Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


8. 7

Chapter 7


            I somehow managed to get through the rest of the night without another nightmare. I really want to know why it’s always Harry in my dreams. I shook off the thought as I stood up off the couch. I really wish I could go home, but there is no way I’m going back after that last letter.


            I walked into the kitchen where Kate already was. She looked like she didn’t get much sleep after we came back. She had dark circles under her eyes and her hair was everywhere.


            “Gosh, Kate, did you get hit by a train while I was sleeping?”


            “Thanks for that, but no I did not sleep at all since we got back. That note was so creepy. Brigh I think you might have to move. This sick bastard isn’t going to stop until he gets you.”


            “Go back to bed; we don’t have to work today,”


            She nodded and made her way back to her room. I sighed and sat at the kitchen table. I put my face into my hands. I have no idea how I’m going to get through all of this shit; that is if I even get through all of this.




            Around noon Kate finally woke up. We realized that we had absolutely no food so we went to the little convenience store on the corner. As soon as we walked in I spotted a familiar head of curls. Harry was browsing through one of the isles.


            I made my way over to him.


            He noticed me and smiled, “Hey you weren’t at work today,”


            “Yeah, I have Sunday’s off,”


            “Well I wanted to ask, would you uh maybe want to go on a date next Friday?” He said rubbing the back of his neck.


            I was about to say yes when my nightmares popped into my head, “I uh don’t know. There’s a lot going on.”


            “Please, I promise you won’t be disappointed,”


            I sighed, “Yeah, sounds fun. Well I’ll see you next Friday.”


            He smiled as I walked back to Kate.


            “Well, looks like I have a date next Friday.”


            “Wait, with everything that’s going on? Are you sure you want to go out.”


            “Trust me, Harry will protect me. He seems like a really nice guy.”


            Kate sighed as we continued to shop for lunch. After we found a few things we went back to her house. I couldn’t really focus on eating; I was too busy thinking about my date with Harry this Friday.





Friday rolled around and I had to work but I was still going on a date with Harry tonight. Harry stopped by right when I was going on my break. I smiled when I saw him walked in.


            “Hey,” He said as we both took a seat in one of the booths.


            “Hey, so tonight I’ll pick you up at around seven thirty or eight, but I don’t really know where you live,”


            I nodded and wrote down my address, well Kate’s address. I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t really want anyone else to know where I’m staying. I gave him my address and we talked for a while. I eventually had to get back to work, and Harry actually left, he usually stays for a while.


            I again, found it hard to focus on what I was doing, messing up loads of orders. Six rolled around and it was finally time for me to go home. Kate drove us back to my apartment, a place I haven’t been in over a week.


            I slowly opened the door, the place was completely trashed. He had been here, but he couldn’t find me. I walked into my room; luckily he didn’t completely ruin my clothes. I shuffled through everything that was on the floor, and searched through my closet for something to wear.


            I almost started crying when I saw that my grandmother’s locket was no longer in its place.  I swallowed the lump in my throat. Tonight was about me and Harry and nothing is going to get in the way of that. Not even a psychotic serial killer.


            Kate drove me back to her house. I brought my makeup, so I could get ready. When we got back her house, I had around an hour to get ready. Kate insisted on doing my hair and makeup. I groaned finally letting her.


            She took out the curling iron and started curling my normally straight hair. She moved on to my makeup, refusing to let me see until she was completely done. When she was done she handed a mirror to me.


            She had put a dark eye shadow that made my electric green eyes pop. I smiled at my finally look. It was the best I’ve looked in a long time. I walked over and picked out a floral print dress. I put that on a slipped my sandals on.


            Around seven forty there was a knock on the door. My heart sped up and Kate went answer it, while I finished putting everything I needed in my purse. When I walked out Harry was standing there in a white button up shirt, skinny jeans, and boots. I smiled and walked over to him.


            “You ready to go?” He asked, linking his arm with mine.


            “Yep,” I replied popping the ‘p’.


            He smiled and we walked out to his car. He had a nice car. I got into the passenger side. He said where we were going was a surprise, which made me quite nervous. For all I know he could be the murderer. I almost laughed at that though. There is no way that Harrison would ever be capable of doing this.


