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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


9. 8

Chapter 8


            “What do you mean ‘another date’?” Kate asked angrily.  We were currently driving in Kate’s car to her house.


            “I mean, yeah.  What have I got to lose?” I pointed out. 


            “Um, let’s see. He could ditch you again,” she counted on her fingers. “Two, he could kidnap you or even fucking murder you for all I know!  How much do you even know about him?”


            I hesitated.  She was right.  I didn’t know much about Harry, just his last name and how he liked his coffee, but that was pretty much it. 


            “I’m only looking out for you, Brigh.” Kate continued.


            “I know,” I sighed, “And I’m grateful that you do, but this is just a date.” Kate gripped the steering wheel tightly, her knuckles turning a ghastly colour. 


            “I…” Kate began.  “Fine, because I’m your friend, I’ll let this one slide, but I expect a text for something if he does something or your about to leave okay?” A smile formed on my mouth.


            “Yes, mother,” I rolled my eyes, “But thank you, thank you, and thank you!”


            Kate laughed and grinned at me.  We didn’t talk the rest of the way home, expect for the occasional hum to the song the radio was playing. 


            “Do you have his number?” Kate asked suddenly.  We were walking along the drive way up to her flat. I stopped walking and face palmed.  That was what I was forgetting.


            “No,” I groaned. Kate snickered.  “What are you laughing at, Kate?”


            “Just you,” She said honestly, still giggling as she dug out her key from her messenger bag. 


            “Shut up.” I grumbled. How was I supposed to know what time he was picking me up? I thought. Well…shit.




As it turned out, he arrived the exact same time as last time.  Luckily, I already had a dress put on so I just had to add some makeup and curled my hair enough to make loose waves. 


            “You look beautiful,” Harry said, grinning as he handed me a single red rose.  “This is to apologize for the last time.  It was a dick move and I’m sorry” I smiled shyly at him and accepted the rose.


            “Thanks and it’s fine, really.” I said, bringing the flower up to my nose. “Should I put this up or…?” I trailed off awkwardly.


            “You can put it up if you want to.” Harry said, amused. I nodded and beckoned him in, closing the door behind him.  He followed me while I walked to the kitchen.  Kate had decided to go to bed early which I think is an excuse so she didn’t have to see Harry, so I had to be quiet.

            “Nice place you got here,” Harry mused, wandering around the little kitchen.  I dug for a vase in one of the cabinets. 


            “Thanks, it’s actually K--- Yeah, it’s alright.” I caught myself before I could say Kate’s name.  As much as Harry is charming, I still had to be careful, whether he caught my little slip-up or not, he didn’t seem to notice. 


            “Ah,” I mumbled to myself and lifted the clear slender vase in my hands.  I quickly filled it up with water and placed the rose inside.  I could feel Harry’s gaze on me as I positioned the vase on the table.  


            “Thanks for the, uh, flower, Harry, you didn’t have too.” I gestured to the red rose. Harry smiled and shook his head.


            “It’s my way of saying I’m sorry. I honestly really felt like shit when I left.”


            “Oh,” Now I felt bad with all of the names I called him, “its fine.  You ready to go?”


            “Yeah, as long as you are ready,” Harry smiled and held out his arm. “Shall we?”


            I giggled and hooked my arm through his. “We shall.” I finally looked at his outfit: black jeans with a white button-up shirt, his curls a mess on top of his head.  “You look nice, by the way.”


            Harry grinned at me and walked me to his car.  He opened the door for me like a real gentleman.  I really hope this date goes well, I thought.  Otherwise, I’d be pissed. 




            He took me to a little Mexican restaurant in town.  A complete opposite of the fancy Italian restaurant he took me to on the first date.  It was really nice, actually.  Up close, I noticed that the skin surrounding his eye is a different colour.


            “Are you wearing makeup?” I asked, staring intently at his eye.  He looked away and cleared his throat.


            “Uh, yeah, wouldn’t want anyone to think that your beating me up now would we?” Harry smirked.  I laughed and glanced around.


            “No, I guess not.” I kept staring at his eye. So for the rest of the date, we talked. And talked and talked. We talked from topics from our favourite animals to what we want to be in the future. I wanted to ask him what he writes in the leather journal of his, but it is his and I have no right to ask. I ordered a chicken quesadilla and he had some type of enchilada thing.  All I know was that it was spicy…really spicy. 


            Not once did Harry get up to leave or answer a phone call which made me grin widely at my plate. 


            “What are you grinning at?” Harry asked; his mouth full of food.


            “Wha-” I snapped out of my little trance and looked at him, “Oh, it’s nothing, just having a really good time.”


            “Me too,” Harry swallowed his food and sent me a charming smile, dimples on full show.  I was half tempted to reach over the table and poke one, but then he’d probably think I was…weird.


            “Did you want to have dessert?” He asked and pushed his clear plate up a little.  I shook my head.


