Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


7. 6

Chapter 6


            I was standing in the opening of an alley.  It was dark.  I started to turn around when a light shuffle of feet caught my attention, making me peer into the nefarious alley.


            “Brigh,” The voice was feather soft; so soft that the wind seemed to carry it.


            “Help me.” It hissed.  I looked up and down the street.  It was empty, not a single car was in sight. 


            “Who’s there?” I called out into the darkness. 


            “HELP,” The voice screamed.  I wasted no time sprinting into the alley, the darkness swirling around me like fog. 


            “Hello? Are you okay? Where are you?” I yelled frantically.  The long torturous screams suddenly stopped, making me stop dead in my tracks.  I couldn’t see anything around me.  It was like a blind fold had been placed over my eyes, blinding my vision.  Panic began to set in as I whipped around, trying to find the familiar glow of light; nothing there wasn’t anything there.


            “Who’s there?” I screamed.  I felt scared, panicked, and clueless.  Where was I?  Why am I here? A loud cackle made me jump out of my skin. Laughter; like a light switch, the darkness around me evaporated into thin air and was replaced by a single light.  A flashlight, I followed the light to the very end of the alley until the sight in front of me made me stop.  A hooded figure was crouched down on the ground, hovering over something; another person, maybe? 


            I opened my mouth to say something, but the hooded figure stood abruptly. 


            “Hello, Brigh,” The figure’s voice was deep, manly. His back stood facing away from me. 

            “W-who are you?” I whispered.  His voice sounded so familiar…


            “I hope you said goodbye to your friend.” He said casually. 


            “What are you talking about?” I was confused.  What was he talking about? 


            “Oh, you know.  I hope you said goodbye to your friend. That would be a shame if you hadn’t.” The man’s voice was so light, nonchalant.


            “Harry? Is that you?” I stepped closer and reached out to touch his shoulder.  Right before my hand made contact with his clothed shoulder, his body shot around and he grasped my wrist tightly.  I gasped at his forcefulness as well as his face.  Red was splattered on his face.  Trails of blood streaked down the corners of his mouth. 

            “Brigh,” he cooed, “You’re next.” His mouth formed a nasty smile as he stepped away from me.  My gaze fell on a crumpled figure on the ground. 


            “Oh my god,” I screamed so loudly.  Kate lay on the ground soaked with blood.  Blood covered her face, clothes, and skin.  There was a gash along her forehead, oozing out blood. 


            “I’ll be coming soon, Brigh.” Harry whispered in my ear, his fingers sliding along the side of my neck, making me cringe and my breathing uneven. 


            “Very, very soon,”




I screamed and opened my eyes, sitting upright. 


            “Kate,” a tear slide quickly out of my eye; I yanked back my covers and stumbled to my feet.  Silence answered me as I looked down the hall.


            “Kate?” I tried again.  I flinched when a loud crash drilled my ears; the kitchen.  I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, stopping when I saw Kate on the floor with a bit cut on her forehead.  Fear struck me in an instant.  Sobs burst out of me like a balloon.  They came in dry, heavy heaves.  This couldn’t be real.


            “Brigh, why the hell are you crying?” Kate groaned and sat up, a hand clutched to her head.  My jaw fell open. 


            “Kat-oh my god, you’re alive!” I cried. I flopped myself on the floor and flung my arms around her. 


            “What are you talking about?  Of course I’m alive!” She laughed, but hugged me back anyway.


            “Y-you were dead…and…I…” I choked on each word. 


            “Did you have another nightmare?”  Kate whispered.


            “Yeah,” I nodded and squeezed her tighter.  She’s not dead.  It wasn’t real.


            “Do you want to talk about it?” She offered. 


            “I, um, I guess.” I hesitated.  Harry’s words still rang through my head.  I shook my head to clear the thoughts and rested it on Kate’s shoulder. I took a deep breath before speaking again.


            “Can we go into the living room?”

            “Of course,” Kate said soothingly.  I helped her up and quickly got her a paper towel for her forehead. 


            “Why were you on the floor?” I couldn’t help but ask. 


            “Oh, well I was going to get a drink when I heard you scream, I guess I jumped and hit my head on the counter.” She summed up.  I nodded.


            “I’m sorry.” I whispered. Kate sighed and sat down on the couch when we stepped into the living room.


            “You don’t need to be sorry, Brigh.  These things happen.”


            “Oh.” I said and sat down as well.  I didn’t know how to start or where; the beginning, the middle? I guess the beginning. 


            “O-okay, so I was, uh, in an alley like, there were no cars or people, it was just me and all of a sudden I hear someone say my name.  So I went down the alley a-and it was really dark.  There was no light what-so-ever and I couldn’t see where I was going and then I see this person, like, crouched down on the floor and he was in front of someone.  Then he spoke to me and,” I took a deep breath before continuing, “And it as it turns out that it was Harry.  And he was covered in blood,” I used hand motions to emphasis my meaning.


            “What did he say?” Kate said encouragingly.


She had been rubbing my back with her free hand while the other one held the paper towel to her head.


            “H-he asked me if I said goodbye to my friend and then on the ground behind him was…you!  You were covered in blood and there was a nasty cut on your forehead and you weren’t moving.” Tears stung my eyes and my jaw felt tight, but I had to get this out of my system.  “Then Harry said that I was next.” I finished up in short breaths.


