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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


52. 51

           I sat there crying and screaming for what seemed like hours. Finally I silenced, silent tears still fell, but I had screamed my throat raw. I rubbed my throat trying to soothe the burning. I looked down to the large dog still laying on my lap after all of the screaming. I finally started petting him. I realized he was only trying to comfort me.

            I slightly smiled at the dog. I jumped when I heard the bedroom door open. I pulled the blanket up trying to cover myself, even though there was no use. The same god damn smirk spread across his face. If we weren’t in this situation, I would slap that smirk off his evil face.

            “Oh now, Brigh we both know there’s no use covering up, I’ve seen all of you.”

            A lump rose in my throat at the mentions of last night’s activities. I wanted to throw up. I wanted to scream again. I wanted to throw things, to beat the shit out of him. A knew feeling washed over me, a feeling that I’ve never felt before. This feeling was way more than hatred, no, this feeling overpowered that hatred. I wanted to kill him, I wanted him dead. I have never thought I would have these kinds of thoughts. I had never wanted to kill anyone before in my entire life, but seeing that son of a bitch standing in front of me, I felt like killing him the way he’s killed so many people before.

            “Not speaking I see, did all that screaming hurt your throat.”

            That bastard had heard all the screaming and he just ignored me. He enjoyed hearing it.

            “Fuck you.” I croaked out.

            “Oh love, that can be arranged.” He said stepping towards me.

            But just as he was about to touch me Apollo growled and snapped at him. I slightly smiled as Zayn looked shocked.

            “Down boy.” He demanded to the dog and he obeyed. He hopped off the bed and Zayn locked him out of the room.

            “Don’t worry, Brigh, we aren’t going to have any more fun. You’re going to get changed and join me downstairs.”

            I didn’t hesitate to put on my clothes. I quickly walked down the stairs, hoping maybe, just maybe, I would get to see Harry today. But my hopes left when it was just Zayn and Apollo sitting on the couch.

            “Why don’t you go make me lunch babe.” He said as if it was just another average day.

            “Don’t call me babe. And if you plan on treating me like a housewife then you might as well just kill me now.”

            “I said make me lunch, now.”

            I walked into the kitchen with no intention to make him anything. I saw the knife on the counter and was tempted to just grab it and kill him, but I don’t know the combination to the locks on the door leading to Harry.

            I jumped when Zayn walked in clearing his throat.

            “Don’t think I didn’t see you eyeing that knife. Don’t try anything because you will lose.”

            “I’m still not going to make you lunch, so you can forget it.” I said gaining back my confidence.

            He walked over to me, looking furious. He grabbed me my chin and pulled me close to his face. I could faintly smell cigarettes and alcohol.

            “Don’t get feisty now, I’m the one in charge here and you’re going to listen to me. Now make me some god damn food.” He let go of my face and pushed me towards the counter. I stopped myself before my stomach could hit the edge.

            “No.” I said straightening myself back up and looking him right in the eye.

            “You just don’t get it do you.” He said walking over to me slapping me right across the face.

            I, however, refused to listen to him.

            “Go ahead, hit me, do what you want but I’m still not going to do what you say. And no matter how much you hurt me it’s never going to change that past. You might as well kill me now because I’m never going to love you. I felt bad for you, but now, I see you for what you truly are. You are insane.” I said turning to walked back up to the room.

            “Shut up!” That snapped something inside of him.

            I felt a large amount of pain in the back of my head and fell down. My vision was blurry before it all went black.


            I opened my eyes and quickly closed them tightly. There was a blinding light and my head was pounding. I tried to reach up to grab my head but my arms were tied down. I opened my eyes slightly to see I was sitting in chair. My hands were restrained with rope and so were my legs. I looked up to see Harry sitting the same way across the room from me. He was unconscious.

            “Harry.” I whisper shouted trying to wake him up. I tried to scoot my chair over to him but it was chained to a wall.

            I heard footstep coming down the basement steps. I struggled against my restraints knowing it was pointless. I could see Zayn walking down the steps holding that knife. The knife that had killed so many women before me, the one that almost killed me in that alley so many months ago. He walked over to me holding it in my face.

            “You just don’t know when to shut up, do you Brigh?” He said lightly sliding the blade on my face, not actually hurting me. I let out a shaky breath, holding in the tears.

            I looked up to see that Harry had started to wake up.

            “Harry.” I said making him look up.

            “Brigh,” he said trying to struggle against his own restraints. He looked up to see Zayn standing there with the knife. “Get away from her!” He yelled.

            “Oh Harry, you don’t give the orders around here.” He said walking over to him.

            He just stood there for a second before punching Harry, making me scream.

            “No please, please don’t hurt him.” I said letting the tears fall.

            “Look at you Brigh, trying to protect your precious little Harry.” He said before punching him again.

            “No!” I screamed out.

            He continued to punch him, making the tears fall and scream with my already sore throat. He finally stopped, breathing heavily. Harry was still conscious, but I wish he wasn’t so he wouldn’t feel all this pain.

            I sat crying and looking at Harry. Zayn walked over to me making me cry harder.

            “No.” Harry grunted, trying so hard to stay conscious.

            “The fun has only just begun.” Zayn said smirking yet again.


So so sorry for not updating when i said i would yet again, but the story is almost over and i don't want it to end yet. There's only one more chapter after this one... but there will be a sequel called............ 'Fixated' I will also of course be writing that one with Hunter. So if you enjoy this story you'll want to read the sequel. 



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