            We pulled up in front of some fancy restaurant. I smiled at the thought that he put into all of this. He took my hand and led me inside of the restaurant. The place was pretty empty, only having four other couples in there.


            We were seated in the very back. We scanned over our menus and placed our orders. While waiting for our food we chatted about each other. He really is a great person. In the middle of eating he got a phone call.


            “I really need to take this,” he said leaving the table. His voice almost sounded nervous.


            He came back around five minutes later, “I really need to go, like right now,” He said, rushed. He grabbed his jacket and walked away.


            I sat there in shock. He just left me alone in the middle of our date. I sighed and pulled out my phone. I dialed Kate’s number and she picked up.


            “Why are you calling me in the middle of your date?”


            “He just left; he got a call and said he needed to leave,”


            “So he just left you alone, where are you?”


            “I’m at that fancy Italian restaurant down the street,” I sighed.


            “I’ll be there in a few minutes,”


            I groaned and put my phone away. I stood and walked towards the door, waiting until I saw her car. She pulled up in front of the restaurant and I walked over to her car. When I got in she looked as pissed as me, if not more.


            “What an asshole, I knew you shouldn’t have gone on a date with him in the first place,”


            “Its fine, it was probably something important,”


            “Yeah, or he already has a girlfriend.”


            That made me think; maybe he does have a girlfriend. What a jerk. I sighed once again, leaning back in the seat. We got to her house, and as soon as I walked through the front door, I started taking off my clothes. I did not want to be in that frilly dress anymore. I walked over to my clothes and picked out sweatpants and a hoodie.


            I pulled my hair into a bun and sat on the couch. I sat there trying to get all that makeup off.


            I groaned as it just smudge the black eyeliner down my face, “God dammit!” I shouted.


            “Are you okay Brigh?” Kate asked sitting down.


            “Oh you know I just got ditched by a guy I thought was sweet, but yes I’m fucking fine,” I snapped.


            Kate instantly shut up. I opened my mouth to apologize but she got up and stormed off to her room.


            “Kate I’m sor-,”


            “No! See if I give a shit about your problems anymore,”


            I was too lazy to take a shower now, so I just grabbed Butter and cuddle into the couch. It has been a long day and I just need sleep.




            I woke up and sighed. I barely got any sleep last night. My nightmares were all about Harrison ditching me as the copycat killer killed me. I had a massive headache. I walked over to the kitchen where the aspirin was. I took two and walked into the bathroom. I had makeup smudge all under my eyes and my hair was frizzy from being curled.


            I took my hair down and brushed through it, then throwing it into a ponytail. I tried to wipe as much makeup off as I could. I finally gave up when there was only a little makeup left. I walked out and ran into Kate. She rolled her eyes; she was all ready to go.


            “You lucky I’m not that mad at you, let’s go,” she said in a monotone voice.


            I slightly smiled as we made our way to her car. We got into the café and got to work. Just when I thought Harry wouldn’t show up he walked through the door. I almost gasped when I saw the huge bruise surrounding his eye.


            I shouldn’t care that he got hurt; he’s the one who ditched me last night. He wouldn’t even tell me why he had to leave. At my break I angrily made my way over to his booth.


            “That was a really dick move last night,”


            I felt a chill wash over me as I saw a bit of anger flash in his eyes.


            “Well not everything is about you,” he snapped.


            I shut up and looked down at my lap, “I’m sorry,” I whispered. I was never really the best when guys yelled at me.


            He sighed, “No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left like that, and I shouldn’t have just snapped at you.”


            “Just tell me, do you already have a girlfriend,”


            He laughed, “If I had a girlfriend I wouldn’t have asked you on a date, I’m not that kind of guy.”


            I nodded, “I’m sorry, I’m just jumping to conclusions. How’d you get that bruise?”


            He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, obviously not wanting to talk about it.


            “Sorry I asked it’s not my business. Maybe we could try that date again?” I said.


            He smiled, “Yeah I’d like that,”


-Tessa x

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