 Kate went silent, the hand rubbing my back soothingly halted. 


            “Why was Harry in your dream?” She asked.  She looked directly into my teary ones.


            “I-I don’t know.  I guess because he was the only other person I really talk to, ya know?” I said.  She nodded and rubbed her eyes.


            “I guess that makes since.” After a steady silence of nothing but the ticking of the grandfather clock in the living room, Kate spoke up again.


            “Do you need your pills?” I cocked an eyebrow at this, but shook my head.


            “No, I’m fine.” I even added a smile at the end. 


            “Are you sure-” She started but I cut her off.


            “Yes, Kate.  I’m fine.”  Kate winced when she touched her head.


            “I think I need ice.” She laughed.  I giggled too as I swiftly made my way to the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack from the freezer. 


            “Do you want to wrap it up?”  I asked her.  She looked at the ice pack for a second before nodding.


            “Okayyyy,” I mumbled to myself and ripped off another paper towel and wrapped the ice pack. 


            “Here.” I said, handing her the wrapped ice. 


            “Thanks.” She said and groaned again.  “My head hurts,” she complained, sticking out her bottom lip.  I laughed at her.


            “’ These things happen’” I mocked her and grabbed hold of her hand. “C’mon.  Let’s get you upstairs.”


            “Oh, don’t you think we should have a date before you invite me to bed?” Kate laughed.  I erupted into laughter. 


            “Kate! You’re ridiculous!” I shook my head at her.  Once we made our way to her room, I gently laid her down on the mattress. 


            “Good-” I was cut off by the phone ringing from downstairs.  “Dammit.” I cursed under my breath. “Hold on.”


            “Alright,” Kate groaned and snuggled under her duvet.  I rushed downstairs and lunged for the phone.


            “Hello?” I asked breathlessly.


            “Hello.  Is this Bright Nixon?” A female voice answered.


            “Yes?” My answer came out sounding like a question.


            “This is Whitechapel Police Station.  We have received another letter we would like to show you.”


            “A-another one,” My heart dropped through my stomach. 

            “Yes, ma’am another one,” she confirmed.


            “O-okay, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” I said and hung up.  I slumped against the wall next to me and took a deep breath.


            “Who was that?” Kate yelled from upstairs.


            “The police, we have to leave, now.” I yelled back and raced back upstairs.  Kate appeared at the top of the stairs.


            “What? Why?”


            “They received another letter,” I told her quickly.  Her jaw fell wide open.


            “Well,” she looked expectantly at me, “let’s go!”




            Officer Greene was waiting patiently by the front desk when we arrived.  I had managed to put a bandage on Kate’s forehead that wasn’t Hello Kitty or Buzz Light Year. 


            “I’m so sorry to inconvenience you at such a late hour, but this is important.  This way, ladies,” He said, leaving no room for objection.  He led us to a door that said, “Evidence Room” and slid a single sheet of paper across the table.  The paper was crinkled and written in Red.  Like the other one. 


            Dear Brigh,


I keep hearing the police have caught me but they won’t find me just yet.  I have laughed when they think they’re so clever and talk about being on the right track. Grand work that last job was. I gave the lady no time to squeal.  How can they catch me now? I love my work and want to start again.  Starting with lovely little Brigh Nixon.  You will soon hear from me with my funny little games. Keep this letter till I do a bit more work, and then give it out straight.  My knife’s so nice and sharp I want to get to work right away if I get the chance.  Good luck. 


Yours truly,


The Copycat Killer


P.S. Brigh, friendly little reminder that I will be coming soon, very, very soon.


“Holy shit,” mumbled Kate.  “Who is this sick bastard?”


 I stayed quiet and gaped at the letter.  The ending was just like my dream.  This… man was horrid, absolutely horrendous. 

            “Is this all?” My voice sounded hoarse.


            “Yes.” Officer Greene said grimly.  Suddenly, Kate’s hand flew up to her mouth. 


            “I think I’m going to get sick,” Officer Greene quickly grabbed a trash bin and set it beside Kate.  She leaned over and hurled her contents into the plastic bin.  I smoothed her hair away from her face and whispered soft words to her.  When she was finished, she sat up straight as I rubbed her shoulder. 


            “I’m sorry,” she whispered to Officer Greene.  He shook his head.


            “No, you’re fine.  It happens quite a lot here.” He didn’t bother further explaining.  “How about I walk you girls out?”


            “Yes, that’d be fine.” I spoke up and smiled weakly at him.  My body felt strangely numb.  Not with fear, but with…nothing. I kept my face down and my face blank as Kate and I followed Officer Greene out of the evidence room and he even took the extra step as to walking us to Kate’s car. 


            “Thanks, Officer Greene, for everything.” Kate said, while half smiling.


            “You’re welcome.  I’m so sorry about all of this.” He said and looked at me, but I glanced down at my fingers.


“Thanks, Officer Greene.” I murmured and looked up for a brief second. He looked back with sad eyes and…sympathy?  I shook my head.  I don’t need anyone’s sympathy.  All of this will blow over, I thought.  I’ll show ‘The Ripper’ that I’m not scared of him.  I won’t give him what he wants; fear.


-Hunter x

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