            “Nooo thank you, I think I had a little too much.” I laughed and patted my stomach.


            “Are you ready to go then?”


            “I guess.” Harry waved the waitress with was a nice elderly lady with a strong Mexican accent. I even offered to leave a tip, but Harry was quick to throw the money down and stand up. 


            “Thanks for dinner tonight, Harry.  It was fun.” I said, looking behind my shoulder at him as he followed me to his car. He opened the passenger seat for me once again and did a bow.


            “My pleasure, babe,” He sent a sly wink. I turned my head away, grinning like a mad man with my cheeks red like an apple. 


The “babe” part made my grin widen.  I kept looking over at him as he drove me to Kate’s house.  The strong line of his jaw, the bite of his lip showed how concentrated he was on the road, the way his hands wrapped around the steering wheel, making the veins in his hands show. I watched the way the little curls over his face wouldn’t seem to go away, no matter how many times he swatted them away. It was cute.  I smiled to myself and looked away.


            He pulled into Kate’s parking space and turned towards me with a twinkle in his eyes.


            “I guess I’ll see you later then.” He said with a small smile.


            I nodded, “Yeah, I’ll see you at the café, right?” Hopefully I will…


            “Yeah, I’ll be there.” He winked.  As soon I opened the door, a warm hand encircled softly around mine. 


            “Wait.” Harry murmured and leaned over the console.  I froze as his lips pressed lightly against my cheek.  I held my breath and a smile threatened to break through.  He pulled back with a wide grin.  That smile…


            “Bye.” I whispered, a blush covering my face.  I quickly stepped out of Harry’s car and walked swiftly into the lobby; looking over my shoulder once to see Harry pulling out of the space and driving away. 


            “Did you have fun?” Kate asked immediately after I walked into the door. 


            “Yeah, it was really fun, actually.  I thought you were asleep...” I glared at her and tossed my purse on the coffee table.  Kate sat down beside me on the couch.


            “He didn’t ditch you again for anything?”




            “Good.”  I nodded and turned on the T.V.  Kate ended up watching the telly with me until late in the evening, until both of us were barely able to keep our eyes open. 


            “I’m going to bed.” I informed her and headed up to the room that I was staying in. 


            “Goodnight!” Kate yelled to me from the living room.  I nodded and flopped down on my bed, not moving until sleep overcame me. 




            I woke to the loud sound of…ringing?  Yeah, it was a ringing sound. 


            “Get the phone, Kate!” I yelled and buried my head further into my pillow.  Ah shit, I thought.  I forgot to wash my makeup off. 


            The ringing finally stopped and the house was silent for a moment except for the soft murmur of Kate’s voice.


            “Brigh, C’mon we need to go.  They got another letter!” Kate suddenly shouted to me. I shot up, my jaw falling slack. 


            “Again,” I couldn’t believe they received another letter… I quickly pulled off my dress and replaced it with a pair of sweat pants and a loose t-shirt and some tennis shoes.  I met Kate by the front door.  We both hurried to her car and drove to the police station to read yet another letter.




            As usual, Officer Greene was standing in the lobby waiting for us. 


            “As I’m sure you already know we have received another letter this morning.  We are tracking for prints now.”  He said and ushered us to the familiar Evidence Room.  He slid us a slightly crumbled piece of paper from being passed along from person to person so much.  I stared at the red ink:




You think you’re so clever.  Hiding from me, but what you don’t know is that I already found you.  I see your little game you’re trying to play. It’s no use trying to get away from me.  Because I’ll have you when you least expect it and mark my word you’ll soon see just how much I want to rip you up.


Yours truly,


“The Copycat Killer”


P.S. I know exactly where you are. 


It was shorter than the usual letters, but still gut-wrenching.  What did he mean ‘I know exactly where you are’? Does he know I live? I thought frantically. 


            “Miss Nixon, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you some questions.” A female officer piped up, stepping forward.  She was maybe mid-twenties; dark blonde hair tied up into a bun and her uniform crisp and cut.


            “Oh, okay.” I mumbled, tearing my gaze from the letter and faced her.  She gestured with her head for me to follow her out the door.  I followed her into an interview looking room with a big glass window that I couldn’t see the other side of. 


            “I just want to let you know that you are not in any sort of trouble, okay?” The female officer spoke soothingly.  My heart beat began to pick up and my hands started to shake.


            “O-okay,” I nodded and waited for her to continue. She looked at the folder in front of her and looked up at me.


            “Okay, I’m just going to ask you some simple questions.  Did you give out Kate’s address to anyone?”


            “No! I don’t think so…” I trailed off, racking my brain for what I did the past week.  Went to work, talked with Harry, went on a date with Harry.  Harry. The name rang through my head.  Maybe… No, he couldn’t. “Well, I have been talking with Harry for a while,”


            “Harry?  Harry Styles,” The young officer asked, surprised.  I glanced at her with wide eyes.  How did she know him?


            Here’s chapter 8 ~Hunter

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