covered up the extreme dark circles under my eyes, but other than that I was makeup free. I brushed my long brown hair and threw it up into a ponytail. I walked into my room and changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Kate was eating when I walked out.


            I wasn’t very hungry, so I just watched TV until she was ready to leave. I was about to turn off the TV when a breaking news story flashed on the screen.


            “The copycat killer has struck again. Last night two women were found mutilated in an alley last night around. They say that they were killed around the time of 8:00.”


            Well it defiantly can’t be Harry; we were on our date when they were killed. I looked at Kate and my eyes started to water. I feel like he’s only still killing because he didn’t get me. I quickly wiped my eyes and stood up.


            “Well, let’s get to work,” I said as happy as possible.


            Before all of this shit started happening, I was a bright cheery person. Kate nodded, giving me a sympathetic look. I hate when people pity me. We walked out to her car and drove to work. I’m honestly exhausted. I haven’t had a full, good night sleep in weeks. Nightmares and thoughts have taken over my life, along with the copycat killer.


            Even though I got away, it feels like he’s controlling me. He’s controlling my fears, and there’s nothing I can do about it, not until they catch him. It should be easier to catch him than the actual Jack the Ripper killer, with all the forensics now.

            I walked into the café and walked to my usual place behind the counter. I tied my apron done and started wiping down the counter, making sure it was clean. At eight-thirty I flipped the ‘closed’ sign to ‘open’. It was about ten minutes before the first customer came in. Another hour before Harry walked in.


            We smiled as we made eye-contact. Last night’s date playing through my mind. He made his way over to the counter, that same leather journal in his hand.


            “Hey,” I said beaming.


            “You have a beautiful smile,” he said making me blush.


            “Why thank you. Your smile is way more beautiful though,”


            “Well, I guess we’ll just have to be a beautiful smiled couple,”


            “Couple,” I said my heart racing.


            “I said that out loud didn’t I?”


            “Yeah you did,” I said, I wasn’t ready for an official relationship, not with everything that’s going on.


            “Well I’m not really ready for a relationship, but we can still go on dates to see where we go from there,” He said.


            “Is that your way of saying you had fun on our date and would like to go on another one soon?”


            “Yes, yes it is. I really did have fun last ni-,”


            “Will you just order already?” An older man said from behind Harry.


            I laughed and he went to take a seat in a booth. I took orders until it came time for my break. I smiled as I made my way over to his booth. I sat down, but he didn’t look up from his phone. Before I could even open my mouth to speak, he shot out of his seat and ran out the door.


            Fucking again; what the hell, he didn’t even say anything to me. I sat there in a bit of shock. Kate came from the back to see that I was sitting alone.


            “Where’s Harry?” She asked sitting across from me.


            “He fucking left again, didn’t say a word. He was looking at his phone when I sat down then he just got up and left,”


            “I knew he was a fucking dick. I can’t believe you gave him a second chance. I swear if he comes here tomorrow, I’m chopping off his dick,”


            I laughed at her threats, and stood up. I sighed as I stepped behind the counter.  I can’t believe he would run out like that again. Just when I thought he might be a good guy, he goes and pulls another dick move.


            Just as me and Kate were about to start cleaning up Harry walked through the door, a guilty look on his face. He walked up to me, while looking at his feet.


            “I’m so sorry,”


            I just decided to go with the silent treatment.


            “Please just listen to me Brigh,”


            I sighed, looking at him.


            “I had to leave for a very important reason, my mum. She’s sick and they said she wasn’t doing very well. I was going to tell you, but they said that it was urgent. I needed to leave fast. But thank god by the time I got there she was doing better,”


            I looked away, not wanting to cave. Eventually I ended up giving in.


            “Fine, you are forgiven once again, but if this happens again, for whatever reason, you will not be forgiven,” I said sternly.


            He flashed me a smile, which I couldn’t help but to return.


            “Well I got to go home; I’ll see you tomorrow,”




            The seeing each other every day at the café thing became a routine. We went on a few more dates. And for a month the notes stopped until one night.


            “Come on Brigh, we gotta go,”


            “Go where?” I asked groggily rubbing my eyes.


            “The station, they got another note.”


            “What?” I asked shooting out of bed.


            I was in my short pajama shorts and an off the shoulder sweatshirt, but I didn’t care at the moment. I slipped on my vans and we ran out the door. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding; I also found it hard to breathe. I knew I was having a panic attack, I just haven’t had one since I started hanging out with Harry more.


            I dug in my purse for my pills, and luckily found them. I popped two pills in my mouth, swallowing them dry. By the time we got to the station my nerves had calmed down a bit. When we walked in I was surprised to see Harry sitting with Officer Greene.


            “Harry?” I said confused as I walked up to them.


            “Miss Nixon, please have seat,”


            I took a seat next to Harry, Kate waited in the car, not wanting to hear the horrific note.


            “Here you are Miss Nixon,” He said handing me the letter, written the same red ink as always.




            You thought I had given up didn’t you? Well I’m back now and you better watch out. Keep a close eye on the little boy toy Harry, wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him now would we. Trust me little whore this is only beginning. Boss won’t stop until he’s gotten what he wants.




            The copycat killer


            No, now I’ve dragged Harry into this. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes, and he gave me a sympathetic look.


            “Harry, I’m so sorry, I’ve brought you into this. This is my fault,” I said crying.


            Harry brought me into a hug.


            “Trust me Brigh, I’m going be just fine,” He said, kind of strangely, but I ignored it.


            “Harry, I’m scared,”


            “It’s all going to be over before you know it,”





            “I can’t do this anymore!” I shouted at boss.


            “You can and you are fucking going to. I want Brigh dead and that’s all there is to it. You shouldn’t have let her go in the first place. If it wasn’t for your idiot mistake this would all be over,”


            “You should’ve seen the look on her face, she was so scared, and I’ve never seen their faces before I kill them. I don’t want to live like this anymore,”


            “Shut up!” He flung his fist right into my face.


            That’s the fourth time this week.


            “You know what, if you want her dead so bad you can do it yourself.”


            “I will and you can watch as the life drains from her face,”



~Tessa x

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