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She got away, but she wasn't safe. He would come back for her. No one ever got away from him


50. 49

Chapter 49

            *Brigh’s POV*

            I tossed and turned, starting to wake up. I felt that the bed was empty and cold next to me. I opened my eyes to see that the bed was in fact empty. I just figured Harry had just gone to the shops to get breakfast. I walked into the bathroom and did the usual. As I walked into the kitchen and smiled as I saw a note on the counter. Harry’s always so sweet to leave a note. As I started reading my heart drop and tears came to my eyes.

            Well hello Brigh,

            It seems that I’ve got something of yours. I told you I needed Harry out of the way. But don’t worry I’m going to keep him alive. Maybe I’ll kill you and make him watch or the other way around, I haven’t decided yet. Oh and don’t even think about calling the police. I won’t hesitate to slit that pretty boy’s neck. If you ever want to see your precious Harry again you’ll come quietly.

            Yours Truly,


            I dropped the note and brought a shaky hand up to my mouth to silence the sobs. Tears ran down my cheek. This is happening now. After all these months he’s finally making his move. I didn’t realize just how little time I had with Harry last night.

            I shakily picked up my phone and pressed the number of the devil himself.

            “Hello Brigh.” He answered with that condescending tone.

            “Zayn please, please, please, don’t hurt Harry. I’ll do whatever you want me to just don’t hurt him.”

            “Don’t worry Brigh, he’s safe and sound, now are you willing to come quietly.”

            “Yes, yes anything.”

            “How about I come pick you up?”

            “O-okay.” At this point I was willing to do anything to be with Harry.

            “That’s a good girl. I’ll be there.” With that he hung up.

            I sat there in shock. I wanted to scream and cry, but I couldn’t move. I’m actually agreeing to my murder. What am I doing?  I can’t actually be doing this, this has to be another one of my nightmares.

            I was so lost in thought and completely shock that I didn’t hear the click of the door opening or the footsteps leading down the hallway. A little part of me hoped to see Harry walking around the corner. That he had escaped and come back for me. But my hopes diminished as I saw the evil smirk on Zayn’s face as he saw me huddled against a wall crying.

            “Oh now Brigh, there’s no need to cry.”

            No, only that fact that I could be hours away from my death.

            “Why don’t you wipe those tears off that pretty little face and go get changed.”

            I shakily stood up, adding to my height only a little, as he still towered over me. I walked past him, not looking at him, and walked into my room. I heard his footsteps following me. I turned to see him staring at me.

            “Oh please do continue Brigh.” He said with that same smirk on his face.


            “Get changed Brigh.”

            I blindly picked out an outfit and turned back to Zayn to see him intently staring at me.


            I found it easier to not fight and go with it. So I did just what he asked, and got change, with him watching. I wanted to be sick the way he eyed my nearly naked body. I couldn’t get dressed fast enough and my heart somewhat slowed when I finally could hide behind my clothes.

            “Now let’s go, we’re going to have so much fun.”

            He truly is insane. This is what he calls fun, seeing other people suffer. I then realized that I was sort of being hypocritical. I did that same to him in high school, but I never murdered anyone. I never caused physical pain to anyone. Why couldn’t he just move on from high school? He turned into a good looking man he could have had any woman he wanted. He could have moved on and been happy.

            We walked out to his van parked in front of my apartment building. I stopped before actually getting into the van. I looked down the empty sidewalk, the urge to run taking over. Zayn walked up behind me and whispered in my ear.

            “Don’t even think about running, we both know it wouldn’t end well for you.”

            I looked down and my feet knowing he was right. I could never outrun him. He opened the door and I willingly got in. I felt more hot tears running down my face. Zayn reached up and wiped them, I turned away from his touch, the feeling of his hand on my face only making me cry more. This cannot be real, I cannot actually be here with him right now.

            I pulled my knees up to my chest and looked out the window. We were going far away from everything, some place where they wouldn’t be able to hear my cries or find me. I’m going to die, possibly tonight.

            “I-I know this won’t mean anything t-to you anymore, but I-I’m sorry.”

            “Oh Brigh, you right, it doesn’t mean anything. You should’ve thought about saying that two years ago before we graduated, before you could’ve ran away from your guilt.”

            “I’m sorry.” I whispered looking down.

            We sat in silence. The only sound was the quiet hum from the radio. Silent tears ran down my face and I shook badly. Zayn of course didn’t care that I was terrified, this is what he wanted. He feeds off of fear this brings him joy.

            I hadn’t even known I fell asleep, but I was awoken, by a large thump. I looked up to see a very large dog up on the car window. I screamed and jumped up. I could hear Zayn’s laughter beside me. I had almost forgotten where I was. I started crying as soon as I did. Zayn got out and walked over to the dog grabbing him by the collar. He opened my door, and when I didn’t move he grabbed my arm and pulled me out, but not as forcefully as I thought he would.

            “I may want to kill you and I may hate you, but I still love you.” His words took me by surprise.

            He pulled me inside of the cabin, that brought back the memories of my time in America with Harry. I should’ve just stayed there with him. We wouldn’t be in the situation. We would probably be cuddled in front of the fire laughing and having fun.

            I looked around for any sign of Harry.

            As if he read my mind, “Harry is safe and alive down in the basement.”

            “Please let me see him.”

            “Now why would I do that? Put the woman I love in a room with the man she loves? How stupid do you think I am Brigh?”

            “Please I just need to know he’s alright.”

            Zayn sighed and pulled me, harshly this time, toward a large door with multiple locks on it. He put the combination in for each on. The final one clicked and he pulled the large door open. My heart thumped with anticipation. I just needed to see Harry, to know he’s alright.

            As soon as I saw his long brown curls a smile spread on my face. I tried to run to him, but Zayn’s grip tightened. Harry’s head turned up at the sound in the room. As soon and he saw me he tried to come towards me, but was stopped by the heavy chains around his wrist.

            “Let her go!” He yelled at Zayn, only making him laugh.

            “Now you know he’s okay, let’s go.”

            “I love you Harry!” I yelled as I was being dragged up the basement steps.

            “I love you Brigh!” He yelled in reply.


I am so sorry i haven't posted in two weeks but as always i have been busy, i have been trying to bring my grades up and it's kept me really busy and i've been out with friends a lot lately so i promise i will try to update when ever possible. I'm sorry to say that there are only a few chapters left but there may or may not be a sequel ;)

-Tessa x

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