Obsessed *Editing*

She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


6. 5

Chapter Five


            We finished dinner and Kate started setting up a place for me to sleep tonight. I grabbed Butter and cuddled up with her. She is literally the softest cat ever. I sat on the couch where Kate had laid out some blankets and placed my pillow down. Sleeping was going to be hard tonight that was for sure. But I had to at least try.


            Kate said goodnight heading into here room. I started out the window just as a cop car was passing by. I sighed in relief, as long as the cops are keeping a watchful eye, I should be fine. If I never leave Kate’s side, then he won’t hurt me.


            I lay down, pulling Butter onto my chest. I giggled as she licked the tip of my nose. I pet her head until my eyelids started to feel heavy. Slowly I started drifting off to sleep.


            “Hello, Brigh,”


            I was blindfolded, it was cold, and I was hungry. Soon the blindfold was ripped from my face, pulling some of my hair out with it, making me whimper. I looked up, and stared into his cold, dead, green eyes. It was Harry, but what was he doing here. Maybe he was here to help me.


            “You should of never have gotten away. I knew I shouldn’t have hesitated. I should have slit your throat like I did to all of those other whores,”


            I felt a burning sensation in my left arm. He started digging that same, cold knife into my arm. I left out a high pitch scream, and tried to kick him off.


            “Brigh, Brigh, Brigh!”


            “Brigh, wake up!”


            I shot up screaming, hitting Kate’s head with mine in the process.


            “Oh my god Kate, I’m sorry are you okay.”


            “Yeah, are you? You were screaming in your sleep.”


            “I was having a nightmare,”


            “Oh, I’m sorry, maybe you should take some of those antianxiety pills,”


            “Yeah I should, could you hand me my bag.”


            She got up and walked over to the kitchen counter where I had set it. She brought it over and I dug for the pill bottle. I pulled it out and pulled two pills out. Not wanting to wait for this feeling to go away, I swallowed the pills dry.


            “You should try to go back to sleep, it’s only 4AM. We have work in three hours.”


            I nodded pulled my cat back up on the couch. I tried going back to sleep, but to no avail. I sighed staring at the ceiling, petting my cat. I hated not being able to sleep. Because it’s times like this where my thoughts usually get the best of me.


            Why would I dream off Harry being the killer? Maybe it was because he was the last person I saw other than Kate. I shook off that thought. Harry was too nice of a person to be a cold hearted killer. I rolled over onto my side, holding onto Butter as I did.


            Butter got tired of all my movement and jumped down. I sighed and curled up under my blanket. Whitechapel weather was starting to get cold again. I didn’t want to wake up Kate again to ask her to turn on the heat.




            Three hours later I was still wide awake and Kate was starting to get ready. I sighed and stood up. I’m sure I had the darkest circles under my eyes. I groaned as I walked into Kate’s extra bathroom. I brushed through my hair with my fingers and threw it into a ponytail. I was in no mood what’s-so-ever to deal with my insanely long brown hair.


            I stared in the mirror, my normally bright, electric green eyes, were dull and dark. This usually happens when I don’t get enough sleep. I yawned and splashed some cold water on my face. I wasn’t ready at all to go to work, but I unfortunately had to.


            I slipped on a pair of dark wash jeans, a slightly oversized maroon sweater, and my black vans. I forgot my makeup back at my apartment, so I just skipped on the makeup and walked out to the living room, where Kate was playing with Butter.


            I laughed as Butter accidentally bit Kate a little too hard. She pouted as she walked over to me.


            “Your cats mean,” she whined.


            I just laughed making my way over to the kitchen. Making myself at home, I opened the fridge and stuck my head in.          


            “Oh yeah, go right ahead, raid my fridge,” Kate said sarcastically.


            I laughed and pulled out some fruit and yogurt.

            After eating, Kate and I got into her car and drove to that same boring café we have to see six days a week. On the way there I tried thinking of ways I could explain to Harry why I was at work since I told him today was my day off.


            Kate parked on the side of the street next to the café. We made our way inside. I threw on my apron over my sweater and started getting the café ready for when customers started arriving. Kate flipped the ‘closed’ sign to ‘open’.


            Customers started to come and go. Around nine O’clock, Harry strolled through the door. He was carrying the same leather journal. I almost smiled at the sight of him. Kate walked by me wiggling her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and nudged her. She laughed and walked off to help a customer. Harry made his way over to the line. He finally made his way to the front of the line


            “Hello again, Brigh I thought you had today off?”


            “Someone called in sick so I had to fill in.”


            “Oh that’s unfortunate; well I’ll just have my usual.”


            Harry’s usual was just a cup of black coffee.


            “Coming right up,” I said cheerfully, despite how horrible I was feeling.


            As I handed him his cup he smiled.


            “Why don’t you sit with me during your break again?”


            I nodded smiling.


            He walked off and I continued taking orders.




            My break rolled around and I made my way over to the booth that Harry was sitting in. I sat down across from him. He looked up and smiled as he saw me.


            “Hello,” He said.


            “Hi,” I said awkwardly.


            I’ve never been the best at talking to guys. And I’ve never talked to anyone as good looking as Harry.


            “Are you okay, you look a bit sick?”

            If by sick he means a zombie that has be run over by a semi-truck than yes I look very, very sick.


            “I’m fine, just got a lot going on I guess,”


            He nodded, “You know you can tell me about it, is this about that attack?”


            “Yeah, the guy sent a note to the police, he knows who I am. He’s going to come after me; I guess I’m just scared.”


            “You don’t have to worry about it. It’ll all be over soon.”


            I nodded, but something about his tone was a little off. I shook it off and told him I had to get back to work. Harry stayed until an hour before closing, as usual. We waved to each other as he walked out the door. There was something a bit off about him….. I’m sure it’s nothing, I thought shrugging.


-Tessa x

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